Kickstarter Lesson #197: How to Remove a Cat from Your Chair

29 August 2016

I work from home at an adjustable standing desk, alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day. Like clockwork, whenever I adjust my desk to stand up for a while, I’ll turn around to find that one of my cats (Biddy) has taken over the chair. This is cute and adorable for about an hour, […]

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6 Clever Methods Used by Recent Crowdfunding Projects

25 August 2016

In this series, I highlight some of the interesting choices made by current crowdfunders regarding their project’s reward levels, stretch goals, and overall campaign design (the projects themselves, not the content or product). This isn’t an endorsement or promotion. Game of Energy The thing about this project that caught my eye is the use of animated gifs to […]

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You Decide: Is Now the Time for Third-Party Pledge Managers?

22 August 2016

Two years ago, I was faced with a dilemma: Should I continue to use Kickstarter’s built-in survey, or should I start using some of the more robust third-party pledge managers like BackerKit, PledgeManager, and CrowdOx. When I thought about it, I realized that what mattered most to me was creating the best experience for my backers. So I […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #196: Outward-Facing Positivity

18 August 2016

I was the featured guest on a podcast on Sunday, and it completely redefined the way I view podcast appearances, both as a guest and a listener. Here’s some context from those two perspectives: I’ve had the honor of appearing as guest on many different podcasts. When I’m a guest, usually the hosts ask me […]

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The $1 Million Question

16 August 2016

At Gen Con last week, I had an interesting conversation with a game designer and future Kickstarter creator. He posed a question that completely stumped me, so I thought I’d share it here. The numbers below are hypothetical, but they roughly represent the actual scenario. [Update: The designer, Denny Weston, has revealed his product with […]

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Insights from Fulfilling Scythe, Part 2

12 August 2016

Last week I wrote about the process and emotional toll of shipping Scythe. In this second and final post about that campaign, I’m going to discuss and rate each of the fulfillment companies we used to ship Scythe to backers within each region. Before I get to the ratings, I’m going to share the e-mail […]

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Top 10 Highlights and Lessons Learned from Gen Con 2016

9 August 2016

Last week, 60,819 people converged onto Indianapolis to attend Gen Con, a massive gaming convention. I was one of them. This was my fourth Gen Con, and unlike the other three times, Stonemaier Games didn’t implement any sweeping changes to the methods we used the previous years. We still had a sunshine-filled conference room with plenty of […]

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Insights from Fulfilling Scythe, Part 1

29 July 2016

This is part 1 of a 2-part post about fulfilling nearly 18,000 Scythe rewards. Part 2 will be rate each of the fulfillment companies; expect that post the week of August 8. As I write this post, our fulfillment company in France should be sending the last few copies of Scythe, concluding a lengthy shipping process. […]

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Lessons Learned from the Tuscany Essential Pre-Order Campaign

26 July 2016

From July 13-19, I ran a pre-order campaign for Tuscany Essential Edition, as slimmed-down version of the Tuscany expansion pack to Viticulture. I ran the campaign through retailers–that is, 84 different retailers handled the transactions–and we sold 3064 copies of the expansion to those retailers last week. I previously ran a similar campaign for Moor Visitors, […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #195: When Should You Fire a Customer?

21 July 2016

In a surprising move 9 years ago, Sprint fired more than 1,000 of their customers. They contacted those customers to say that their contracts would expire in a few months, and they would need to find another mobile provider. Why would a company “fire” their customers? Aren’t customers how companies stay in business? Here’s what […]

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