3 Crowdfunding Videos About Feedback, the Project Page, and the Primary Video

14 May 2018 | 4 Comments

It’s video day on the blog! I’ve added 3 new short videos about Kickstarter, crowdfunding, and entrepreneurship to my YouTube channel. You can find the previous videos on our website or mixed in with my game design videos on YouTube. The corresponding written entries are in the description of each video (click through to YouTube to see them).

What do you agree or disagree with in these videos? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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4 Comments on “3 Crowdfunding Videos About Feedback, the Project Page, and the Primary Video

  1. I had never considered stretch goal charts. It is amazing what you learn when you ask. I need to devise some good questions for my newsletter. Though frankly, I am still in the stage of garnering our mail list.

    Thanks for more great advice Jaimey. I really enjoy these videos. If you created the same content in a super brief podcast I would totally have it in my feed btw. Nothing against seeing your face, I just happen to do more listening than watching. Great stuff in any format though. :)

  2. I hadn’t thought about including just a ~5 second clip of myself as a creator in the project video since the trend seemed to be including the creator in a video later in the page (like a “Why You Should Back Me” clip). The point about backers needing to see whose dream they are helping rings true.

    The gameplay/mechanics/component ratios you provide here for the project video seem like a good guideline. Getting people to sit through anything these days can be tough! Our project this February was 1 min story and 1 min mechanics, but we only had a 46% completion rate. I’ll certainly be using your advice for our relaunch.

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