7 Quick Links and Observations About Kickstarter, Games, and More

3 February 2020 | 5 Comments

Largely thanks to notes from an array of astute readers, I’ve accumulated a batch of links and observations that are best shared in potpourri format. They’re noted below in no particular order. Are Kickstarted Games Less Likely to Get to the Table? On a recent episode of the Five Games for Doomsday podcast, we talked […]

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Quick Kickstarter Lesson Recaps: #11-15

30 January 2020 | No Comments

I continue to revisit the Kickstarter Lesson posts I’ve written over the last 7 years in numerical order, highlighting the core elements of each.   Stretch Goals (#11): Most successful Kickstarters include stretch goals for a couple reasons, (a) they encourage backers to pledge more and (b) they encourage backers to share your project with […]

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Could a Designer Use Kickstarter to Demonstrate Proof of Concept?

27 January 2020 | 15 Comments

Let’s say that you have a product; in this example, we’ll say it’s a board game. You’ve worked on it for a few years, and while you’d prefer for someone else to publish it–you love designing games, but you don’t want to start and run a game company–you want to demonstrate to a publisher that […]

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The 5-Minute Business Plan (and a Confession About Ours)

23 January 2020 | 16 Comments

Way back in 2011, I sat down at my desk with a vision that had been forming over the last few months: I wanted to design a game and try to launch it on Kickstarter. This is the point when many entrepreneurs compose their business plan. But I’m glad I didn’t, because I had no […]

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The Wingspansion Charity Scramble and BackerKit Launch

20 January 2020 | 15 Comments

For several weeks now, wildfires have ravaged certain parts of Australia. The most recent report I’ve seen is that 15.4 million acres have burned, 1400 homes have been destroyed, and an estimated 1 billion animals have been killed. At Stonemaier Games, we typically don’t reveal information about new products until we’ve already made them and […]

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Is “Return to Dark Tower” a Perfect Kickstarter Project?

16 January 2020 | 20 Comments

Return to Dark Tower by Restoration Games is, in my opinion, a nearly perfect Kickstarter project. It’s not just that the project is doing well–it’s exceeded $2 million after 2 days–nor is it just that it gets so many of the fundamentals right. It’s also that Return to Dark tower refines, innovates, and implements a […]

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The Business of Staying in Touch (KS Lesson #272)

13 January 2020 | 9 Comments

A few months ago, my girlfriend and I bought a condo. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone through the home-buying process, but fortunately we had an attentive, helpful realtor (Paul at Allen Brake). Ever since we moved in, Paul has stayed in touch with us in non-intrusive ways: He sent us personalized notes […]

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Google Voice Is Exactly What I Needed (KS Lesson #271)

9 January 2020 | 9 Comments

Every now and then, I get a phone call from a Stonemaier Games customer. This is particularly odd, because my company doesn’t have a phone number; rather, I have a personal cell phone, and I don’t use it for customer service. As it turns out, if you run an ecommerce store (e.g., Shopify) or you […]

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Starbucks Rewards as Stretch Goals (Business Brilliance #18)

6 January 2020 | 6 Comments

Thanks to my frequent trips to local coffee shops to treat my girlfriend to her morning brew, I’ve started to enjoy small doses of lattes on occasion. As a pleasant side effect, I’ve also discovered that several of these cafes offer rewards programs. Before I go any further, I’m sorry for the completely random post […]

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