Collaboration and Itemized Rewards: Kickstarter’s Latest Improvements

14 June 2016 | 8 Comments

Have you ever wanted help on your Kickstarter project, but you didn’t want other people logging into your Kickstarter account? Or have you ever wanted a way to create bulleted lists of items within the reward sidebar instead of a big block of text?

If so, you’re in luck. Kickstarter recently rolled out two new features. I’ll talk about them in brief today, as they don’t require much explanation.


The next time you start a Kickstarter project, you’ll see an option at the bottom of the Basics tab that says “Project Collaborators”:


When you click the blue button, you’ll go to a page where you can invite collaborators to help you run the project. They don’t have the same access you have–for example, they can’t change the link to your bank account or credit card–but you have the ability to pick and choose several key tasks to take the pressure off you:


If you expand all, you’ll be to get even more specific with what the collaborator can or cannot do. Here are the 6 options:

  • Collaborator can make edits to your project’s basic info, story, rewards, and Spotlight page.
  • Collaborator can manage project FAQs.
  • Collaborator can draft and publish project updates.
  • Collaborator can comment and mark comments as spam.
  • Collaborator can view backing activity and access the backer report.
  • Collaborator can manage surveys, add notes to backings, and mark backings as delivered.

This option remains available until the campaign ends.

I think I’m most excited about collaborators being able to comment in an official capacity. It will give them more authority in answering questions, and it will help backers skim comments for what the creator/collaborators have said:


I think the other capabilities will be really helpful for teams of people trying to run a Kickstarter campaign together. Which feature are you most excited about?

Itemized Rewards

The newest feature on the Reward tab (thanks to Jason Tagmire for alerting me to this) is the option to “Add an item”:


This is awesome. Lists are inherently easier for people to parse, so the ability to add a list of items to each reward description instead of a big block of text is huge.

For example, here’s how Scythe’s Art Connoisseur pledge level looked back in November:


Here’s what it would look like now using the new itemized feature:


That’s just a quick mockup. I’d probably try to keep each bulleted description to 1 line of text and maybe limit the bullets to 7 total (though I like the freedom of detail the list format provides).

Kickstarter makes it easy to move items within the list, and you can duplicate the entire reward before editing it for a different reward.

My recommendation for these lists is keep the list in the same order from reward to reward, listing the unique items at the top so backers can easily identify the differences. The Collector’s Edition of Scythe doesn’t have the art book, so that’s what I listed right at the top.


What do you think of these new features?

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8 Comments on “Collaboration and Itemized Rewards: Kickstarter’s Latest Improvements

  1. Oh man I wish they had these features when we ran Ghostel! I still get people sending me messages on FB/Twitter about KS messages that “I” sent them, even though it was my partner Bevan using my account at the time. (my wife had just given birth, he took over the campaign for me!). Luckily he usually ended the messages with his name so people knew they were coming from him in my account!

    Fantastic new features, will make a huge difference for teams.

  2. These changes are going to be huge! I’m especially excited for the collaborators option as it lends itself quite nicely to running something similar to your ambassador program. Do you know if you have any control over their avatar or would it simply be provide them with the one you want them to use and then hope they do so? I think I’m going to go and update my reward list right now :)

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