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17 April 2013 | 13 Comments


UPDATE: We appreciate all the votes, and the winner is clear. Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia it is!

The tagline for our upcoming game, Euphoria, reads as follows: A dystopian cityscape awaits your leadership as you make strategic choices to construct buildings, strengthen allegiances, and expand your empire in this thematic game.

We’re currently trying to select the subtitle that will accompany the word “Euphoria” on the game box and the Kickstarter campaign, which will launch on May 15. Which subtitle works best for the game? Please vote below–your vote matters!


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13 Comments on “Euphoria Subtitle Poll

  1. I voted for The Strategic Game of Dystopian Control, but I’m not entirely convinced about any of them. As Portos said, I like the idea of dropping “strategic” to make the sub-title shorter, but I guess you are hoping to give people an idea of the type of game they’re looking at by having “strategic” in there.

  2. “Building a Better Dystopia” has many levels to it. It garnered instant interest from me – I wanted to know more. I think it’s because it has many levels to it:
    It’s catchy, it feels like a company slogan that’s more honest than it would be in reality – it reads like a Philip K Dick title, it’s paradoxical nature is what gives it interest and mystery – it’s a wonderful hook. I think you nailed it with that one!

  3. I think the paradox of “building a better dystopia” is what makes it an effective hook. It’s what grabbed me in the first place when the game was spoiled and I didn’t know anything about it’s mechanisms/rules.

    Like Jamey said, “better” need not mean “more positive.”

  4. I voted “The Strategic Game of Dystopian Control”.

    But I would change “the strategic game of…” in favor of something else (as much as I like that it keeps the wording pattern as Viticulture). I think just dropping a word an making it “The Game of Dystopian Control” makes it more punchy.

    I didn’t vote for “Build a Better Dystopia” for the same reason as Amira.. “better” is way too positive of a term for a dystopia…

    But I have yet to see any gameplay so I don’t know if these suggestions fit the spirit of the game!

  5. My husband Will suggests – Euphoria: Creating Your Tomorrow.

    His reasoning: The game is you are playing in a Dystopian world, however the key element of that is that your workers need to feel like they’re in a Utopia. So if you want to keep the mystique of having the future world in this balance between the two, I feel it’s thematically stronger simply to allude to the fact that you’re building in the future, but what you’re building remains questionable.

    But if the word Dystopia is part the sales pitch then you’d want to stick to the wording as it is now.

  6. Maybe it’s just because you already said it somewhere, but I really like the “Build a Better Dystopia”. It’s catchy. And I did think of it in the way a egomaniac controlling those under him might think of the term “better”.

  7. I chose “Creating your Tomorrow” as reminiscent of a dystopia – it employs control and direction from an authority. After I selected it though and voted, it disappeared as a result!

  8. Interesting idea–I’m curious to hear what others think!

    A “better” dystopia doesn’t mean a better world…it means a more effective, efficient dystopia. :)

  9. What about just “Rule Your World”? The weird thing about “Build a Better dystopia” is that dystopias are by definition flawed and not great. So the idea of building a BETTER one is sort of strange. “Build Your Dystopia”? “Rule Your Dystopia”? “Dystopian Domination”?

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