Replacement Parts

If you have missing/broken components that detract from the experience of playing the game, please click on the appropriate form/website to request a replacement:

  • English version of any Stonemaier game or product: this form
  • Brazilian version of any Stonemaier Game:
  • Chinese version of any Stonemaier game: Surfin’ Meeple
  • Czech version of any Stonemaier game: ALBI: or Mindok
  • Danish version of any Stonemaier game: Asmodee Nordic
  • Dutch Charterstone: 999 Games or White Goblin Games
  • French version of any Stonemaier game: Matagot
  • German version of any Stonemaier game: Feuerland
  • Hungarian version of any Stonemaier game: Delta Vision or Reflexshop
  • Italian version of any Stonemaier game: Ghenos Games
  • Japanese version of any Stonemaier game: Arclight
  • Korean Scythe and Viticulture:
  • Polish version of any Stonemaier game: Phalanx Games or Rebel
  • Russian version of any Stonemaier game: Lavka Games or Moroz
  • Spanish version of any Stonemaier game: Maldito Games
  • Realistic Resource Tokens: Top Shelf Gamer

If the form doesn’t cover your concern, please e-mail Joe at

If your box is damaged in transit: Please contact the retailer from whom you made the purchase to replace the game or receive a partial refund. We don’t replace boxes.

Mexico, South America, and Africa: Due to the high rate of unsuccessful replacement parts shipments to Mexico, South America, and Africa, we can no longer send parts to customers in those regions. We can, however, ship to forwarding addresses in the US, Europe, and other regions.

To replace or not to replace: It’s important to us that you get the full and best version of your game, and we will respond to any requests for replacement parts. That said, we ask for your compassion and understanding if certain types of tokens are missing or broken. For example, in Euphoria, 1 missing water token out of 18 isn’t going to impact the game, and it is quite expensive to send even a small token to international backers. On the other hand, you need exactly 10 authority tokens and 4 dice per player—if any of them are missing, definitely let us know right away so we can replace them at no cost to you.

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311 Comments on “Replacement Parts

  1. I filled in a replacement form a few minutes ago for eggs in Wingspan.

    First, I want to mention that the game is gorgeous, and the care that went into the design, both artistic and play, is obvious. It is a pleasure to play and simply gaze at.

    To be clear about my request, I have a full set of eggs (about 75), I was looking to discover the cost to purchase more, because we always run out (5 players = 125 eggs).

    I would suggest that the # of eggs be increased. The # of seed tokens is often not sufficient either, since they are frequently cached in the game.

    Our birdfeeder construction did not go so well, but nothing tape couldn’t fix. I have a high quality wooden dice-roller from Michaud Toys that I recommend as an alternative to others that are clumsy like me.

    Are there any recommended after-market holders for each player’s action cubes and food tokens that would fit in the Wingspan box? Or holders for the food supplies?

    Once I solve that issue, I look forward to purchasing a few more copies of Wingspan. It has caught fire in our extended family as we isolate together.

  2. I just wanted to say that I was extremely satisfied with the prompt service from StoneMaier games in regards to replacement parts. I was missing a single piece in my Scythe box and upon filling out a simple form, they were in contact straight away and posted the piece to me in Sydney within a week. I wish all board game companies were this dedicated to their customers. Thanks guys!

  3. We just opened out Wingspan game and it is clear that it belonged to someone before us! Some of the little packages had been opened and there were food spots on the cover–none of this is a problem. However, we are missing the #5 goal card and there are only 3 of the little plastic boxes (assume for containing parts), are missing. Please advise. Thank you! Barbara Bogue

    1. Hi Barbara! If when you say “the #5 goal card” you mean the “fifth Swift-Start Guide” then I can reassure you that only 4 come in the box. The four included teach all players about the 4 main actions, so there is no need for a 5th player Swift-Start Guide. As for the plastic boxes, those are considered bonus inclusions are not listed on any components lists. We can’t replace those. But if you’re missing anything else, feel free to fill out the replacement parts form on this page. Thanks!

  4. I bought Wingspan from my local store. Only four dice. I bought this to play Saturday with my friends. Do I need ALL five dice to play 3 players? Or should I be good?

  5. Hi, I sent a request for replacement scythe game board, star Piece for saxony And upgrade piece for saxony. I received the board and the upgrade piece but the black saxony achievement star piece did not arrive. Was it a separate shipment? Thank you

  6. Hi there
    Today I received my parcel but in that I didn’t get the resource tray which I ordered
    Please help to whom I contact

      1. Thanks
        Today I got my resource tray and the missing coins from your fulfilment center
        Thanks once again

  7. We just opened our new copy of MLSPie in the Sky, and it’s missing the action pawns, friendship tokens, and pie tokens. What do we need to do to get a copy? Thanks!

    1. You’re in the right place–just look at the top of the page for the form! Those tokens should be in the package (not in the game box itself), but some retailers may not realize they need to include them. If you bought it from Stonemaier Games, they should be among the shipping materials.

      1. Can you clarify that there are action pawns/friendship tokens/pie tokens available for the fox and owl kingdoms? They’re not listed on in the manual, but it seems like they should exist. I asked the retailer I bought the game from and they said they hadn’t heard of any of these.

        1. Hi Robert! Yes, these components come in an extra bag outside of the box. The retailer should have received these items from their distributor, but we’d be happy to send yours to you if you fill out a replacement parts request above. Thank you!

  8. Thanks Jamey
    No need to send replacement of coins as you said that it will send by other team sorry to disturb you as for just 4 coins I don’t want that your company waste 10 to 20 dollars on postage . My replacement reference number is RP-4683 just discard that request.
    Thanks once again for your help

  9. Hi there
    Today I received the Scythe metal coins from UK seller but after opening them I came to know that 4 piece of $10 coins are missing I know that it will not effect the game as I have card board token but few days back I became one of your Champion and purchased metal mech Scythe 4 pc and many other things( order number 78771) which are not shipped till date So I am just writing here so that if you can put 4 coins of $10 Scythe game will be good.
    Otherwise I’ll be fine as I already told you that I have complete set of coins which comes with the game Scythe

      1. Hi I send the same post on (Realistic Resource Tokens: Top Shelf Gamer) is that fine or I have to fill the English version form of Scythe as 4pc of $10 coins missing
        Thanks for such fast response
        Warm regards

        1. If you formally requested replacements from Top Shelf Gamer, you don’t need to request them again from us. But if you haven’t already submitted a replacement parts form from a vendor, please submit the form so my helper in the UK can send you the missing coins.

          1. Hi Jamey
            As my order 78771 still not shipped to Australia so that’s y I want that if your team members who will prepare my order put those 4 pc of coins $10 in that as if It comes separately from any other country it cost lots of postage then I don’t bother for those coins.

  10. We have Scythe and have enjoyed playing it the last 2 years. Unfortunately, my husband spilled an entire cup of coffee all over the board. We now have rules for no drinks near the game board. Anyway, it’s my son’s game and I was wondering is there anyway to purchase the board only since all the other pieces where saved with the exception of 2 cards?

    1. Chris: We’re happy to help! You don’t need to pay for the board or the two cards–just fill out the replacement parts form, and you’re welcome to note on the form that you’d like to pay for shipping.

      1. Hello, I bought Scythe in Essen in 2016 at SPIEL in Essen. Because the board had a tear at the edge of the game and ALL encounter markers were not printed in the center (I had sent photos for this), I had already mentioned these defects here. I should then give my email address so that I can be contacted about these shortcomings. Unfortunately, there was never an answer. Unfortunately I was very disappointed and didn’t feel like it anymore. That’s why it wanted to appeal to Stonemaier Games again at SPIEL 2019. Unfortunately, Stonemaier Games had no booth in 2019. That’s why I’m trying again and I hope that the service now works better than in 2016. Maybe I was unlucky enough that my email to Jamey Stegmaier was overlooked.
        I have the game in German without a receipt because I bought it directly from Stonemaier Games for € 80.

        Best regards
        Thorsten Kempf

        1. Thorsten: Thanks for your note. From what I can tell, you contacted the company from whom you bought the game (Morning Players was at Essen), but Stonemaier Games is responsible for replacement parts. If you filled out our replacement parts form (which I don’t see a record of), you definitely would have gotten a response. You’re welcome to do so now if off-center cards have impacted your experience of playing Scythe over the last 4 years.

  11. Hi! I recently bought Wingspan and I was working on punching out all of the pieces after opening the box. One thing that I was a little confused about is the birdhouse assembly. The Birdhouse Tray parts A and B don’t seem to have clear perforations to help me punch out these parts. Is this expected? Here are photos of what I am seeing:

    Is this expected and I am supposed to rip out the pieces or is this something I should request a replacement for?

      1. Thanks for the quick response, Joe! I just filled out the form and literally as I clicked “Send” on the form, I noticed the subtext beneath the address submission that instructs me to include my country, which I forgot to include. If there is any confusion, my country is the USA.

  12. Thank you Joe Aubrey for replacing our bird feeder in Wingspan! We have been playing “Birds” for well over a year now & have introduced the game to many people. During the Covid-19 social distancing, we have played Wingspan so many times ( through Zoom) that our bird feeder is a bit dilapidated. We could play without it, but it wouldn’t be the same.
    Thank you so much!

    We received a speedy response too. We will have to look at the other Stonemaier games!

  13. Hi there,
    I bought SCYTHE, the basic game, yesterday and when I opened it, I was caught by surprise; not only was the box a bit damaged on the inside but also the buildings and structures from the Nordic Empire were missing and in their place, there was 2 packets of structures and buildings that belonged to the Rusviet Empire! Also, one of the Power Dials was damaged at its corner. The game was sealed when I bought it from Fantasy Shop (Greece) and I’m very sad for all these damages and missing stuff… Is there a way of replacing the product ASAP, because I want to play it with my friends! Please tell me what to do.

    1. Hi Evangelos! We don’t accept returns from other stores, but we can replace components that are damaged. You’re on the right page here, just click on the link at the top of the page and fill out the replacement parts form. One thing to note: we can’t replace the Scythe box. All of our boxes have full games in them! But the Nordic buildings and a power dial can easily be replaced. Thanks!

  14. Hey I ordered Wingspan May 5th it still hasn’t come. Do to the pandemic maybe it just takes a bit longer. Has anyone else waited a bit longer to get a game?

    1. Thanks for your order, Alexa! I looked it up, and it was actually a preorder–you can search your email for the confirmation using this product listing: “Wingspan (in stock in EU & AU; July preorder for US & CA)”. We’re currently out of stock, hence the preorder (the reprint will soon finish production). If you would like to cancel your preorder, please send a message to

      1. Ok I tried it again I think it went through. Sorry for the confusion. Do you know when the refund will take. I’m not in a rush just would like a time frame if possible. Thanks

  15. i purchased the wingspan game today and never received a confirmation email. please confirm it has been ordered.

  16. I love the game and have bought all expansions and just about everything else I could find. Unfortunately I am now only just getting around to opening and examining some of these. I am missing some cards from ‘The Wing Gambit’. I have filled out a missing parts form – hope to hear from you soon. Great game by the way – loving it.

  17. Hi folks,
    I’m embarrassed to say it but I can’t find the Replacement Parts form…:-(
    My copy of Wingspan is missing the goal board. How can I give you my details?
    Many thanks

  18. Our Scythe group has had lots of combats, leaving our entire combat card deck worse for wear. Is it possible to purchase an entire new deck of combat cards? This time I would certainly sleeve the whole deck.

    1. Hi Ben! Just fill out the replacement form and be sure to say that you’re willing to pay for the whole deck. Depending on where you live, one of our replacement parts helpers may be able to work something out with you. :)

  19. hi jamey !!!

    my scythe boardgame includeing 3 blue new recruit …… 1 blue recruit lack

    this game playing 4 blue recruit tokens ~~

  20. I just want to say how pleased and grateful we were to receive a replacement card for Wingspan so promptly and easily! We love the game, and were so sad when one of the cards got damaged. Excellent customer service. We also love the new expansion and hope there are more to come!

  21. Can you guys please work on your quality control? Just bought Tapestry, and as soon as I opened the sealed box, it was immediately obvious that the bottom box was completely split down one corner. Making things worse, there was one piece of scotch tape on that inside corner, so someone had knowingly tried to fix a damaged box and sent it out damaged anyway.

    I reached out to you guys and was told that you won’t replace the box, and was told to contact CoolStuff Inc, where I purchased your game. They also won’t replace the box or let me return it. The top box is starting to split in one corner (different corner I think) as well. So right out of the gate I’m stuck with a damaged product. Not having a lot of faith in your games at the moment.

    1. Jim: Our manufacturer uses machines to print and assemble boxes–the machines do not manually tape damaged boxes (rather, damaged boxes are simply discarded and recycled before they are shrinkwrapped). I don’t know what happened to your box, but it didn’t happen at the factory, and I’m sorry this happened to you. In the future, if you buy games directly from our webstore instead of from another retailer, we can certainly help out when a box arrives damaged.

  22. Hi! So i bought Scythe hearing great things about the game and customer service, so when i opened my box amd saw that one plastic bin was crushed and the other missing i wasnt worried and sent in a request for replacement. The response i got was shocking. Quick response, “we dont replace those” with a link to the store where i can buy them! What??? So i sent a follow up in disgust where i got a reply stating that they are items we include in the box for free so they dont get replaced? I was blown away! If u include it in every single box, its part of the box! If i paid for it just like everyone else, i should get it! The ones i got were broken or missing and your customer support was for me TO BUY THEM? I just dont know what to say… im EXTREMELY disappointed and think i am done with this company. My interest in wingspan and tapestry is now next to nothing. What if i buy those games with missing pieces and find out those are parts that “you dont replace”, but i can buy for an additional cost to me from the site. Wow, just wow. I dont know what else to say…

    1. The plastic containers aren’t on the components list for Scythe. They aren’t officially part of the game–they’re a bonus extra we include for free in some copies of the game, so you didn’t pay for them.

  23. Hi Jamey,

    I just bought a Viticulture Essential Edition copy and sadly discover the lack of the purple vineyard mat and a blue trellis token broken. My copy is in english and my question is if you consider Mexico as part of South America because I don’t find any option that fulfill my requirement.

    Thank you in advance four your time and consideration to this subject.

  24. Hey Jamey, any chance I can somehow get a replacement card for one of my cards in Wingspan? Someone put coffee on it :(. I’m happy to pay for it :)

  25. Hi Jamey,

    After opening my copy of Scytche box I noticed that it was missing one blue upgrade (technology) cube. Already filled the form. Thanks in advance!
    Excellent game!! :)

  26. Bonjour, je viens de recevoir, Scythe Modular Board. Les bord du plateau sont endommager.
    Je suis en france, pour c est extention je suis passé par la boutique Stonemaier games store. quel est le formulaire que je doit remplir. Merci

  27. i have had my Scythe Modular Board arrived today and it is damaged i have left a massage on missing parts but am not sure if this is right place to put his
    if you could let me know
    thanks paul

  28. Hi Jamey.

    I’m writing to you from India and love your games esp. Viticulture and Wingspan.

    I just realised i’m missing certain components from my Viticulture box and iv made a request through the google form on your website earlier this morning. While making the request, i have shared a Tampa, FL address from delivery (to save on both the shipping costs and delivery time) as i have a mule flying out from Tampa later this month. However, i have just been told that the mule is flying out by 20th and not 30th as i had earlier been informed.

    I know its a short timeframe, but would it be possible for you to deliver the missing tokens by 20th. No stress if you cant, il have to make alternate arrangements to get them to India. :/

    Thanks much.

    An avid fan.

  29. is the form linked here the right one / hooked up right? I filled it out on the 28th, but didn’t receive a response.

    I filled it out again just now, and didn’t get an automated response, is that normal? I also wanted to make sure I didn’t create a duplicate request.

    1. Ian: We have your requests. After you submitted your request, you were taken to a screen that showed the following text (I just tested it, and it works):

      Your request has been received and will be processed soon. You will not receive another confirmation (we receive a lot of these requests, and we focus our efforts on shipping, not correspondence). You should receive the replacement parts within 10-14 days unless we’re out of stock of a certain component. If you haven’t received anything after 2 weeks, please contact Alan at

      Also, while you are not obligated to pay anything, sometimes people ask us if they can pay for postage/packaging/labor. The answer is that you’re welcome to PayPal to after you receive your replacement parts (but it absolutely isn’t required–we do not expect you to pay anything, as we consider this our responsibility).

  30. I bought the Scythe game from an individual but the game came with 3 missing factory cards. Factory cards 2, 8, and 10. Is there any way to purchase those cards? I didn’t see them listed on the site.

    1. Daniel: It might just be that they’re sorted out of order or are mixed in with the encounter cards (they’re the same size). However, if they’re definitely missing, please fill in the replacement parts form at the top of this page so we can send them to you (no purchase necessary).

  31. Thank you Jamey and the rest of your staff. Incredible to find a company these days that will replace a part to a product with absolutely no hassle. Great customer support and service.

  32. Hello,
    Is it possible to get the corrected specialist cards for euphoria in french ?
    Or just a list of correction ? even a list of the specialist to remove could be ok.

  33. Can I please find out if I am on the list for the Asia region shipment? Victoria from Singapore. Missing a purple popularity heart scythe token from the expansion, thanks.

  34. I’m filling in a missing parts replacement, but I was frustrated to find that when my wife and I took this game to the cottage as our new game for a week-end that we had two purple decks of cards and no blue deck. It’s nice that we can request these parts, but what I had wanted was to play the game.

  35. 1 power dial of Vesna
    1 power dial of Fenris
    1 mine wooden structure of Rusviet (red color)
    (please ignore my previous request because it’s typos, I missed the pieces of power dials of Vesna and Fenris not custom dices)

    1. JP, it looks like you filled out the form on February 17, and our helper in Canada shipped it to you on February 21. If you still haven’t received it by next week, it probably got lost in the mail, and you could fill out the form again. Also, in the meantime, a touch of glue should make the mech good as new (that’s how they’re originally pieced together at the factory).

  36. Hi Jamey,

    I have lost a singular red upgrade piece (for the game scythe) and I am wondering if you can help me with a way of replacing it

    Many thanks


  37. Jamey (if I may), I’m really impressed for such a great customer services and carrying for customer like in your company. I’ve got from you the missing part – purple star, it was delivered today. I wish everyone such a good customer care. Your firm could be an example for others companies how to treat customers fairly! Thank you very!

    Best regards,

  38. Hello, I filled the replacement parts for viticulture tuscany essential edition 12 days ago (I’ve lost purple star). So as I haven’t heard from you or received anything yet what do I do? I’m from Poland, so is it a problem with sending?

  39. Hey Jamey,

    I’m in a similar situation as Jon above. I recently recieved my copy of wingspan and one corner of the box is smashed pretty bad. I’m in the US. Thanks in advance!


  40. Hi,

    I’ve just received my preorder for Wingspan as a Champion, i.e. directly from you. The box has been mashed in transit (components are fine I think, but one box corner has been badly damaged). It says above that I should contact the retailer about this and you don’t replace boxes, but you are the retailer, so… what should I do? I’m in the UK.

    Incidentally, I’d get on to the fulfillment center about their packaging, the way they packed it, damage like this was inevitable (just in a cardboard box with packing peanuts underneath the box, nothing protecting the other five sides).

    The game itself looks gorgeous by the way, the bird living missus loves it!



    1. Thanks Jon! I’m sorry for not seeing this earlier. As we discussed on Facebook, Spiral Galaxy is going to send you a new game, and I’ve talked to them about their packaging methods (the other photos I’ve seen have featured quite a bit of packing material on the sides).

      1. Thanks. :) Don’t worry about it. You were incredibly quick on Facebook and this is faster than I’d expect, especially with the time difference. You do not have to apologise for your customer service, which has been excellent here!

  41. I filled out the form to get replacement parts for my Scythe game. I was wondering which carrier service should I be expecting, i.e. USPS, FedEx, or UPS?
    Thanks and I love the game!

      1. I filled out the form a week ago. So if I don’t hear or receive anything yet, I’m just to assume the form was received and the parts are on the way? Ideally I’d like to have a tracking number

        1. Shane: We received your request for “blue faction wooden pieces” on September 29, at which point you were sent an automated response confirming that we had received the request and that it would be sent within 10 days. It was shipped to you on October 5, so you will receive it in a few days. Adding tracking to these small shipments significantly increases the cost–it would add thousands of dollars to our budget each year.

  42. Hello, I ordered some replacement parts and got the wrong one. I asked for the Polania character and got the Togawa character. But just to let you know that character came incomplete, with the arm that has the staff and the monkey on it. I just wanted to let you know. I am a huge fan of you guys, I have all the expansions metal coins, and the bigger board(and of course the base game).

  43. Hi, unfortunately I flooded the Scythe Invaders from Afar box and damaged (strongly delaminated) the player’s mats. I wonder who should I apply for replacement parts for you or the Polish PHALANX distributor?

  44. Hello Jamey! I just received a copy of Scythe for my birthday and I played it immediately! I loved the game, and my congratulations on what you achieved with it!
    But… the components have some problems. Some figures are not flat (it’s no big deal ingame), and most wooden components are not perfectly cut (also no big deal). I am still checking if everything else is ok, but two components are impacting the expected gameplay:

    All player mats are very poorly done, with some “slots” larger than others resulting in some cubes fitting and others not fitting at all (we tested with different cubes and colors), also, most of the mats are not flat (flat mats also have this slot size problem, so it is not the curvature), and the print of the bottom layer is not centered at all (no big deal, but it ads up). None of the top-row slots are large enough in any of the mats, not even forced the cubes would fit.

    The cubes. As noted, wooden components are not perfect but weren’t a problem, except the cubes. The cubes aren’t cubes, but cuboids. This was tested with the mentioned narrow slots and, while still not fitting, would “fit more” on some sides than others.

    I tested thoroughly if the cubes were ok and if it was only a mat issue, but they simply aren’t cubic. I feel this renders the multilayered mats useless, and feels actually worse than having simple printed cardboard for mats.

    May I fill in the form for these two issues?

    1. Eduardo: Thanks for your note. Why don’t you send me some photos of these cubes in and out of the mats, and I’ll let you know if it’s something we can replace? I’m at In the email, please elaborate on how the slightly askew cubes make the player mats useless–I’m not quite understanding that, but perhaps the photos will help.

  45. I play scythe a lot with my friend who owns the game. Unfortunately I discovered that one cube was missing from the faction I had played with last time. Maybe it got dropped and we didn’t notice. I’m writing to suggest that you consider adding extra pieces to new editions – some of the small pieces from each faction – I suggest for each faction supply 2x extra upgrade cubes, 1x extra enlist markers and maybe 1x extra star. Those are the most likely to be lost/broken over time and I can’t imagine it would add much to you production costs.

    1. Robert: Sure, we replace missing parts all the time. I appreciate the suggestion, but that would result in an immense amount of wasted expenses and components. I’d prefer to stick with our system of quickly and expediently sending parts to those who request them. They comprise a fraction of a percentage of the number of nearly 2 million units of various products we’ve produced.

  46. Hi there, I had purchased your game and was over at a family event setting it up when I found that I was missing a couple pieces. I was missing the spinners and backgrounds to the spinners from 3 of the factions.
    And Saxony

    I was quite disappointed because I had gotten everyone excited only to find out that pieces were missing. We ended up sharing the two spinners. Overall it’s a great game, I’m just saddened that the game was missing pieces when I just bought it.

    If you could advise me on what course of action I can take in order to get the other three spinners and backgrounds that would be amazing.


    1. Hi Michael: I have good and bad news. The good news is that you’re not missing anything. Combat only ever happens between 2 players, so only 2 power dials are necessary–you can check this in the components list.

      If you’d like more power dials, Meeplesource sells them for us as promos:

      In the future, there’s no reason to be disappointed about missing pieces–we take care of them swiftly and without complications if you fill out the replacement parts form. Your energy is better spent enjoying the game, and you can leave the rest to us. :)

  47. Thanks heaps guys for sending such a quick replacement for broken parts to Scythe. This is me and my girlfriends favorite game and we appreciate such a fast replacement service! Even living in Australia! it was unexpected to have such a quick replacement sent and is much appreciated

  48. I have purchased a game of Scythe, I was amazed at all of the different parts and pieces but shocked to find that one of the bags of faction parts(7 parts) was missing and instead it had 2 bags of the structures for that faction when only 1 is needed. In order to play the game with five players it would be necessary to receive that bag of parts. The pieces missing are 1 action token, 1 popularity token, 1 power token, and 4 recruit tokens of the Crimean(yellow) faction.

  49. I’m in the process of uncorking Tuscany and, when I opened the Property expansion I have the 18 cards but also 4 of the tiles for the main board where I only need one. They’re in prefect shape, could I send them back to you? (also if I find other extra things in my box- not everything has been opened yet)

  50. Thanks Simon! I’m sorry, but we’re all out of the bonus wooden city pieces from the original Kickstarter edition. For a while we had a poll about making more of them, but there wasn’t enough interest.

  51. Hi, I love Between Two Cities, and am particularly fond of the wooden city pieces. I have all the ones included in the retail editions of the base game and the Capitals expansion. Is there a way to get hold of the other pieces at all? Thanks!

  52. Good Morning!

    I have designed and am 3d printing alternate airship models for the wind gambit and was wondering where you got the acrylic stands and bases from. I would like to order a few sets to test out my prints.

    1. We get them from our manufacturer. :) Unfortunately, they’re in short supply (it’s a frequently requested replacement part), but you can just use the stands in your copy of The Wind Gambit to test out your alternate airship models.

    2. Hi Samuel!

      I’m currently looking at 3D printer for the same exact purpose you mention, I stumbled upon your comment. My choice on a printer model isn’t made yet, I was wandering if you had any success with yours and was willing to share some advices?


  53. Hello Jamey, I have filled up the form already but would like to log my issue here as well.

    My Scythe is missing White star and tech tokens. Instead, there were two packs of Yellow star and tech tokens.

    My Viticulture on the other hand has two broken Orange structures. I have attached a link to the images in the Google Form.


  54. Hi Jamie,I am missing a blue Trellis token from viticulture. I would filled the form now but I would also like to get the metal coins for viticulture. Is it possible to arrange something here? Thank you :)

  55. Hi jamey, Just filled out the form as my copy of scythe was missing a single blue upgrade cube (and had one extra blue upgrade star instead)
    Hope you can help soon, this game is excellent! :)

  56. Played yesterday and glad to see it holds up to my expectations. Problem was that I was missing a blue star token. Filled out the form. Hope you can help.

    P.s. right after playing, ordered Wind Gambit and Invaders.
    thanks for the fun!

    1. You did the right thing in filling out the form! You should have gotten an automated message immediately afterwards indicating that we will help (if not, check your spam folder). We literally get thousands of replacement parts requests a year, so we don’t individually confirm each one–we just take care of it, and you get the part within 10-14 days.

  57. Thank you for quickly sending me my missing Viticulture piece (yellow wine bottle), got it in less than a week. We could have played without it but now the box feels complete! Please keep up the great work with your great games!

  58. Hi Jamey!

    I just bought Scythe few days ago and the game is really amazing, we are really enjoying it.

    The problem was that the game arrived without 3 technology red cubes.

    I know that could be hard to send only these 3 pieces, but it has been more difficult for me replace them because I can not find them in any store. We replace this cubes with another faction cubes but the the problem is that we can not play more than 4 players at the same time.

    I can pay for this if it’s necesary, just want to have my beautiful game complete

  59. Hi,

    I’ve recently bought scythe and seem to be missing one star for the Crimean faction! Happy to pay for postage since it’s only one part,

    Let me know if this is possible! Cheers!

  60. Hi, love the game (Scythe) and received a copy over Christmas, opened the box today and I had two bags of food tokens and no oil. Put in a replacement request.
    I put in a request for “oil resource tokens” hopefully it is understood that I meant “20 oil resource tokens” as I see you directing other people to write in that format in the comments.
    Thanks in advance!

  61. Greetings, I finally managed to play with my collector edition of Scythe and I noticed that I got one more yellow star and one less yellow worker. I already asked for replacement. How to pay thou ?

  62. Hello Jamey,

    My fiance bought me a copy of Scythe for Christmas. Unfortunately when i opened the box, i found 1 bag of food resource tokens, 1 bag of oil resource tokens, 2 bags of wood resource tokens but no bags of metal resource tokens. Is it possible to get a bag of metal resource tokens please? I can send back the extra wooden tokens if need be.


      1. Ah my apologies for not reading the site… Seems silly that I missed something so clear. Thank you very much for the quick reply!

  63. Hallo.

    I bought a Japanese version of scythe
    I accidentally discarded part of the mats and cards

    Can I purchase discarded cards etc?

  64. I had a problem with a mis-packed Scythe metal coin upgrade kit.
    10 more $20 coins :-) but no $3 coins :-(
    I contacted Meeplesource (where I purchased the coins) and they directed me to here.
    I filled out the form (via my phone – kudos on the interface!), offered to return the extra $20’s
    In a matter of a few days my $3 coins showed up – and no need to return anything.
    Amazing policy – top notch service – high quality items. I cannot say enough good things about the company. Thanks so much. Very happy customer.

  65. Hi Jamie,
    I recently purchased Scythe and the top layer of the board is pealing off, like there wasn’t glue there. I was just wondering if there is anyway I could get this replaced or fixed at all?

    1. Matt: I’m sorry to hear about this–thank you for letting me know. If it’s just starting to peel, you could apply a little glue to it and it should be fine. If entire sections of paper are already coming off, you could still try to glue it, but most likely we’ll just need to send you a replacement in that case (fill out the form at the top of this page if that’s the case).

  66. Hi Jamey,
    I received The Moors Expansion, but it only contained the Summer cards and the harvest machine reprint (which upon comparing, the one I had seemed the same). I filled out the form a couple weeks ago, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

  67. Hi Jamey,

    I damaged one of my vineyard mats and i want a replacement and i cant find anything about payment in the form. I would be grateful if you told me how much does one vineyard mat cost and how to pay.

    1. Thanks for your question. We don’t charge for replacement parts–you can just fill out the form with what you need (please specify the player color of the vineyard mat). Of course, if you feel responsible and are compelled to pay a few dollars for shipping, our PayPal address is

  68. Hi Jamey,
    I just filled out the form to ask for Euphoria recruit cards, but meant to do so as a way to ask for “replacement parts”, not missing. My Euphoria box had everything in it, it’s just in German, and I would like to get the English version of them. But I’m happy to pay for them. After filling the form out, it feels this is intended for damaged/missing parts only.

      1. Thanks for your quick response, Jamey! Mark from your team got in touch via email already. Regards.

  69. Hi Jamey!

    Just finished filling out the form regarding my request for a replacement meeple (white male) for Tuscany Essential Edition. :) I’ve been a big fan of SM Games since I started with Between 2 Cities, Viticulture EE, and after I got my copy today, Tuscany EE. :) I hope it’s possible to replace the said component even if I live all the way in the Philippines!

    More power to you, sir!

      1. Thank you for your quick response! :)

        May I have his e-mail? :) I’d like to send the pictures/product number to him so that we save on time and effort. :) Hopefully, that’ll also make his job easier!

          1. My e-mail is acting up. The message just gets stuck in my outbox. Very strange. Have you received it yet? :) I can resend it later when I wake up if you haven’t.

  70. Wow thanks for speedy answer.
    I sent you a mail.

    Checked your link but it ends up over 24$ because of shipping :(

  71. Hey there, long shot but thought I’d try, I just bought a collector edition from someone last week (EXPENSIVE) after trying the game at a conv and really loving it. (For once that I’m not disapointed with the hype).

    However he couldn’t find the food 3d tokens so I’m left with the 3 others.
    Would there be a way to get hold of a set to complete?

    I understand this has nothing to do with your customer service, but thought I’d try my luck.
    Hence why I didn’t submit a request via the google doc.

    I will still love your game whatever the answer may be. But crossing finger anyway ;)

  72. Hey, I bought a copy of Europhia that had been damaged before I bought it (somebody drew all over the game board with pen). Since it was damaged before I bought it, I obviously don’t have a right for a free replacement, but is there somewhere I could buy a replacement game board?

  73. Hello,
    I just submitted a request to replace my automa deck for VEE. My game came with a German version, but everything else was English or double-sided English and German. Just a funny mix-up, I guess. Thanks!

      1. Jamey, Thanks for a quick response. I just got the deck, but it’s German again! :) I actually needed my German deck replaced with an English one. I’m happy to return this deck.

  74. Hi, I submitted a request for a replacement part a couple weeks back and haven’t received a response yet. Just wanted to make sure you got my request. Thanks

    1. Trevor: We received your request on January 30, and my helper in Canada sent it to you on February 3. The e-mail address you entered on the form is different than the one on your comment, though either way, you probably wouldn’t have gotten a notification. If you don’t receive it by the end of this week, please let me know at

  75. Hello Jamey,

    I filled in the replacement parts form last weekend, but I didn’t get a confirmation whatsoever. Is this because it’s a google docs form? Did you get my request?

      1. Another reply, sorry for the spam.
        But we received the replacement part yesterday! You guys are great!

        Asmodee could learn something from this.. still waiting for my request to be confirmed after a week :(

        1. Thanks! I think the problem is that Google updated its form system recently, and some add-ons (like the Form Notification add-on we use) aren’t working right now. So you’re right–you probably didn’t get a notification e-mail.

    1. Andrew: The plastic clips actually had a manufacturing error that rendered them brittle and useless. Fortunately, we found that they were completely redundant—they’re not needed to keep the two boards together.

      So no, we don’t sell them. :)

  76. Hi, I bought an italian version of your game at Lucca Comics and Games in Italy last week. Unfortunately one small yellow cube is missing so I filled the form. My only doubt is if I have to contact Ghenos Games for the italian replament part or if is correct to ask it to you.

    Anyway, I had my first play yesterday and the game is awsome… best of 2016 for me.

  77. Hey, i got one copy of your beautiful game today, but one of the red mechs is broken (lost his arm and antenna). Do you send also to germany, because a broken mech isnt so nice ^^
    I also use your replacement form on this site.

  78. I have to say Jamey that you guys are doing it right. Stone Maier Games is sending me parts because I am missing 1 white worker. That’s just awesome! On the other hand I spent $400+ with Cool Mini or Not, and they not only lost all of my items in the warehouse, and never told me, but they also didn’t send me a character pack I paid for. So it just goes to show you that Customer Service is number 1, and Stone Maier Games is rocking at it! I will always buy a game from SM Games, but I will never ever buy a game from CoolMiniorNot (CMON) again. Thanks SMG!

  79. Hello,
    I have a little problem with the german version from Scythe, bought on Sunday on the Spiel’16 in Essen.
    My impressions to the game are very good. But the game has unfortunately 2 misstakes in the material. I took some photos from the problem (send to facebook), because I don´t find contact-possibility at the homepage “morning-family”. And firefox tells from configurate-problems with this site (not correct configuration from the site). Could you help me please?
    Here I don´t can send the photos. The rule-book has a dent/defect on some pages and the encounter-chips are not central printed (the compass-icon isn´t in the middle from the chip.
    And a worker in blue is thinner than other worker
    What can we do?
    I got an answer from “Morning” (from Anais) on facebook, but he doesn´t contact any more.
    Best regards

    1. Morning Players is connected to our replacement parts form, so you can just fill it out there if you decide that the minor things you’ve describe actually have any impact on your experience of playing Scythe.

  80. Senji: Thanks for your question. Those plastic clips turned out to be much more brittle than we thought, and pretty much all of them broke. However, the good news is they aren’t necessary at all to keep the board extension aligned with the regular board–just slide them next to each other and they’ll be fine. :)

  81. Hi,

    Our first time playing scythe on the largehex board I broke one of the plastic clips that keep the board together. Clearly it would be ridiculous posting one all the way to the UK; but is there anything equivalent I’m likely to be able to get off the shelf?

  82. We’ve been playing Scythe for a while and I think during our very first games we lost one of the white players workers (1). I’ve been using just a crumbled up piece of paper to represent this worker, but that’s getting old. I am wondering if I could get the shape file for the white workers so I could print this one piece on our 3D printer? Or I can trace the shape, scan, print, but I wanted to ask first. ;) I would LOVE it if you offered for say $10 all of the 3D printable files for the game, or even just the workers and other wood pieces.

      1. I totally understand where you are coming from. If you are interested I would be able to take your shapes (photoshop/illustrator) and make the 3D files for you for peoples printers. Free since I love the game! ;) I didn’t think that you would send me just one “white worker part” though, so I guess I will check out the form and see. 8) Thanks for the reply and congrats!

  83. Hi there,

    Just got my copy of Scythe and I received for each of the 5 factions double the numbers of the worker tokens, the star tokens and the technology tokens.

    However I did not receive any action, popularity, power, structure or recruit tokens for any of the factions.

    1. Alvin: I looked at our replacement parts spreadsheet, and I don’t see “Alvin Foo” on it anywhere, so perhaps you didn’t complete the form the first time? If there’s a better way for me to look up your information that you don’t want to reveal in public, feel free to contact me directly at Otherwise, I would recommend just completing the form.

  84. Just had to submit my second part request for the same part. :/

    1st black Scythe windmill was broken, 2nd one came sellotaped to it’s packaging, with the predictable result when I carefully peeled it off. Perhaps you should instigate a little quality control among your replacement parts packers.

    1. Ben: I’m sorry that happened to you, but 99% of parts arrive in perfect condition. It’s inevitable that couriers are going to damage some shipments, and we’re happy to send you another. It’s not like you can’t play the game for now with a damaged windmill.

  85. Hi Jamey. I just picked up my Scythe copy at a local retailer (I live in Mexico City). Let me tell you, the game is gorgeous and I can’t wait to play it, but… The white Mine token came out broken in two pieces. I already glued it and it seems is going to hold on, nonetheless, you just never know.

    The question is, do you think I should fill the form for replacement or do you think this is one those “apply compassion and understanding” cases? Maybe even, I should just wait (is that a possibility)?

    Thank you.
    Best regards.

    1. Raul: Thanks for asking about this. It’s really up to you. Like, if you were asking for one missing coin out of the many coin tokens, that’s another matter. But you definitely need an intact Mine. If the glue doesn’t hold, feel free to fill out the form, and thanks for trying to fix it!

  86. Hi there, I placed a request over 10 days ago requesting for a replacement of 2 items from my copy of Scythe. The Red Wooden Mill component was broken upon receipt, and I’m also missing a black cube for the player dashboard. If you would be able to kindly follow up on the form entry, that would be greatly appreciated. I’m loving this game, just want to enjoy it in its full completeness! Thank you!

  87. Hi there :)

    Yesterday I sent through a parts replacement request for an Orange Grande worker, White Irrigation Piece and for a missing Purple tasting room for Viticulture Essential Edition.

    However, in my original request, I cant remember if i specifically called out that i needed an Orange Grande worker. Do i need to submit a new request to clarify? Thanks

  88. I lent my copy of Tuscany to a friend and one of the structure cards got misplaced. It was returned to me a week or so later when we met up one evening and then like an idiot I forgot I’d left it in my pocket when I put my jeans in the wash. Is there any chance I can arrange for a replacement? Happy to pay a reasonable amount for it as I dislike not having a complete copy.

    I think it’s the “Cafe” card (all I can make out from what “survived” is £3 and 1vp in the circle and “card 1 grape” from under it, so I think it’s that card.

  89. I just bought a copy of Viticulture Essential Edition and it’s missing 1 silver coin (it came with 11 instead of 12). Will this affect gameplay?

  90. Hi there. Would it be possible to request the Property stickers for Tuscany without completing the form please. It’s blocked by our firewall. Alternatively can you email me a form thanks.

  91. Hi, I was just going through my kickstarter account, I have not received my game Between two cities. What do I have to do to get my copy? Thanks Walter

  92. Hi
    Recd my game just today.
    Found a blue rooster missing and the separate merchant card was slightly bent on edges.
    Have filled out the form already.
    Looking forward to share the fun with frndz
    Thanks in advance.

  93. Hello ! I submitted a couple of weeks ago a request for a couple of cards from Viticulture second edition, but haven’t received anything yet. Have you sent them out yet ? Thanks in advance. best regards. Alessandro – Italy

    1. Hi Alessandro: Thanks for your replacement parts request. We did receive it, and I’m sorry you haven’t heard from our replacement part helpers. Typically they contact people when they’re running behind. In this case, our helper in Europe is currently traveling in South America. He should be back next week. Sorry about that!

  94. Hi Jamey!. I submitted a replacement part form for a missing part (1 wooden progress marker/token) for Euphoria a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t heard anything about it, or received the part. Could I get the part soon, or something about it, please? Thank you.

    1. John: Thanks for your question. I’m showing that you submitted a replacement part request on May 22 (5 days ago, not a couple of weeks ago). Sorry to point out that difference, but it’s an important one, as our range for replacement parts is with 2 weeks (there is a note about that on the page where you submitted the request). If you haven’t received the part by June 6, please let me know.

      1. LOL I’m sorry for the time difference. It feels like a couple of weeks ago (my inner clock is all screwed up) Sorry for the early freak out :)

  95. Hi Jamey. Just got Viticulture. First play with the family was a lot of fun. I’ve submitted a request for replacement of damaged parts, but thought I would describe in more detail here for whatever you might learn from it. The purple and yellow roosters arrived stuck together and although I tried to gently separate them, they pulled paint off of each other. Packed not quite dry? Or got too hot? Not sure. Also, the corrected Merchant card got pretty beat up by being next to the wooden pieces: creased along the edges and rather permanently bent. Best regards.

  96. Hi, I have a first edition of Viticulture. I bought Tuscany, but there are none of the upgrades listed in the rules. No large workers, no glass markers, no sticker sheet no replacement cards. Could I get these please? I sent an email earlier about the sticker sheet, then found the rest of these are missing too.

    1. Hi Rik: Thanks for your question. Those second-edition update components actually aren’t part of Tuscany–it’s a separate product. If you’re in Europe, you can get it here ( If you’re in the US, you can get it here (

  97. Hi. I just received the replacement for missing component from collector edition. Thank you so much. Very impressed by quick response and great service.

  98. Hi, I asked a question for replace two boards (one of construction mats and one of arboriculture mats) and i got your answer by e-mail.

    You’re right. only two boards are bended when i got tuscany. Can i get replace?

    Thank you to read.

  99. Hi Jamey/Alan,

    I have been playing a lot of Tuscany lately, and noticed that something is missing. Is there any chance you could mail me some free time? I seem to be missing most of mine. Oddly, the more I play, the more I notice it missing.

  100. Hi There, Received my signed second printing, looks great! Question, if we ordered it with the Game Trays insert, should that have been included? I didn’t receive it.


  101. Hi Jamey, i opened my collectors edition. 2 components are missing.
    1x orange Yoke, and 1x orange Merchant (special worker).

    1. sorry, I clicked on post too quick, I should’ve been a little more clear, I’m interested in the stickers for the property expansion of Tuscany. Seems the BGG store is currently out of stock. Will there be more made? Just curious and not a huge deal breaker if you don’t create anymore of them.



  102. Collectors Edition arrived up here in Canada today. Viticulture had a few part oddities, so I filled out the form. Tuscany was a little harder to inventory since the inventory is all over the manual. Once I figured out how to inventory the individual modules, things started to come together. No form required for that one – everything appears to be there, including one mystery pack of cards not mentioned in the manual. Open at your own risk indeed!

  103. Hi, did you receive my e-mail that I was a few grape wine glass token`s short in my Kickstarter Vituculture game.
    Regard`s Mike.

  104. Just realized after your Kickstarter note that I was supposed to have a replacement Merchant, but never found one in the box. Hoping you can send a replacement. Thanks!

  105. Hi,
    I want to get the replacement stickers for Tuscany, but if I go to order them from the BGG store, you must order a $5 minimum, and there isn’t anything else that I want. Can you either have them allow only that item to be sent or please send it? Please let me know.
    Thank you,

    1. Karen: We’re open to sending them to you at our expense, but please first play with the property expansion to see if you actually need them. Also, it’s possible that you already requested them, so please wait 7-10 days until the original batch ships in case you have stickers in that batch.

  106. Hello Jamey,

    I just opened the Tuscany pack, and everything looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it out. I just filled out the form for the upgrades from Viticulture KS edition. I appear to be missing the updated visitor cards, the grande worker, and any other changes necessary to play the game properly.

  107. I just received my Tuscany STM302 version, which includes the upgraded cards for the original Viticulture KS release. So I get one set of updated cards. Problem is I got two copies of Viticulture in the original KS. I did make a note of this in the pledge manager…so I need another set of updated v.2 cards for my second copy of Viticulture. Thanks

  108. Hello-

    I filled out the replacement form for a missing green windmill from 2nd edition Viticulture..I didn’t get a confirmation email, I’m not sure if the request went through.

    Can you confirm?


  109. Hello Jamey, five days ago I filled the replacement form for some missing pieces in Euphoria box; is the replacement procedure active yet? I didn’t received answer, so I ask here for sure, Thank you.

    1. Hi Davide: Thank you for your question. You actually bought a European copy of Euphoria, so the replacement parts will be handled by their producer, Morning Players in France. Looking at my spreadsheet, Morning Players sent you the replacement parts on November 4.

  110. My game was missing an important part so I filled out the form, and I got the part in the mail in less than a week. Very satisfied with the level of customer service, and am excited to play Euphoria with the family after lunch. :)

  111. Hello. My wife picked up euphoria on a whim, and we both love it. However, she was so excited that she opened it in a restaurant instead of home, where we could find any dropped components.

    Long story short, our copy is now missing a green authority star. But instead of just replacing that one piece, would it be possible for me to just get a replacement for all the cardboard components? I’m willing to pay for them, just for the piece of mind that I have backup components.

    1. Hi Abiel, thanks for your message. If you just want the replacement part, you could fill out the form at the top of this page. If you’d like 3 full punchboards, while we usually don’t sell them, we aren’t often asked to sell them. So we could work that out. Feel free to e-mail me about it at Thanks! It will be helpful if you let me know your location (by country) in your message.

      1. Actually, after reviewing your site, I think I’ll just get the wooden stars instead. fixes my missing component issue, and essentially provides a pretty upgrade for the game. Nice.

        Thanks for your prompt reply, hope your future projects go well.

  112. Good morning. I filled out the form a few days ago. I have net heard anything since then. How do I know that the missing piece has been sent out?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Gary,

      I am so sorry. I just realized that I haven’t been getting any WordPress comment notifications since July 2, so I did not know about this comment until just now when I realized it was happening. We’ve already chatted elsewhere about this, but we did receive your request, and it was shipped last Tuesday.


  113. Hi Jeremy, I just purchased your game of Euphoria, and discovered that one of the artifact cards was missing when I was doing an inventory of components. I am missing one “BALLOON” Artifact card from the set of 6. I only received 5 instead.. Could you please send me a replacement card, it would be appreciated. I also, just backed your Tuscany Kickstarter as well and opted for the $79.00 level, getting the Base game, and the Expansion. Could not afford the $99.00 level, on strict gaming budget.

    Thank you so much!

  114. I sent this on KS, but apparently I should have done so here?
    My red “X1 X2 X3” platter seems to have sustained adhesive damage (something glued to it then removed) at the factory. How can I go about getting a new one of those?

  115. Hi jamey!

    My copy arrived today at it looks amazing! However, it’s missing one white die…can I get a replacement?

    Thanks in advance, enjoy the holidays,


    PS – Congrats on your successes with Stonemaier!

    1. Jamey,

      I filled out the form way back when, but I’m still waiting. can you let me know what I should next do to get the white die I’m missing?

      1. Hi Steve, I just searched for your name on the spreadsheet, and I’m not seeing any results. Could you please submit it the form and we’ll send it right away? We always send pieces within a few days of receiving a request. Thanks!

    2. Hi there Jamey, I’ve played two full games of sythe so far and my friends and I love it. However the bad came missing the leader for the Nordic faction. Is it possible to replace?

    3. I! I bought a new game of Wingspan. It seems to be missing the purple player tokens and some of the plastic trays. I have sent a form, but haven’t heard anything.


      1. Tommy: You placed your request on June 1. After you submitted the form, you were taken to a screen that said if you didn’t receive anything after 10-14 days, you could contact us. Mark shipped your request to you on June 4.

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