between two cities - up - englishBetween Two Cities is available from retailers and our online store. All copies include all stretch goals from the Kickstarter project.

What's in the Box post-KS


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  1. Not so good catch….I am trying to finalize order from yesterday for special edition…now you have fixed shipping and they are sold out …..

    1. I would say almost definitely yes, but it depends on our ability to deliver to backers before Essen. If we do, Between Two Cities will be available to buy at the Morning Players booth (and get it signed by the designers).

  2. […] Another one that missed its photo opp: Between Two Cities, which wrapped up its own Kickstarter last week. I brought my review prototype because it’s a great game for a wide range of players, and we had a good time along with it. Missed the Kickstarter? You still have actually time to place a pre-order. […]

  3. Hi Jamey- I haven’t yet received a link to the post-project survey to indicate how many games I want. Did I miss the link somewhere? I did not see it when I entered my credit card information.
    I did receive the Project Update #1 sent around 9:30 CST today

      1. Thanks for the clarification! I just noticed the sentence about the survey at the bottom of the Kickstarter thank you e-mail.

  4. Jamey, did you break Kickstarter? I just got your email, clicked on the link, and KS won’t load at all.
    If it was just you, I think that’s incredibly awesome. I’ll check tonight.

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