$2,000 Viticulture Expansion Design Contest

2 July 2013 | 12 Comments

We are excited to announce the $2,000 Viticulture expansion design contest!

We are currently designing our next project, an expansion pack for Viticulture. We envision that this pack will include at least 3 expansions to the original Viticulture game plus the Arboriculture expansion (available through the 2014 Kickstarter campaign for the expansion pack).

Given the wonderful reception Viticulture has received from the gaming community, we would like to give you the opportunity to design one of the expansions in the expansion pack. The winner of this contest will receive $2,000 from Stonemaier Games.

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12 Comments on “$2,000 Viticulture Expansion Design Contest

  1. as i understand i cant add buyable buildings (since it needs a wodden piece)? can my project add others pieces like differnt colored glass stones?

    1. Francis–Actually, you can add any component to the game that you’d like as long as it’s not a plastic miniature. You could potentially add differently colors of glass stones, but I would advise against it. The reason we went with clear glass stones is that they take on the color of the player mat below them (originally we had 4 different glass stones until we realized that we could make the stones any color by using the player mat).

  2. Why not just lay a worker down (vs standing him up during placement) to represent that it is being used as a Grande? Or vis visa (laying normal workers down and standing Grandes up). Seems like a simply fix for owners without the Grande meeples.

    1. Christopher–You could do that. It might lead to some confusion if the board gets bumped, but if it works for you, it’s worth a try.

  3. Darren–Yes, the nice thing about using Kickstarter is that we can offer different versions of the game for different people. So we can offer a version of the expansion without the grande worker for original Kickstarter backers and a version with it for everyone else.

    For now, if you want to play with the grande worker, you can use a meeples from any other game.

  4. Sorry if this isn’t the appropriate place to ask this question: if the grande worker is going to be included in the 2nd edition of Viticulture, will there eventually be a way for owners of the 1st edition RETAIL version of Viticulture to obtain the grande workers? Will the grande workers still be available in the Arboriculture expansion in the future 2014 ks campaign? Thanks!

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