second printingEuphoria is available from retailers everywhere and our online store! Also, this realistic resource pack is made to enhance your copy of Euphoria.

Euphoria is available locally in English, German, French, Russian, Brazilian, and Czech.


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  1. Hi Rory, I have an extra pack which I ordered, even though I got the 2nd edition and ultimately didn’t need them. I can sent them to you, if shipping is not too expensive. I am living in Europe.

    1. I’m actually in Canada so it would probably cost a small fortune to ship. Ordered from the website this morning. Thank you for your kind offer though.

    1. Sara: I’m sorry, but we’re all out of them. We should have more someday, though, as wooden stars come in the later printings of Euphoria (we currently don’t have replacement part stars, but if we make another printing, we’ll have more).

      1. Hi Jamey, Is there any update on the wooden stars for the first edition? Have been looking everywhere with no luck……

  2. Some people just don’t realize what goes into production. When a new edition comes out there may be changes. Like buying a new car or anything else, You get it and a new model comes out with better bells and whistles. That is just life the way it is

  3. What do you want him to pay to send wooden stars out to everyone who purchased the first edition? Come on man, that’s the board game industry. And no one put a knife to your throat demanding that you buy a game. I have been in the same situation, and it sucks. But, what do you expect? ….. Oh , I just realized maybe your upset about the 14 dollar price tag on the wooden stars. That does seem steep.

    1. I’m not upset, I’m “mildly annoyed.” And yes, it’s about the comparative costs/values to achieve parity between the two printings. I did buy the Treasure Chest to augment my standard edition, 1st printing copy of Euphoria: because I liked the resource bits in the Kickstarter Deluxe edition but missed the Kickstarter (and those were the only two options… early backer or after market). But $14.00 for 60 wooden bits seemed too expensive to me (and now even more so, since purchasers of the 2nd Printing get those $14 worth(?) of bits included in the same price I paid without them). So I’m annoyed because the path to parity isn’t fairly priced (or fair, IMO) and I’m sharing my customer feedback on a forum designed for that purpose in the hope that “come on man, that’s the board game industry” might not be our experience in the future.

      1. Custom wood tokens aren’t cheap. These are 60 tokens, 8mm thick, and based on their manufacturing cost, $14 is the correct retail price.

        I hear your feedback, but keep in mind that we didn’t even need to sell the wooden stars as their own thing. It’s not exactly a profitable endeavor. But we decided to do so to give first-printing owners like you a chance to have the coins. If you don’t think we should do things like that in the future, let me know, but I consider it a good thing that we chose to put our own money on the line to offer that option to people like you.

  4. Mildly annoying that the 2nd Printing of Euphoria includes the Wooden Authority Stars that anyone who owns the 1st Printing has to purchase separately for $14.00. And since both printings were offered at the same MSRP, it makes me, as an early customer, feel like I got a bad deal and am aesthetically disadvantaged with my game, compared to latecomers (unless I pay more after the fact to remediate).

  5. Hey Jamey just wondering how much euphoria is, I’m located in the U.S and was looking to get one shipped to me. One more question can I play it right away or are there expansion packs i would need for 4 or 5 players. Thanks again.

    1. Zack: Euphoria is $70, but you should be able to order it from online stores or your local game store next week (we’re not selling it directly). Euphoria is a complete game for 2-6 players out of the box.

      1. Hi Jamey,
        Glad to hear Euphoria is about to hit the shelves. What happened to letting Kickstarter supporters know in advance so we can order early? I really want to get a copy for my son before his birthday arrives next month. Any chance of finding out where to get the game locally or online in time?

    1. Carolyn: I wish I had a list like that! Unfortunately I don’t. However, Euphoria will be available to all major distributors, so if you ask your local game store to stock it, they will be able to order it for you.

  6. My pals and I are hosting San Antonio’s TableTop day. Do you know if Euphoria will be available before April 11? We want to demo it as our featured Euro (we’ve already got a Treasure Chest).

  7. Just received my copy of Euphoria second edition. It is gorgeous! Thank You! I really wanted to thank you for including extra plastic baggies. That is one of the most thoughtful things I’ve ever seen in a board game. Little things like that mean a lot! Thnaks so much!

      1. Angela: Thanks for asking about this. We actually only sold Euphoria directly to customers during the pre-order, which ended on January 10. So the best way for you to get it would be to request it from a local retailer when it’s available for distribution in March. If you don’t have a local retailer, it will be available through online stores like Miniature Market and Cool Stuff.

        Just a note, if you back our projects on Kickstarter, we charge very little for shipping to Asia because we ship directly from China.

    1. Carlos: The shipment should arrive in St. Louis any day now for me to sign the games, and they’ll ship out right away. I’m waiting on an official date from my shipping company–I’ll update you all by e-mail when I have it.

  8. Do you know how long the premium Game Trays will available? If I just buy a normal version of the game now, will I have the option in a few months to still buy a Game Tray for it, if I wish?

    1. Eric: Absolutely! They’re not going anywhere. You may have different color choices at that point, and it will be a little more expensive since it’ll ship by itself, but you can definitely wait until later to get the trayz.

  9. Is it still possible to get the wooden authority stars somewhere? I had to get Euphoria without them and I backed the Treasure Chest (Can’t WAIT!!! :) ) And I should have added the stars, but at the time, I hadn’t played it yet. Now, of course, I am coveting those beautiful little stars :)

  10. Hello. My name is Patricia and I am from Spain. I must tell you that THIS is really the very best game that I have seen since I started to play games. The idea of the game, the design, materials, Everything is excellent. I’ve been playing every month since last may and I play it with the same ilussion than the first day. The one that you are already selling is the same that I bought last year? (the kickstarter edition) or this one includes other materials? I would like to buy another one for a present. Thank you.
    Sorry but my english.

    1. Hi Patricia, thanks so much for your kind words about Euphoria. The second printing of Euphoria (which includes wooden stars but not the fancy Kickstarter resource tokens) is actually currently available in Europe. You should be able to get it from your local game store (if not, you can contact Morning Players, our European production partner, about where you can get a copy). Thanks!

  11. Hey Jamey,

    Any update on the distribution status of Euphoria? I’ve been reaching out to my local game stores and none have received any update on the second printing.


    1. Cameron: Thanks for your question. Due to an error at the printer (Ludofact didn’t put the right number of resource tokens in the game), there is a delay while they make the additional resources. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll receive the next printing until January. I’m sorry it’s taking so long!

  12. Hi Jamey, I would love to get hold of a copy of Euphoria and also don’t have a local games store. Being able to buy one direct from you would be brilliant I do hope you make this possible. thanks

    1. Hi Sly: I’m sure we can work something out when the time comes. Several retailers will offer the game online (Amazon, CoolStuff, Miniature Market, etc), so you could get it from them too. We just won’t be offering our standard style of shipping from various fulfillment centers around the world on this game, as it’s a reprint that we’re just going to put back into general distribution.

  13. Is the second printing any different from the first besides the different languages? Also, are you still on track from the release of second edition to be in november?

    1. Lindsey: That’s a good question. This printing of Euphoria is a bit unique (or at least new to us) because our plan is to solely sell it to distributors. However, you bring up a great point that not everyone is near a local game store. I think what we’ll do is let newsletter subscribers know when we have the games in stock, and you’ll be able to order them directly from us a few days before we release them to distributors. So stay tuned! :)

  14. Hello!

    I read somewhere that a French version of the game was being done, with a release due for this Summer. How is it going? Is it still in production? I look forward to playing it in my language si I can bring it to more friends!


    1. Thanks for your question! Yes, we’ve partnered with Morning Players to produce Czech, French, and German versions of Euphoria, all due out in October. You’ll be able to get a copy from your local game store in France. Thanks!

  15. Thank you Jamey for the quick reply. My gaming group got really excited about the game, after listening to The Secret Cabal and the Pegs. Can you tell us the name of your european production partner?

    Allt the best, Martin

  16. Are you and your games present at Essen this year? I am strongly considering to order Euphoria otherwise… (or wait until you release the component kit later this year).

    1. Martin: It’s up in the air as to whether or not I’ll be at Essen, but my European production partner is definitely going to be there with plenty of copies of Euphoria.

      The “component kit” is actually a treasure chest of realistic resource tokens available for any number of games. Euphoria isn’t related to that Kickstarter campaign.

  17. Hello,

    Is Euphoria going to be locally manufactured or distributed in Europe? In any foreseeable future?


    1. Mathieu: We do have a European production partner who will be making foreign-language versions of the retail Euphoria in 2014. All English versions of Euphoria will continue to be produced in China by Stonemaier Games.

    1. Matija: I used Amazon multi-channel fulfillment for the EU, although for some reason they don’t use Croatia. However, the only remaining copies of Euphoria are in the US, so I have to send them to Europe from here.

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  19. Hi James! What about the new upgraded materials for who has bounght the retail version of the game you talked about some months ago? When will they be ready? Sadly I’ve discovered Euphoria too late, so I had to buy the retail version..but it’s my favourite game for sure…I wish i had join the kickstarter campaign…the Deluxe version is simply great! I know the new mats won’t be the same as for the Kickstarter backers, but I ‘d really like to upgrade the actual ones i own!

  20. Hello, I would like to know if there are versions of the game in other languages​​, because I would buy it if it existed in Spanish. Thank you for your attention.

          1. Unfortunately Morning Players couldn’t find a distributor in Spain to commit to 1000 copies, so this print run won’t include Spanish. Hopefully the next print run will!

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