Scams, Fraud, and Counterfeits: What We’ve Learned So Far

16 April 2020 | 25 Comments

Recently I mentioned in our 2019 stakeholder report that “2019 was a string of unfortunate events involving a prolonged series of threats, harassment, attempts at character assassination, and triangulation fraud.” While I don’t want to provide more ammunition to the person behind all of that, I’m worried that some of these techniques might be used […]

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The Upsides and Downsides to Easter Eggs

13 April 2020 | 4 Comments

Recently I was watching animated Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame for the first time. Early in the movie, Megan exclaimed, “Wait, go back a few seconds–that’s Belle!” Sure enough, the star of Beauty and the Beast appears on the streets of Paris for a moment during an overhead shot. Personally, I love […]

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Quick Kickstarter Lesson Recaps: #21-25

9 April 2020 | No Comments

I continue to revisit the Kickstarter Lesson posts I’ve written over the last 8 years in chronological order, highlighting the core elements of each.   Kicktraq (#21): tracks Kickstarters and predicts the final funding. For the most part, I just think it’s important for project creators to be aware of it. But I also […]

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What Are Your Thoughts on Anniversary Editions?

6 April 2020 | 47 Comments

On a recent Facebook Livecast, someone asked me what I thought about anniversary editions of tabletop games. I had a few off-the-cuff remarks, but it isn’t a topic I’ve thought about much, so I thought I’d explore it more in detail today. While I’ll focus on games in this article, some of these concepts could […]

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Here’s What Happens When You Release Real Products on April Fools Day

2 April 2020 | 15 Comments

Yesterday when we announced two new silly–but very real–products on April Fools Day, something that should have been obvious quickly became clear: People don’t believe much of anything you tell them on April 1. Despite a wealth of evidence that our chocolate-colored candy egg trays and custom magnifying glass were real–videos and photos showing the […]

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Kinship in a Time of Self-Isolation

30 March 2020 | 9 Comments

“How is Zoom any different than Google Hangouts?” This is a question I pondered recently when the world switched over to remote connections and I started hearing Zoom all over the place. I realized that what may be obvious to other people may not be obvious to me, and maybe there are others like me, […]

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Is Now an Okay Time to Launch a Kickstarter Campaign?

26 March 2020 | 29 Comments

Before I jump into the topic of today’s article, I’d like to share the big news that Charterstone Digital releases today! This full-AI app from Acram Digital is available on iOS and Steam (and Android later today), and you can play against the app or against other humans. It’s been really neat to see my […]

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The Profound Impact of Launch Day Timing on Kickstarter

23 March 2020 | 12 Comments

Does the day of the week impact your spending habits? Specifically in regards to crowdfunding, this is a question that researcher Jun Yang is trying to answer. Jun and her coauthors have been studying millions of data points from Kickstarter as they prepare a paper focusing on some statistical anomalies. Jun works at Indiana University, […]

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10 Ways to Be a Better Leader in a Crisis

19 March 2020 | 26 Comments

When times get tough, how do you take care of your employees, customers, family/friends, contractors, yourself, and others? Great leaders are often defined by how they respond in a crisis. Yesterday I watched a short video on CNN featuring Top Chef producer Tom Colicchio. I generally agree with Tom, but I was dismayed by these […]

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The Marketing of Love and Partners

16 March 2020 | 7 Comments

Have you ever bought something because you thought your significant other might like it? As I’ve talked about on this blog over the last year, I’ve been intentionally single for most of Stonemaier Games’ existence (2012-2020). That changed last year when I started dating Megan. Since then, I’ve found myself considering her when I buy […]

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