Euphoria: Build a Better Kickstarter Video

10 May 2013 | 8 Comments

We took a very different approach to the Euphoria Kickstarter video than we did with the one we filmed for Viticulture. The Viticulture film was a whimsical take on the movie Sideways that barely showed the game. We received some constructive feedback during the campaign from backers who wanted more game and less whimsy, so I created a second video during the campaign that described gameplay step by step.

For Euphoria, I considered following the whimsy trend with a play on the trailer for The Hunger Games. But I looked back at some of the Kickstarter videos that have drawn me in the most over the last few months, and the one that jumps out at me is the trailer for Kingdom Death: Monster. It isn’t a perfect video–it’s way too long–nor did I even back the project, but from the first few words of the trailer, I was completely entranced. I wanted to know more. It was the story that drew me in.

So combining my reaction to that video and the feedback from the Viticulture video, I made the Euphoria trailer part story, part gameplay. What you see below isn’t quite the entire trailer–the final trailer includes a 15-second clip at the beginning of Alan and I saying hi (I think some face time with the project creators is important). But everything else is what you see below. I put it together on my iPad. Also, notably, it features a song that a friend wrote and recorded specifically for Euphoria. You can find the full song with words here.

What do you think?

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8 Comments on “Euphoria: Build a Better Kickstarter Video

  1. Looks stupendous. It also gives more of a look at the actual components and board than your other media, enough without being a total giveaway. I’m hoping there’s an early backer level I can grab, since I doubt I have the budget to back it otherwise. Looking forward to 5/15

    1. Thank you! The game will retail at $70, and I was going to have a $49 early bird and a $55 unlimited price…but then I decided just to make every game the early bird price. So every copy will be $49 (free shipping and customs for backers in the US, Canada, and the EU).

      1. Thanks for doing that – so often designers try (and succeed) to make great Gateway games, but then the price is anything but a Gateway price. For a lot of people entering the hobby, “rules”, “jargon”, and “Euro” are not the barriers, cost is. And I don’t mean, “As opposed to a video game”, I mean, “As opposed to eating for a week”.

  2. Beautiful artwork. Was that a tiny homage to Viticulture I spied in there? …a rare object of leisure, indeed!

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