Advisory Board

We want to do everything we can to give Stonemaier Games a chance to succeed in our mission to create memorable social experiences through strategy tabletop games, all the while building an amazing community through Kickstarter. Part of that means that we have a varied pool of people that we can count on for business advice when we need it most. The following people have been incredibly generous to contribute their advice to Stonemaier as members of our advisory board:

  • Morten Monrad Pedersen, game designer
  • Trevor MacDougall, friend and supporter
  • José Manuel López-Cepero, gamer and developer
  • Nersi Nikakhtar, the genius behind our quick-reference guides
  • Helen Christie, Stonemaier ambassador and mailer in Australia
  • Kim Euker, photographer and gaming group organizer
  • Craig Moore, investment strategist and software consultant
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