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  1. I first heard of it by browsing Bgg, I believe it was on the hot list, then I’ve seen it in a few of the other listed places.
    I think that might be a common option you’re missing right now…

  2. I’m very excited to have backed one of your games and can’t wait to try it at work with my lunch time game group!

  3. Chose “heard about the game from a friend” because that is the nearest answer. My friend is a supporter of Jamey’s work and has both Viticulture and Euphoria.

  4. I marked down both the “fan of Ben Rossett” and “fan of Matthew O’Malley” choices, but I also wanted to put a shout out for the Unpub process. I’ve gotten to know both Ben and Matthew via various Unpub events (and other events) – and when I played Between Two Cities at Unpub 5, I was sold on it.

  5. While I said I heard of Between Two Cities because of a BGG ad, that’s the one option you gave that was closest to how I heard about it. I heard about it because I subscribe to User: jameystegmaier on BGG, and anything posted, mentioned or hinted at from or about him, I see and investigate. So that’s how I actually heard about it. Once there was a video review of it, I watched it to see what the game was about, and decided to back it based on how the game appeared to play.

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