Are You a Euphorian, Subterran, Wastelander, or Icarite?

5 June 2013 | 6 Comments

In the dystopian world of Euphoria, there are four different factions with different motives, objectives, and weaknesses. Where do you fit into this world? Find out in our personality assessment below, and choose your allegiance in the poll at the bottom of the page.

Euphorians: The Euphorians live in a golden city, churning out energy to power their skyscrapers. You know you’re a Euphorian if you love pretty things that have no function other than aesthetic charm–jewelry, collector’s edition DVDs, golden statues, etc. If you’re a Euphorian, you believe in changing the world by building new things, not relying on the old–you’d love to build your own house someday. And if you’re a Euphorian, you are often at the whim of your emotions–when you’re feeling good, you can do anything; when you’re feeling down, you can’t focus at work at all.


Subterrans: The Subterrans live underground in a secret city of pipes and gears, tapping into the water supply and expanding their empire by carving stone from the earth. You know you’re a Subterran if you’re a night owl–Subterrans thrive in the dark. If you’re a Subterran, you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, especially about other people. If you’re a Subterran, you’re good with your hands–you may not know exactly how your toilet works, but you’re pretty good at fixing it (sometimes with duct tape).

sub_group copy

Wastelanders: The Wastelanders live in the remnants of the old world, spending their days sifting through trash heaps and nurturing orange groves. You know you’re a Wastelander if you’re a huge history buff–you not only love reading about the past, but also actually going to historical landmarks and hunting for relics from the past. If you’re a Wastelander, you’ve made or sewn at least one piece of clothing that you wear on a regular basis–you might even be a hipster. And if you’re a wastelander, you love gardening–even if you live in an apartment, you grow your own herbs.

wa_group test

Icarites: The Icarites hover above the rest of the world in their green-tinted zeppelins. They are traders at heart–you know you’re an Icarite if you’ve been known to trade Christmas presents or Halloween candy with your siblings (and you always get the better end of the deal). Icarites aren’t afraid of heights–in fact, if you’re an Icarite, you’ve probably gone sky diving or bungee jumping at some point.  And if you’re an Icarite, you like to remain a little mysterious, even to your closest friends. You like for people to tell you secrets, but you’re rarely the one to share your secrets with others.

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6 Comments on “Are You a Euphorian, Subterran, Wastelander, or Icarite?

    1. Thank you very much!

      I really appreciate the quick response. I may be a couple days getting the pocket change for the extra ten dollars and figuring out how to set up a kickstarter but this is worth it.

  1. I really love the game but I thought that the immortalize feature would just get the person’s name on the card; the photos look sort of out of place to me and I felt like the blank faces had a very omnious and dystopian effect, this feels sort of silly in comparison.

    I intend to pledge once I get my next pay cheque but this has sort of put me on the edge; is there a way to get printed cards with more abstrated art like in the printable rules? And is this the final art for the cards?

  2. Is this the final ratios of faces to figures?

    Some people seem to wear their hats rather high up?

    For left euphorian the front make it look tall and slim somehow so I would expect a slightly smaller head. Like maybe if that and number five could change places or the third from the right but I guess it would be hard to fit the cap onto the hair :)

    Some fit very well like the second to the right (and also the one to the very most right.

    I haven’t followed the pledge levels but I think it’s very cool that people got in so easily recognized.

    Blue ones fit very well! Many nice ones, was people shooting photos in various poses? Sending old photos? Second right look awesome!

    Yellow ones fit rather well to :), second one from the left looks very natural :)

    lol @ green – totally the coolest =P

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