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30 August 2012 | No Comments

I just communicated with my game box artist, Beth Sobel, and she already sent me three amazing options for the Viticulture box. These are just rough sketches–the final version will be in full color and much more detailed, but these represent the general look and feel. You can vote in the poll below the sketches for your favorite.



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  1. I like the third one. As far as I can tell, the game is about one person’s (the player’s) mission; so I like that it has just one person in it. And even though I know it’s rough, I wouldn’t want a lot of detail in that person, because the player should be able to identify with them.

  2. I like the middle one the best, for overall composition, but the other two also have some great features. The top box has the better orientation I think, and the lone vintner from the bottom could really balance out the visual weight of the middle box if he was reduced to half size, and put on the left (or just increasing the size of the workers slightly on the left that are already there.)

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