Your Thoughts: Corporate Holiday Gifts

17 October 2016

I know, it’s a bit early for the holiday season, but I like to plan ahead! Over the last few years, I’ve made it a tradition in November and December to show my appreciation to the partners who have a big impact on Stonemaier Games. Many of them from 2015 are listed here, and that list will […]

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Your Thoughts: Following Creators on Kickstarter

13 October 2016

Have you ever backed a Kickstarter project because you saw a friend back it? For a long time now, Kickstarter has let users “follow” each other (I think the requirement was if you were Facebook friends). It’s part of their discovery process: A friend backs a project, you get a notification, and maybe you back […]

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10 Ways to Fund Your Book on Kickstarter

10 October 2016

I recently had the opportunity to speak on a panel of Kickstarter creators at a meeting of the St. Louis Louis Publishers Association (books, not games). In preparation for the event, I looked at my backer history to research other book projects, and I found a host of unique ideas that apply specifically to books. I […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #202: Local Pickup

6 October 2016

A long time ago, when I was fresh-faced and dew-eyed, I decided to invite local backers in St. Louis to pick up their Kickstarter copies of Viticulture at a release party. Part of the reason is that I thought it would be fun to meet backers face-to-face and thank them for their contribution in making Stonemaier Games a […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #200: We Are Collectors

30 September 2016

I had the good fortune of having dinner a few night ago with Scott Morris of Passport Games while he was in St. Louis for business. You may know him as Tox from his YouTube channel, Crits Happen. Scott had a lot of great stories and wisdom to share, but there’s something he said that […]

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Design Day 2016

26 September 2016

On Saturday, Stonemaier Games hosted its third annual Design Day. We host designers, playtesters, publishers, and gamers from St. Louis and around the country for 13 hours of nonstop gaming. The purpose of Design Day is to bring together designers and playtesters to give and receive feedback on game prototypes, expand their network within the gaming community, […]

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5 Brilliant Crowdfunding Techniques in Current and Upcoming Kickstarter Campaigns

22 September 2016

In this series, I highlight some of the interesting choices made by current crowdfunders regarding their project’s reward levels, stretch goals, and overall campaign design (the projects themselves, not the content or product). This isn’t an endorsement or promotion. Vengeance I’ve watched a lot of great Kickstarter videos. Heck, I think Scythe had a great video, thanks to […]

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Results of Scythe’s Money-Back Guarantee

19 September 2016

One of the foundations of Stonemaier Games that we’ve offered from the beginning to the present is a money-back guarantee on Kickstarter rewards. Today I’m going to talk about the results of that offer for Scythe. Now, before I share the numbers, I want to say that I almost didn’t write this entry. The goal […]

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