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The following charts show some of the most popular games that use these resources. Some of these games include resources that are concealed or drawn randomly from a bag, so their use might depend on how competitively you play.

chart for games that use these

chart for games that use these

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  1. I’ve actually found that the steak and wool work as substitutes for cow and sheep in Glen More in a way they just wouldn’t for Agricola and Caverna (since there’s no breeding in Glen More). Will be nice to have actual sheep and cows when the animal chest comes, though…

  2. Hi. I really like the quality of the resources! In the Treasure Chest chart shouldn’t there be a check in the Gold column for Euphoria?

  3. I’d love a cannon to use for Francis Drake. The best you can do now is scrounge the internet for cannons from old copies of Risk.

  4. Hi i really love ur Treasure Chest
    but are they custumizeble? i need 5 recources but they are divided over 3 chest`s
    we play Concordia.

  5. Hi Jamey, Actually Catan uses ore not stone. Also “The Colonies” scenario uses Gems and Gold nuggets. Also from what metal are your ore and gold tokens made of and can I buy them in Europe?

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