Charterstone will be available from retailers worldwide on December 12 (perhaps earlier, depending on your region). There is no Kickstarter, but you can order pre-order it through your preferred retailer or try to get it at Essen Spiel from Feuerland (German; pickup pre-order) or Matagot (English/French; pickup pre-order). The MSRP is $70 and the SKU is STM700.

The Charterstone Recharge Pack, which includes all components that are permanently altered in the first campaign, can be added to play a second campaign. The MSRP is $30 and the SKU is STM701.

Realistic resource tokens can be purchased for Charterstone from Top Shelf Gamer. Meeplesource also offers some custom accessories here.

In addition to English, the first print run features versions in the following languages:

  • Chinese: Surfin’ Meeple
  • French: Matagot
  • German: Feuerland (available for Essen pickup pre-order)
  • Italian: Ghenos
  • Portuguese (BR): Ludofy
  • Russian: Lavka Games
  • Spanish: Maldito

The second print run will add these languages:

  • Dutch: Chronicle Games
  • Hungarian: Delta Vision
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