3 New Crowdfunding Videos

31 August 2017 | 5 Comments

It’s video day on the blog! Just like earlier this month, I’ve added three new short videos about Kickstarter, crowdfunding, and entrepreneurship to my YouTube channel. You can find the previous videos on our website or mixed in with my game design videos on YouTube.

What do you agree or disagree with in these videos? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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5 Comments on “3 New Crowdfunding Videos

  1. Jamey, thanks for posting these videos. I think that I expressed this during your last video post, but again, I like the video snapshot format. All of the information that I receive, from you or elsewhere, is great- but easily forgotten over time. These reminder/snapshot videos are a great way to “kickstart” the thinking process again.


  2. Good Videos Jamey!

    1) Project Management – I can’t express how important this is. Have a plan broken down by each project and execute on it.

    2) Effectively Researching other projects – Great thought. I had personally backed 4 projects in the years prior to running my own kickstarter. However I never paid attention to the details you outlined. Great idea! I wish I had because those are the things that I struggle with right now 7 days into my kickstarter campaign. The good thing is there are lots of resources out there to provide you guidance.

    3) Mega Projects – So true. If you’ve done any research you’ll see that the most successful Mega projects have a unique presence and following prior to their kickstarter launch. You don’t. If you want your project to be successful you need to create a following before hand.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Joe! What’s something you’ve struggled with during your project that you may have been able to see by following other projects? It’s okay to mention your project by name. :)

      1. A bunch of little things that there ins’t a definitive answer for. Some examples are:

        1) How often should I post an update to my backers? – I decided to limit posts and celebrate milestones. Personal choice as I believe less is more but i need to engage my audience.

        2) What type of updates should I post? – I mapped the milestones i thought were important to me. Here are a few: Half way to goal, goal met, 100 backers, half way done with campaign (I stole this one from another campaign after I watched your videos).

        I could list more but again they are all things I didn’t think about during my planning.
        This is why I liked your idea of backing other kickstaters. Great visibility to what everyone else is doing and then you can customize what works best for your project.

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