Coins and Victory Points

6 August 2012 | No Comments

We have an exciting update from our designer–the designs for the coins and victory points are complete. Let’s start with the coins.

We’re going for a clean, classic look with the coins. The game is set in old-world Tuscany, so we based on the coins on Italian Lira. The actual coins in the game will be made out of thick cardboard, and there will be two types: silver (1 lira) and gold (5 lira).

However, the coin you see on the left will be represent the cost and benefits of various actions throughout the game. If you have a worker give a vineyard tour, he might earn 3 lira for you. If you have him build a tasting room, it will cost you 7 lira for the supplies and labor. And so on.

The other completed design we have today is the victory point icon. Yes, victory points: staples of strategy games everywhere. In Viticulture, victory points represent the status and acclaim of your vineyard. They’re a quantifiable measure of your success.

We wanted the victory point icon to be similar in size and shape to the coins, but distinct enough that there’s no confusing the two at a quick glance. Thus we textured the outside of the victory point and made the color a distinctive purple, the color of royalty

We actually used the color green for victory points during playtesting, but we realized recently that green is already a primary color in the game for other purposes, and we didn’t want to confuse people. So much of game design is making sure the game is as intuitive as possible.

We should have lots of new designs and the board game art coming in this week–stay tuned!

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