Kickstarter Lesson #187: The Best Time to Announce Your Project

26 May 2016

We have a varied history of when we’ve announced our projects and products. Here’s a sampler: For Viticulture, our first project, I didn’t publicly announce it until the day it launched on Kickstarter. At the time I didn’t fully comprehend of building a crowd focused on a specific product, nor had I established many press […]

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Crowdfunding Face to Face: A Geekway Retrospective

23 May 2016

The vast majority of my job is spent at my computer. From this position I can communicate and interact with thousands of people every day. However, I’ve grown to appreciate the value of playing games in person with the people I usually only interact with online. There’s a special bond that forms when you play […]

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How Much Does Presentation Matter?

19 May 2016

This will be a short post since I’m spending most of my time this week at Geekway to the West in St. Louis. A few weeks ago I was preparing to host game night. I had baked some cookies the day before, so I put them out on the table. They looked like this: I […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #186: The Vocal Minority vs. the Silent Majority

16 May 2016

A few months ago, I presented a key decision about Scythe to Alan and Morten. I was debating the idea of adding something (2 plastic containers) to the retail and basic KS versions of the game. The other reward tiers already had 4 plastic containers (the maximum the box can fit). The containers are really handy […]

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6 Insights from Recent Crowdfunding Campaigns

12 May 2016

In this series, I highlight some of the interesting choices made by current crowdfunders regarding their project’s reward levels, stretch goals, and overall campaign design (the projects themselves, not the content or product). This isn’t an endorsement or promotion of these projects. Campaign Trail Projects don’t always reach their funding goal the first time. That was the case […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #185: First-Time Creators

5 May 2016

I can imagine that Kickstarter is a pretty intimidating place for first-time creators these days. You’re entering an environment where thousands of projects are launched every day, many of them by veteran creators who seem to overfund with ease. Not to mention projects launched by companies that appear to have a huge team working on them (hint: […]

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Lessons Learned from the Moor Visitors Pre-Order Campaign: Part 2

2 May 2016

Let’s talk about The Great Shipping Debacle of 2016. The story starts with my original post about the special pre-order campaign for Moor Visitors, an expansion to Viticulture. During the last week of February, we accepted pre-orders for Moor Visitors and a few other incoming/in-stock products from retailers, and those retailers sold to their customers […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #184: How Many Units Should You Make?

28 April 2016

Consider this scenario: You’ve successfully funded your crowdfunding campaign to make a new product. The survey data indicates that backers pledged to receive a total of 1000 units of the product. How many units should you make? There are lots of different answers to this question, and it may vary by industry. What I can […]

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Fulfillrite: A Thorough (and Positive) Testimonial of a Shipping Service

25 April 2016

If you’ve looked to my blog for various options for fulfilling a crowdfunding campaign, you’ve probably started with this page before making your way over to the Google Doc to compare prices and services. It’s there that you’ll see that I’ve personally used only some of the services on that document–I can’t vouch for the others. […]

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