Rolling Realms

Rolling Realms

game design by Jamey Stegmaier | box art Miles Bensky

An infinitely scaling roll-and-write game inspired by all other Stonemaier games.

infinite players | 30 minutes | ages 8+

Download Version 10

(1 page per person)

Digital Format

(created by Justin Dwyer)

In the middle of the coronavirus, a time of self-isolation for many people, Jamey decided to create an infinitely scaling roll-and-write game to teach and play with people around the world via Facebook Live. Originally called Nine Worlds (until Jamey learned that there’s already a game with that name), Rolling Realms features 9 minigames, each inspired by a different Stonemaier Game. You use 3 of these realms per round over 3 rounds.

Rolling Realms is free to download and play, whether it’s with Jamey live, against Jamey in the past (see playthroughs on YouTube), or against your friends (in person or remotely). It’s a living game with Jamey’s rudimentary graphic design that will continue to evolve, and it wasn’t created with the intent of mass production.

If you can’t print it, Justin Dwyer has created a digital version available for free here.

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments (here or on BoardGameGeek).

Past and present versions are found in this folder, along with a packaged InDesign file if you want to tweak our realms or make your own for other games! There’s also a randomizer created by Nathan Sullivan here and an FAQ by Rob Pettit. Here’s an interview about it with 1-2 Punchboard. Also, thanks to Ollie Holliday for thinking of the game name!

A fellow designer, Seth Jaffee, has created his own version of Rolling Realms inspired by games he’s designed. You can download and play Jaffee Realms here.

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348 Comments on “Rolling Realms

  1. Re: poll – i think you’re overthinking it. The retail version should contain a pad of paper and a rulebook/faq, and go for $5 to $10 MSRP. The goal should be to get it out to people who might not have stumbled upon it on their own (wider audience), or who might not have access or desire to print their own sheets. It should also contain a promo insert describing the games that the 9 realms are based on. And of course it should contain a link to print more game sheets if the players run out.

    I think an online version would be really neat also, similar to games like Fortnite or Apex Legends with 50+ players at the same time. People could drop in and play anytime and see how they score against everyone else in realtime.

    1. Hi Mark! We’re currently always planning on keeping printable version available, so it’s pretty accessible. And we’re talking about making a product that matches our typical production level, plus it’ll be expandable (for instance including Pendulum).

      And you have a great idea about an online version of Rolling Realms. We’re contacting a developer about that now! :)

      1. Thanks for the reply Joe! Yes it is perfectly accessible to us who know about it, but the average person wjo walks into a game store or buys games online isn’t going to find it. That is what I meant by accessible.

  2. Quick question… if you gain an extra die with coins, can you then use three pumpkins to adjust it and use it in an already used realm? Thanks for your help!

  3. Sorry, one rule I need clarification on. I understand I have to use both dice if I can, but Am I allowed to create a die with coins and use it in such a way that makes one of the rolled dice unplayable? For example: let’s say Scythe is one of my realms this round but I have filled it all. I roll 3 and 5, both of which are playable in each of the other realms. Can I create a 1 die using one coin, place it in one of the other two non-Scythe realms, making one of the dice unplayable, or am I required to use the 3 and the 5?

    1. Perry: That’s an interesting edge case, and I would probably say that if you create a die and in doing so make it impossible to use one of the rolled dice, that’s a legal play.

  4. Interesting that this game is gearing toward print copy, although I think even at the lower mark of $20, it seems to be pricey in compare to other R&W game such as Welcome to/Railroad Ink/Cartographer, since they all have unique custom dice/cards/art drawing

    Been playing this about 10 more time ever since Justin released the digital version (probably now I have about 20+ games in now) and I think after around 15 games, the mechanic starts to plateau, eventually it feels samey… especially mechanic wise for each realm. It feels like there need to be part of the game that is “not here” in each game, as of now, all 9 realms and each mechanic is always “here” each game. Interaction between each realm is also somewhat lacking, the only few one that interacts is “Between two city” and “Little Scythe”

    My suggestion is, if somehow each realm are “Dual sided”. Even if each side is only slightly different (-think Tapestry layout is different each side). This would kinda solve the first issue I mention, there’s a bit of the game that are missing each time, thus creating game very different each time. This also mitigate the samey’ness that will start creeping up after about 10 games.

    I also think more interaction between realm would hugely benefit the longevity of this game. As of now, it feels like the 3 realm per round is just 3 separate entity. I think if some realm can interacts more, it would adds more intricacy and allow more option. As of now, it feels like option is mostly one-path, you kinda know there is an optimal path each time (example, Tapestry you definitely want 6’s there, or how you want to use all the 1-coin power in B2C)

    Last suggestion I’ve found playing this game is that perhaps, like the dual-side realm idea, maybe even the pumpkin/heart/coin ability could be different each game too! Imagine one game the hearts now acts completely different, and the next game heart is something else… I am pretty sure by having different power ability, it will change up game massively

    anyways, thanks for this game Stonemaiergames, I think during the worst time of our era, this game (along many other free game from other people) help us keep our mind off just enough to maintain sanity

  5. Just played v10 and everyone enjoyed it. Question: are there realms where you can play 2 dice in the same realm, and if so which ones? Unclear for euphoria, b2castles, and my little scythe. If so, then it should clearly state in the rules on the page. Question 2: the euphoria doubles rule that lets you mark both sides. Does this use up both dice or just one?

    1. Mark: Thanks for playing! You may not use 2 dice on any realm on the same turn (that’s a global rule). In Euphoria, you are marking the same number twice, not using 2 dice.

  6. A suggestion for the retail version:

    – A set of 10 cards inside an envelope
    – You can write on the cards with erasable marker pens
    – One card has main rules on both sides
    – Other nine cards have a realm in each
    – On the other side of each realm card is a place to mark down your bonuses
    – When you play, you choose three realms and use the back of a fourth one for bonuses
    – The set of 10 cards costs only $3
    – You’d buy as many sets as you have players (eg. 3 sets if you’re a group of three, $9)
    – You must provide your own dice and marker pens
    – If new realms are added later, they can be just single cards that you can get as add-ons with other orders

    1. Thanks! That’s pretty close to what we’re looking into with our manufacturer (the card system). Though it would be playable out of the box with at least 6 players, including markers and dice.

      1. honestly I really like the print and play, and the fact that it gets updated from time to time. Wondering how a ‘sand’ realm might work its way in – an ignored realm, or a ‘super round 3’ with 4 realms and more turns.

        Would love if the print n play was 2 files though – 1 sheet for the game, and 1 page for rules/faq

  7. Hi Jamey! What’s the tiebreaker in the case that two or more players tie for most stars+decimals? Thanks!

  8. Hi Jamey. Have enjoyed playing this game remotely with friends during lockdown. We laminated our sheets at v7 (the original v7!) so have been playing that version. However, we have been keeping an eye on the developments waiting for the definitive version! My favourite realms are Tapestry, Viticulture and Between Two Castles (I like the version where you can place two numbers in that realm). Just seen the survey on whether I’d buy a physical copy. Probably not. But I would pay a few dollars for a PnP definitive copy of the rules!

    1. V10 of My Little Scythe says “Gain 1 Star (a) if you’ve earned total of 7 pumpkins, (b) if you’ve earned a total of 7 hearts, and (c) per pair of matching #s between the areas.”

      So there are 3 ways to earn stars:
      (a.) When you’ve earned a total of 7 pumpkins, from any source, earn 1 star.
      (b.) When you’ve earned a total of 7 hearts, from any source, earn 1 star.
      (c.) Now looking in the My Little Scythe area, you have two hexes surrounded by numbers. As an example, if you cross off the 3 on the heart-hex and the 3 on the pumpkin-hex, you gain a star. This is a matching number between the two areas. You can earn more than 1 star in this way, with other number pairs (but you can’t earn more than 5 stars total in My Little Scythe).

  9. Sweetness! A digital version! Thanks Justin Dwyer (and Seth Jaffee for suggesting a roller)

    Haven’t check this place for awhile and I’m glad I did so. Played a handful more games today, since unfortunately we’re still under lock down here…

    Anyways, it’s more edvident that v10 Scythe is too easy now after playing today. The concept of gaining a bonus and using a bonus to gain a star seem to be flawed somewhat… I don’t think I ever just spend resource to cross off just the bottom row… I think maybe I did once only because I crossed off the top die# earlier because during that time I had nothing else to cross off

    …. Shrug

    1. I’ve tried doubling the resources needed for the bottom row (just to test for fun) but that turned out to be too punishing it seems like… Idk

  10. Brilliant!! Our family love Stonemaier board games and this has just made family Zoom calls so much better – thank you 👍🏼👏🏼😃

  11. Love the game! We had two questions after our inaugural playing tonight…
    1-In Between Two Castles, do you have to build the complete bottom row of each castle before putting anything on the next row up or just start at the bottom of each individual column in the castle and build up?
    2-Do you have to use both rolled dice each turn? For example, a 6 and 2 were rolled. My husband didn’t want to use the six, so instead bought a 1 with a coin….

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Thanks Trina! You don’t have to complete a row during the “building” process–you just can’t write a number in the second row until you’ve written a number in the square below it.

      If you’re able to use both dice, you must do so.

  12. That digital thing is awesome! I was talking about how I’d like to see that back when I was working my my custom realms for the game.

    Just needs a die roller, and if there are other fan-made or other custom realms, it would be neat to be able to include those.

    1. Hey Seth, I added the die roller you suggested. Thanks! I’d love to add custom realms and your realms as well if I can make the time for it too, but they take a bit of time since each one is unique.

  13. Hello! I love the new game! I love how you have incorporated the other games into it. I’ve watched the first video, and had printed off the first version. Now, I’m getting up to speed on version 10. I have a few questions. First, On Wingspan, is it only worth 3 stars? Second, Between Two Castles, only has 5 columns now. So, is it worth 5 stars now? Thanks!

  14. How can you gain 7 pumpkins or 7 hearts in My Little Scythe if there are only 6 hexes for each resource? Can a dice created by paying a coin be placed on an already crossed off hex?

    1. Adam: The 7 pumpkins or hearts you score via MLS can be gained in that realm or any of the other two realms for that round. And no, if you cross off a hex or square, it’s done.

  15. The download button doesn’t work on the laptop, and when I used my phone, I just printed a blank page. Nothing happened when I clicked on the Jaffee Realms link, either.

    1. Hi Brian! It seems to be working for me. I just replied to your Facebook message and tried to send V10 to you that way.

  16. Hi Jamey,

    as we love the game, my wife created a German version these days. :)

    As discussed with your staff, we put Rolling Realms V9 German on the website of our boardgame club with a backlink to this page. It can be downloaded here (German website):

    Please feel free it add it to your download folder if you like!

    Best regards

    Erlangen Officer
    Ali Baba Spieleclub e.V.,

  17. Tried 5 full game of v10 (thanks to BGG’s interactive pdf for quick gaming)

    Wingspan is now a little harder, and scythe now a little easier. Scythe definitely is now more refine

    Wingspan actually gotten harder because earlier version, the 7 bird and 12 bird can actually be mark off just by two dice. Especially how the 7 bird can easily sum to 7 with just two die, or mark it with a single #6 then add a single coin #1 to it, super easy… Now Wingspan requires total of three dice. A lot more difficult since I now need six exact die to gain 6-stars here

    Scythe is pretty easy… Each # mark off gain me a resource, and I just need to use a different resource for that star… Basically to gain 6-stars here all I need is to mark off six times… Compare to the like of Wingspan (require nine dice) six dice is easy… In fact I think scythe is now the easiest and lowest dice requirement for six-stars. Every other realm need about eight to nine dice

    1. Thanks for offering your feedback! I appreciate that. However, just to note, you weren’t playing Wingspan correctly before. You needed to *complete* a bird (fill in all 3 numbers) AND have those numbers add up to a specific number to score 2 stars. That’s still the case now (except you only get 1 star for that accomplishment).

      1. Darn it. Been playing Wingspan wrong… No wonder I always feel Wingspan was a little easy. But now it make sense, good to know, thanks.

        Also, I see the update to Little Scythe is changed from 7+ resource to now exactly 7 resource (on the star requirement) it play much better now, because it’s actually pretty difficult to get both pumpkin and heart to exact 7

  18. Jamey, the new rules for Scythe (v10) are not clear to me. If you mark a top row number, do you get the bonus plus have the option of paying the bottom price to gain a star? If so, then what are the bottom row numbers for?

    1. You have 3 options:

      1. Just mark a top number and gain the bonus.
      2. Just mark the bottom number, pay the cost, and gain a star.
      3. Mark a top number and gain the bonus, then pay the cost to mark the bottom and gain a star.

      1. So does that mean that it would be possible to buy a star twice from the same column, once using the top number and once using the bottom number?

  19. Is there an updated FAQ or is the v8 applicable to v9? There are a few things that confused me there. It sounds like you can use both dice in Scythe if you’re doing the same column? For instance if I roll a 1 and a 5, I can cross off both the 1 and the 5 in the first column?! (as long as I can pay the heart).

    Charterstone – I can’t create the die to cross the numbers off!? That’s what I’d been doing until reading that FAQ. That’s a bummer!

    It also sounds like you can uses the bonuses as many times as you can afford them and can do some funky stuff… My daughter (I let her) asked if she could create a 1 with a coin, then use 2 pumpkins to turn it into a 2, then use 3 pumpkins to lower it back to a 1 and put it in a realm she’d already used that turn… It seems that if you can afford it, you can do it?

    Is there somewhere where you have some better written instructions that clears all this up? Just because the FAQ is a version old and I haven’t found any real written instructions yet; just your video and the BGG rules forum (which is kind of dead and hard to get answers on).

    1. In Charterstone, you CAN create a die to cross numbers off. It’s just that the number you write in the crate must be a rolled die, not a number you create.

      Per Scythe’s instructions in v9, you can only use 1 die per turn there.

      Yes, if you can afford it, you can do it.

  20. Hey Jamey! Forgive me if any of these questions has been asked before, but before I do my livestream of Rolling Realms this evening, I wanted to ask a quick rule clarification for v9. No worries if you don’t see this in time.

    – In v9 Scythe, can you cross off the upper or lower space of a column you have already crossed off the other box for? For example, if I’ve crossed off the 5 in the bottom left corner to get the star by spending a heart, can I later cross of the 1 in the top left to get the coin? I didn’t see you do this in the playthrough, and don’t want to assume, though my guess is that you can?

    – Can you remind me what happens if you cannot place a die? Do you get a resource of your choice, or was that a fan suggestion that was rejected? I remember hearing it discussed in one of the later videos, but I haven’t found the question since.

    – Lastly, if I have six hearts, can I use the same die twice in one turn? (Playing along with your v9 video, I messed up round three, could only use one die in turn 8, and used six hearts to then use the 6 again in each of the other two realms.)

    Many thanks,


    1. Thanks for your questions! My answers are below.

      1. Yes, you can do that in Scythe.
      2. Currently you just lose that die.
      3. Yep, you can do that! You just can’t reuse the same realm twice in the same turn.

      1. One last thing, if I may. I just printed out a fresh v9 sheet, and the coins behind the squares in Tapestry and on the lower boxes of Scythe did not appear. (I wasn’t near my printer when I played along with your v9 video, so I’d drawn the grids out myself.) All other coins appear to have printed correctly. Thought you’d want to know.

          1. This has been my experience. You have to print from Adobe Acrobat for those coins. 🤷🏻‍♂️

          2. Ah, noted. I printed from preview. I haven’t had the problem with previous versions – just this one. I will use Acrobat moving forwards. Thanks, Jamey.

  21. I wanted to give a huge thank you to Stonemaier games for creating this amazing game. I reach out through Facebook to Stonemaier and asked if our Scout Troop could modify the score sheet to make the names more scout friendly and to use with our scouts as we are having virtual meetings these days. I received an immediate, “Go for it!” from them.

    We have play the game many times with our Troop and the scouts & adults really enjoy it. Today, the entire Atlanta Area scouts were holding an virtual campout with activities and we led two sessions with live play along of “Scouting Realms”. I’ve posted the video to our FB. & Youtube pages.

    I’d love to send Jamey & Joe a Troop t-shirt, just need the sizes and an address to mail them to.

    Thank you for making great games and for being great people! I’m a fan for life and will be adding more of your games to my collection.

    -Rudi Shumpert
    COR Troop 2319
    Marietta GA

    1. That’s really cool, Rudi! Thank you for modifying and sharing the game with your troop and others. I appreciate the offer to send a shirt, but the knowledge that people out there are enjoying our games is more than enough of a reward for us. :)

  22. Hi Jamey. I am in the process of doing a Chinese translation of this. Hope that’s ok with you guys.

    Anyways, upon translation, I’ve come to realize that there is a lot of confusion on ability that create virtual dice (bonus dice, extra dice, whatever)… Even in here I read comment over and over again on how they i’re confuse on interacts with the game.

    For example, I see players ask if they can actually pumpkin-modify a roll of #2 #4 into a sum7. Not for the coin-sum7 ability but just so they can turn a #2 into a #3 for writing it down. I think your answer was yes how you can modify it but just cannot do so then use it coin ability.

    Another one is there’s many players (including myself) thought to use modified die, or extra die to cross off crates in Charterstone. Which of course, we cannot.

    Then there’s the whole modify into pair so you can mark both number in Euphoria… Which again, we cannot

    I was thinking. Wouldn’t it be an easy fix if you restrict all those confusion/interaction to a single “original die” wording?

    So heart ability can say “if original dice shows pair to reuse a die” or in Euphoria “you may mark both #s (if original pair is rolled)”…

    The same is true for Charterstone, you can now use phrase like “mark either a bonus (note the other original die on the crate) or all crate matching an original die”

    This might self explain a lot of ruling just with one additional word (or any easy to understand word) . Plus there won’t need to have an extra rule of “dice can’t adjust into pair or sum7” in the bottom right corner

    Or unless I am getting this all wrong, we simply can’t adjust die if it ever creates a pair/sum7, even if we not using those ability? I think I may have accidentally adjust number into sum7 without knowing

  23. Couple of questions regarding v9:

    Euphoria- if you roll doubles and mark both sides you are still only using 1 die right?

    Scythe- can you mark the bottom row or top row in whichever order you want? I mean you don’t have to fill in the top before filling in the space below to collect a star?

  24. In v9, it’s no longer possible to earn 6 stars on Between two Castles, right? (considering we can’t use both dice on the same realm no more).

    1. I believe you can if you use the pay 3 pumpkin to adjust a die and then use it in a realm you already used this turn.

  25. Hi Jamey, been following this game since day one, think I first saw it on Facebook. Anyways just want to say thanks for doing this, and all of your play-through on YouTube. We can all use our time doing personal stuff, but you choose to use the time to give us this game. Appreciated.

    Anyways, here some feedback after many games of many different version:

    This is probably everyone’s favorite, and probably one that hit the mark right from version 1. Both #6 and #2 is so strong in this realm, but that’s fine since #5 and #6 overall is strong in every realm. A good design, since coin ability can’t easily mount to higher #

    *Between two City*
    I liked how star requirement is different here. I’ve yet to earn a perfect 6 stars here, but someday I will and I’ll probably do a dance when it happens. Coin ability that make a bonus #1 can be very strong here, but it’ll still take some time to get there. And because of how star is earn here, powerful bonus #1 doesn’t feel too strong. It’s good!

    This realm was one of the weakest prior v9. The old strict 4-8 star requirement really pull the game down. Now at 4-10 feels very good. Because of this range, there can be a lot of coin #1 play in between roll. Even an early crossed #1 can still gain 3 star on one side (ie: 1-3-2-4) doing so gain a coin first for future use… I do think, like someone mentioned, each side probably should restrict to max 3 stars.

    The newest version is so-so. It requires a lot of resource here. Even though the top row can grant some quick resources, ultimately I feel the concept is there but it’s rather blend, it feels like there isn’t much brain-power needed here, but I get the point, Scythe requires resource management and it shows in this realm but it just feels like half-baked still… Shrug

    Another oddity, why does it even matter if the top row and bottom row have mismatched die number? Since now we can only use one die here? Plus I’ve recently found out that the very first 1 die cross-off will give a coin resource, which I still find it odd how we can coin ability for a #1 and get that same coin back

    A simple but yet very interesting realm. Less is more is what they say. I really like how the realm give us a push-your-luck feels, either start with a low# and get those quick resoure but risk not hitting the mark, or start with those precise high# but ensure we get to finish off birds with bonus die.

    *Between two Castle*
    A decent realm, not the most complex, also one of the easiest. If you think about it, its kind of feels like Wingspan but without a “bust” limit. Just start with high# and you pretty much will win this (especially capping the top with coin #1 ability) What this realm set itself apart is how you do not get resource until the later half of the rounds. If you ask me, I like older version of the left-castle shape more, but easier realm might not be a bad idea, I suppose.

    I’ve been playing this wrong up to recently. I’ve been using an adjusted die to mark off the crate! Gosh darn it! I think a very easy fix is to add the word “unadjusted” to the line of those quick text. Something like “mark off crate with an unadjusted die”

    Overall, one of my favourite realm as well, especially with proper rule. It feels super satisfying when I gets to cross off multiple crate! But sometime you might want to settle with many different # crate to be safe. Love it.

    *My Little Scythe*
    v9 now feels super easy. I always get 6 star here, always lol. Not only because how it’s super easy to get 7+ pumpkin/heart, since I am already getting them by crossing off # here. It’s also very easy to get rest of the 4 pairs. Using two coin already get you one pair of #1, and you don’t lose any resource doing so (use two coin and gain back a pumpkin + heart) I think some improvement is needed if you really want a polish the realm here… Also kinda boring here, zero thinking

    The realm with the most work done. Now it’s super satisfying, my top3 favorites now. Storing grape feels tight, each #grape feels just as important. Using those low# grape just to top-up your wine order feels perfectly executed. It is also very balanced between easy to difficult, with luck, you can fill all the order with some high rolls, but even with bad luck, we can still strategically fill orders with resources. Kudos with the latest thematic design.

    1. My favorite realm, from top to bottom:

      Euphoria (for those double cross-off!)
      Between two City
      Between two Castle
      My little Scythe

      1. Final note, when I mentioned how Scythe and Little Scythe don’t require brain power, it’s not necessary a bad thing. Not every realm needs to be super thinky imo. There is entertainment in game like Bingo, just mindless cross-off fun

        Both current Scythe kinda feels like Bingo to me. Maybe perhaps a direction such as that is good? More. Variation between realm is always a good thing lol

  26. Thanks for posting the link to my custom realms! I am not 100% happy with all of them, so i might tweak the file over time, but I’ll be sure to use the same filename so the link won’t break :)

    It was very interesting working on modules for this format.

    If anybody decides to try the Jaffee Realms version, I’d be interested to hear how it goes!

    1. Hello Seth.
      I’ve tried going through you’re own version of the game, and I’m lost in several realms.

      Below are my questions :

      – Crusaders : I’m not sure I get the mechanics right. When I roll a 1 or 2, I cross out one of the corresponding boxes and get the reward ? So first a heart, then a star, then a star ?
      Then for 3-4, The first one allows me to circle a building ? What use are the colors in the background of the circles ?

      – Eminent Domain (I absolutely love that game btw) : 1-2-3 allows me to circle a planet in corresponding column ? 4 gets me resources based on the different planets I have (nothing to pay in exchange) and 5 is the same based on same planets ?

      – Embark : I just don’t get it. What are the values that I’m to write in the squares ? How does 1 work ? Really confused there.

      – Terra Prime : Still confused. The way I get it is that I can circle one of the symbols in the chart (according to its value) or make an action, of which strength depends on the amount of symbols previously circled ?

      – Harvest : On 1-2-3 I mark a square and get the corresponding reward ? 4-5 marks up to three boxes at once but no reward ? 6 gives stars but prevents returning to that field ?

      – Bomb Squad : If I get a 1, I mark a box from the top two cards ? Or use it with all boxes marked to get 2 stars for the top two cards ?

      – Ground Floor : Love that one, simple & elegant.

      – Kings of Air & Steam : that one seems a bit easy, you just need to get a set value to get a star.

      – Isle of Trains : Great idea ! Can I cross either box with a 1-2 (two coins or two hearts) ?

      Thanks !


      1. Hi Seth and Arnaud,
        Likewise we tried to play Jaffee Realms but found there to be too many ambiguities in the rules for us to do so. Could we please have some further guidance?
        Thanks for creating and sharing this game!

        1. I apologize, I did not get any notification of these replies! I’ll respond to the specific questions as a reply to Arnaud Gompertz

      2. Arnaud, thank you for trying out Jaffee Realms! Unfortunately, I did not get any notification of your questions, or I would have responded sooner. I will answer your questions to the best of my ability:

        – Crusaders : I’m not sure I get the mechanics right. When I roll a 1 or 2, I cross out one of the corresponding boxes and get the reward ? So first a heart, then a star, then a star ?
        Then for 3-4, The first one allows me to circle a building ? What use are the colors in the background of the circles ?

        You are exactly correct. The colors in the circles are because in Crusaders, there are 3 types of enemies, and the tokens are those colors (the brown token gives you a building when you defeat them, the other two give you points). Other than a link back to the Crusaders board game, the color in the background of the circle is no relevant.

        – Eminent Domain (I absolutely love that game btw) : 1-2-3 allows me to circle a planet in corresponding column ? 4 gets me resources based on the different planets I have (nothing to pay in exchange) and 5 is the same based on same planets ?

        I’m glad to hear you like EmDo :)

        You are exactly correct. I just noticed that is says “Survey (1)” when it should say “Survey (1-3)” in the text.

        – Embark : I just don’t get it. What are the values that I’m to write in the squares ? How does 1 work ? Really confused there.

        When you use a die in Embark, you write the number of that die in one of the boat spaces (and collect the resource of the boat, if appropriate).

        When the boat fills up, it travels to the island and unloads, so you can cross off spaces on the island.

        A 1 lets you get an additional resource of that boat when the boat fills up, but you don’t get to cross anything out on the island.

        A 2, 3, or 4 lets you get the resource when you write it down, and cross off boxes when you get to the island (“score it’s boxes”) – each boat only goes to 1 section of the island, so if you have a 2 and a 3 in the same boat, you can only cross off (score) one of them.

        A 5 does not let you get a resource when you write it, but counts as wild on the island.

        A 6 is like a 2, 3, or 4, but only if there’s another 2, 3, or 4 on the same boat (it copies a value on the boat when you go to “score” it).

        – Terra Prime : Still confused. The way I get it is that I can circle one of the symbols in the chart (according to its value) or make an action, of which strength depends on the amount of symbols previously circled ?

        Yes, that’s exactly correct!

        – Harvest : On 1-2-3 I mark a square and get the corresponding reward ? 4-5 marks up to three boxes at once but no reward ? 6 gives stars but prevents returning to that field ?

        Correct on all counts!

        – Bomb Squad : If I get a 1, I mark a box from the top two cards ? Or use it with all boxes marked to get 2 stars for the top two cards ?

        That one is a little weird… you have the first part right: Use a 1 to mark off (and collect) a resource on each of the cards with a 1, OR use a 1 to cross off one of the cards with a 1 that has both resources crossed off and get 1 star for that.

        I am not sure I like that one very much, to be honest :/

        – Ground Floor : Love that one, simple & elegant.

        Thanks! The board game is good too, and just got re-released in a new edition from Spielworks :)

        – Kings of Air & Steam : that one seems a bit easy, you just need to get a set value to get a star.

        Well, you need to circle the die before you can cross it off to get a star. You fly the airship N spaces, and as you go you collect resources and circle dice below. Once a die is circled, you can use a die to cross it off and get a star instead of advancing the airship more.

        – Isle of Trains : Great idea ! Can I cross either box with a 1-2 (two coins or two hearts) ?

        Sure thing!

        I was going to have this one be slightly interactive (though it would still work even if you played solo) – when you “load an opponent’s train,” you get resources, and they (all opponents) get to circle a good from the card game (or instead, you could “load your own train” and get 2 goods and no resources). But one of the tenets of Rolling Realms was to keep interaction out of it, so someone could play along after the fact (given the die rolls), so that got changed in the end.

        So it looks like you mostly had everything right. I hope these answers help you out!

  27. Played Tapesty, Wingspan, Euphoria. Rolled 3 6. Used 6 at Wingspan, 3 at Tapestry. Used 1 coin to use a virtual die of value 1 in Euphoria. Can I use 3 hearts to make another virtual die of value 3 and 2 pumpkins to modify it to value 2 and 3 pumpkins to modify it back to value 3 and use it in Tapestry, where the rolled die was used?

  28. Buenas tardes… Hablo desde Colombia- Bogotá.
    Mi nombre es Andrés y quería darte las gracias por compartir tu juego. descargarlo atravez de internet para jugar con mi familia en tiempos de cuarentena… Logré traducirlo al español y nos encantó… saludos … Y Garcías.

  29. One other question, are we still allowed to use 2 dice in Between Two Castles and Scythe or are they restricted to one die now like the other realms?

  30. Just finish playing a game of Charter Stone + Viticulture + Euphoria (want to get the feel of the new v9 change)

    Definitely Euphoria feels very easy now, as someone mention earlier. I manage to get 4 star just by using one of the side, I just mark a #4-3-2, then just use a coin to add that last #1

    A specific coin I got for free from Viticulture. I use a coin to circle a grape and get back that coin as bonus… This made me think having a coin bonus on a #1 die result is kind of an easy chain lol (I’ve realize the same can be done on Scythe #1 coin bonus too…)

    1. Thanks Kevin! I wanted to add a little bit of flexibility to Euphoria, but perhaps I’ve made it too easy. And that’s a good point about Viticulture. The downside is that the 1 and 2 grapes are less valuable than the higher numbers.

      1. Are you still allowing only 3 stars per side in Euphoria (I know that was because of the math before), but if you put that cap on each side it will make it a little more of a challenge while still giving the flexibility.

  31. Hi! Awesome game !
    Quick question about using 3 pumpkin…
    I dont get how it works. Can you give me some examples of how to use it on different realms ?
    Thanks a lot !

    1. So, if the dice show a 5 and a 6, you could use 3 pumpkins to turn the 5 into a 4 or 6 or turn the 6 into a 5. You could then use the modified die in any of the three realms (even one that you’ve already used this turn, which breaks the standard rule in Rolling Realms).

  32. Hi!
    Quick question about rolling realms: do we get extra dice when using pumpkins: does it adjust an existing die or does it create a new die with the adjusted value? I.e after using 2 pumpkins do I have 2 or 3 dice?

  33. It seems that one MLS and Euphoria you can now score more than 6 stars – I know you aren’t allowed to fill them in, but personally, I feel that the design isn’t as “perfect” because of that (and that Euphoria might be really easy to get 6 stars on without a ton of luck / manipulation / die creation). Can’t wait to play v9 though and try it out!

  34. Hi!
    In My Little Scythe v9, you can only win 5 stars :
    – one if you have 7+ pumpkins
    – one if you have 7+ hearts
    – three for the 6 matching pairs
    Is thaht right ?

    Have a good day, and thank you!

    1. Wording certainly confusing, I believe it’s suppose to be;

      Gain a star if you have 7+ pumpkins, also gain a star for 7+ hearts, then gain a star for each matching pairs between two area.

      You gain a star for each pair, so you can gain up to 6 star already if you have the full “6” pair

      1. It’s confusing though, the v9 says “1 point for each set of matching pairs”.

        A set of pairs is two pairs, so the above calculations seems correct.
        3 points to be gathered from matching pairs.

  35. This is awesome. I followed along your v8 video but playing v9 myself and i gotta say i am completely confused as to the scoring in my little scythe. Also there needs to be some indicator on the score sheet of which realms can play in twice.

  36. Hello

    Thank you for this excellent game!
    I have done more than 20 games with the children, they love it and so do I.

    A date for the V9?

      1. Yesterday !!! :-)))

        Curious to know the modifications and test.
        I changed the variant of KevOne. And that’s good.

        For the rest, the children and I are waiting for the news.

  37. Hi Jamey. For Euphoria, have you thought of using 4-9 for star (instead of 4-8)?

    Having this range allow for just bit more combination, at current moment of 4-8, you can only have super strict die placement, and you must start with a #4 in order to have any success.

    With 4-9 range, you can now start with either a 4 or a 5 (somewhat 6 too), and still have chance on 3 star per zone. Still with strategic die input

    With 4-9, you may now have;
    (we can also do 4-5 but forgo a perfect 3 star, which is still an option nonetheless)

    1. I am aware currently you can start with #5 too, but is super limited because now you are stuck only able to place #1 plus #2 (I’ve been using a coin on it after #5, which kinda dumb/boring)

  38. It was nice to see that others liked the idea of having repeating powers in Wingspan.

    Now I got the inspiration to take that even further and made a fan mockup here:

    In this version, you have three actions to choose from:

    – Play a bird – to do this, you must use an even number die (2, 4 or 6) and pay the cost in the upper left corner
    – Gain food – take this action with odd numbers (1, 3 or 5) and choose a bonus from the tiny birdfeeder! :)
    – Lay 1 egg – use a die of any number that isn’t already used to mark eggs

    This adds a new interesting thing to take into a consideration: are the dice even or odd?

    When you play a bird you activate it’s power and also the powers from previously played birds. This feels similar to Wingspan, even though in the real game playing birds is the only action when you DON’T activate brown powers. ;)

    The three powers are all quite cool – which one do you want to activate the most during the game?

    Scoring is very simple: Like in the big Wingspan, one egg equals one point = star.

  39. My kids and I just played along with you and agree with a couple things you noted about the realms. Today was tough, but that’s part of the fun of the game!

    I agree that My Little Scythe could be 12+ for sum like you said, but I would make the resources 8+ (2 full rows in the resource section). Also, maybe make part (c) be 1 star for 2 matching numbers and 2 stars for 3 matching numbers.

    What if Euphoria was changed to be 1-4 is a heart or pumpkin, 5-9 is a star, and 10+ is a coin? I don’t know how others play, but the higher numbers just tend to get ignored there for us. This would give a little more flexibility in what you choose to use there, but still only allow for 3 stars on each side. Thanks again!

    1. Mihir clarified that it actually should have been *exactly* a sum of 8, and you gain the star during the game when you accomplish that goal. As for Euphoria, I’ll take a look at those numbers to see if they work!

  40. Hello.
    A question regarding stars at the end. Each unused resource awards 0.1 star. Does that include resources from all three rounds, or only those from the last one, since they don’t carry from one round to other ?

    1. In the first round, if you have 12 stars and 3 extra resources that round, your score for that round will be 12.3. So if your scores over the three rounds are 12.3, 10.1, and 15.2, your final score is 35.6.

  41. Hi, is the amount of useful recources in each round limited to 12 pcs each?
    We’ve just played Between two cities + Scythe + My little scythe and this combo generated a lot of resources, so we had to use one extra line.

  42. Hi again!
    In My Little Scyhte, if you have earned more than 9 pumpkins, you get a star? Or you have to have exactly 9 pumpkins?
    Thank you again!

  43. Hi!
    In the new My Little Scyhte, you can gain more than 6 stars if you validate the conditions (a), (b) and (c) (with 2 sets of 2 matching pairs).
    I suppose that you “only” gain 6 stars ?
    Thank you!

  44. Just a few thoughts on v. 8 and the fan realms from looking them over.

    I like your new version of Scythe having a cost associated with gaining the star. It feels more like the original game with the top and bottom actions.

    I really like the new My Little Scythe. It gives more focus to what you are doing and gives you more to think about when playing there.

    I really like your original version of Wingspan, but I also like Kevin’s version with the chaining like the original game. What if you combine the 2 versions into 1? Have your original cards that require an exact sum and the chaining of Kevin’s. There would be a requirement though that to place the final box (and gain the previous resources again) you would have to exactly equal the sum on the card. No going under or over the total.

    I’m going to reserve my thoughts on the fan versions of Scythe for now. I want to look into them a bit more first. They all look fun though.

    1. Sorry for the duplicate post. I thought my original post was deleted by my computer before it was submitted.

  45. Initial thoughts on the new realms from looking them over.

    I like your new version of scythe with having to pay a resource to get the star (I agree with Josh about the clarity of the cost). I like having that cost associated with gaining a star.

    I really like the new My Little Scythe as it gives a focus/goal to numbers you’re looking to use.

    I also really like your version of Wingspan as you have to try to get an exact sum for the stars, but I also like the idea from Kevin’s Wingspan of chaining bonuses. What if you combine the 2 into 1 version? Use your version of wingspan cards with the 2 bonuses and a sum to reach, but you can chain them like Kevin’s gaining the resources from the previous boxes. However, in order to place the final number (and gain the previous 2 resources) you must have the exact sum. No going under or over. Just a thought.

    I want to look into the other versions of Scythe as there is more to unpack with them. They all seem to have interesting ideas, but I’m going to reserve my thoughts for now.

  46. In the Scythe world, for the bottom areas that cost one resource to award a star, it might help to have some indicator for cost vs reward. At a glance it looks like the bottom numbers give both a star and a resource, rather than costing a resource.

    A suggestion would be a) making it a smaller resource icon with dots around it, similar to how it looks at the bottom of each page or b) a smaller icon with a translucent, red / (slash) over it or (X) around it.

  47. Hi Jamey and everyone, I will try not to write a novel here but here it goes. So my name is Benjamin, my wife and I got into deeper board gaming a few years back and we really liked vilticulture, unfortunately with 2 young kids we don’t have much time to play this awesome game.

    So a friend showed us Rolling Realms and it was our first roll and write experience. We really liked the game, the style, and the idea of multiplayer scaling gameplay.

    I was trying to make a cooking game with different gameplays for a very long time but it never really went anywhere and seeing Jamey’s take on the roll and write style, it gave me a few ideas and decided to make my own.

    So, if any of you have the time and will, you can try it out. Like Rolling Realms, the game is free for everyone and it is made for everyone confined at home and stuff. Here is the link, and also i’m french Canadian so you can tell me if I made any mistakes in the english rules!

    Thank you, and again, Amazing game Jamey!

  48. Loving this! Played solo and with friends over zoom. Good work!

    Question: what am I missing in Euphoria? It seems like you can only get a maximum of two stars for that realm.

  49. Hey Jamey, two things: I’m still very slightly confused on Charterstone here, you use both die and if I had rolls 6/2 5/1 4/2 3/2 2/1 1/1 and then rolled a 1 and a 2, I could get 3 stars and 3 stars from each of those rolls, right? (obviously 8 “perfect” rolls like this would be v weird, just making sure I understand the mecahnics).

    Also, thoughts on a b/w/grayscale version for those of us with b/w laser printers only?


    1. You can only use 1 die per turn in Charterstone, so you could knock out 3 stars with that roll, but not 6.

      I only have a color version in InDesign–does it not print well in B/W?

      1. I’m sorry, I did intend that you would need two cross-out rolls, so 3 + 3 stars. But the odds of getting all 8 to play well out of 9 is probably low. haha.

        For B/W it’s mostly just that the shapes kind of fall off what they are. but since we can just look at the color image, nbd. (I ended up with a laser printer by chance and never had a reason to upgrade haha)

      2. I don’t know if my previous comment didn’t post, so if this is a dupe, my bad …

        I gathered that I would need 8 total rolls in my previous example, so 3 & 3 on the scoring. Just wanted to clarify that one thing. As for the image in B/W, could just be my printer. I tried attaching a URL, so if it doesn’t post this comment again, then I give up haha

  50. In each of the minigames, whenever you have an icon that represents a requirement for a specific die roll, you use an icon of a die with that value (eg. a space that requires a rolled three in Charterstone shows up as a die with 3 pips). Except in Viticulture, where the grape value is just shown as a number. Because everything else was using the same symbols to represent the same concept, initially the different symbology for Viticulture made me think that it was representing a different concept. But no, its the same as a die icon. Maybe the Viticulture numbers should be die icons?

  51. Can the shapes for Tapestry have some overhang off the grid like the rule in Tapestry where you lose some squares but not all. This allowed buildings to still be placed in the full game, am I safe to assume the same here?

  52. Hi Jamey!

    My girlfriend and I have not missed a single session of Rolling Realms since the third one – and we keep enjoying it every time 🙂
    It’s a very good game, of course, but something in seeing a game as it develops makes it really fascinating for us!

    After the latest iteration of Scythe yesterday, I suddenly got an inspiration for my own version – and I’d really love it if you could check it out and maybe consider testing it. I made it in PowerPoint, so it doesn’t look great, but we managed to playtest (and tweak) it a few times and it worked well in any combination we tried😁

    I uploaded the files to Dropbox:

    And even if you decide not to pick it, thanks so much for the creation of this game!

    1. I really like the idea of Juuso Vainio, maybe you missed it, so I copied it again for you to look at this idea:


      How about a totally different approach that links more closely to Wingspan the game:

      Two rows with five squares each:

      Fill squares from left to right. Numbers in a row must all be the same. Eg. if you start a row with a 5, all numbers in that row must be five.

      Each square has one symbol: hearts, pumpkins, coins and stars.

      The big idea is that when you gain a bonus, you also gain all bonuses left to it – just like in Wingspan the game! :)

      Example: One row has symbols in this order:
      Pumpkin – coin – heart – star – star

      First you mark a 3, gain a pumpkin. Then you mark another 3, gain a coin and a pumpkin, etc.

      If you fill the whole row, you gain 5 pumpkins, 4 coins, 3 hearts and 3 stars in total for that row.

      Example 2: Second row has symbols in this order:
      Heart – pumpkin – star – coin – pumpkin

      By filling the whole row, you’ll gain 5 hearts, 5 pumpkins, 3 stars and 2 coins in total.

      This gives you a lot of bonuses but is difficult to fill because of the same-number-in-one-row requirement.”

      I really like it because this represents wingspan better in my opinion.
      Anyways, Great job Jamey!

      1. My wife and I just played it this way, ended up being in the same round as Between Two Cities and Scythe. I figured you have to allow two dice in that realm otherwise it would take 10 turns to finish. I was able to mark the bottom row as a 1 and use coins continually to finish that row, which was awesome. But gaining 10 pumpkins, 8 hearts and 6 coins is way more than you’d ever get from any other realm – almost maxing out pumpkins and hearts in that realm alone. I think what could even it out would be
        blank – pumpkin – blank – star/heart – star/coin
        (max 3 pumpkins, 2 hearts, 1 coin)
        blank – heart – blank – star/pumpkin – star/coin
        (max 3 hearts, 2 pumpkins, 1 coin)

        Making the most pumpkins and hearts 5 each and 2 coins. Just balances it out a bit more.

        1. Hi Kevin, I tried your latest version, nice!
          It still gives a lot of resources (6 pumpkins and 6 hearts). I now play this where you must pay the resource in the third column.

          So in the row with pumpkin-star-heart-coin, when you get the third number you pay a heart to get a star and a pumpkin and when you get the fourth number you pay a heart to get a start, pumpkin and a coin.

          Maybe you can try this as well?

          1. Yeah, it looks like my count was off and it does give 6 of each.

            I updated the pdf (same link

            Check it out – we think it plays a little better. 4 pumpkins, hearts and coins, and 6 stars without having to pay anything (a mechanic that’s already used in Scythe).

            If you still think it’s too much, it might be good to move the pumpkins and hearts to the second column – meaning no bonus for the first column and only getting 3 of each.

  53. For charterstone: if I create a “virtual” die with coins, and use that for the bonus, can I chose which of the two (real) ones to note down in the bottom row?

  54. Nice to find a FAQ :)
    There is a mistake in Between two Castles : “columns give stars” instead of “rows give stars”.

    1. Thanks for the catch. I fixed that and a couple of spots I thought could’ve been worded a little better. Please post if you see anything else.

  55. Hi Jamey, excellent work on Rolling Realms (as always, by the way). Have you thought about an App? I reckon most people would enjoy it…
    Anyways, again: congrats on all of your well deserved successes.

    1. Thanks Leone! An app is well beyond my technical capabilities–I made this game purely to help people connect in this time of self-isolation. So it’s something I’m spending just a little bit of time and resources on amidst all my other responsibilities at Stonemaier Games. :)

      1. Yeah, that is basically what I am working on (as you can play it in the browser – and thus also in the browser on your phone)…

  56. Hi, awesome game, working on bringing it into the browser for people that are isolated without a printer ;-) You mentioned there would be an InDesign file in the folder, but I don’t see any?

      1. Yep, now it is there (before it took me to instead of dropbox?) Awesome, now I have the proper graphics as pngs with proper background transparency (before: extracting jpgs via pdf -> graphics tools ;-) )… Cool, thanks for the very quick reply!).. If I would want to send you a link to a prototype (in a few days) without making it public here, where should I sent that?

  57. In Tapestry, I am playing in black and white and when I filled the squares. I have difficulty to know what is the bonus when I complete a big square.

    1. My girlfriend Jenna came up with a great idea… she put the initial h,c, or p… in the filled in square to remind us of what was behind what we filled in. H = heart, C = coin, P= pumpkin. This helped cause we had the same issue.

  58. Hi Jamey – In V7 of Scythe, it says all options remain available throughout the game. Do you mean for that round and then you score the stars based on the number of unused resources at the end of the round?

  59. I love the new idea of the new Scythe update! Fits very well with both games. I also see it as a huge advantage when paired with My Little Scythe – but I haven’t played it yet.

  60. In Charterstone, can you create a dice with coins (x coins) and then use an original dice and note the created dice in the crate, or does it have to be the other rolled dice? My family played v7 yesterday and had a large debate about it.

  61. HI Jamey,

    I miss the dots on Tapestry. The theme of the game come through more!

    Other than that I like v7 of Rolling Realms! happy Scythe is back to the original and interested in trying new Viticulture!

    When is the next Facebook live playthrought?

    My wife and I have been enjoying this so much!

    Thank you,

    Kyle from the Canadian Arctic!!

  62. On the v7 Viticulture, once we have grapes, when we combine the sum of a die and a grape to fill a wine order, do we then cross off that grape, and are unable to use it again?

  63. Hi Jamie,
    I’m Simon from the Youtube Channel Le Passe Temps. I’ll be glad to play the game with my french community. i’ve sheduled a Youtube/Twitch live tomorrow afternoon.(+ / -700 viewers)
    Do you allow me to translate the paper sheet ? I’ve already translated the rules in french (for 7th version)
    I will work tonight on a tabletop simulator adaptation also. First for myself to broadcast a clearer view of my paper sheet. I’ll send you the link after that if you’d like to make suggestions, improvment and why not, release it on the steam workshop.
    Waiting for you feed back :)§
    Thanks – Simon

  64. Is it a rule that you MUST use both the dice that turn? Or can you chose not to use one or both for that turn?

  65. Hi !
    During a turn with Euphoria, I got a double 6.
    Can I use 2 pumpkins to adjust a die to 5, and mark two 5s ?
    Thank you !

  66. For the record I figured it out how to complete all the squares in the least amount which happens to be 9. (2 6s,1 5, 2 3s, 3 2s, and 1 1)

    And to be clear on viticulture if my first turn I take grape number 1. And then on my second turn I can use that grape and any number (even another 1) then take wine glass, 10,11 or 12. If so why do the wine glasses need to be number 10,11,12. I haven’t played Viticulture (want to real bad though) does it have to do with the game?

    1. I think the number on the dice plus the sum of the numbers on grapes you use has to equal 10. 11 or 12 to claim the glass

  67. In Version 7 a few questions:

    1: Is it possible to get 6 stars in Tapestry? (I feel there needs to be some different sizes for 4,5,6 like the L in Tetris or the long 4)
    2:Do the dice need to be that exact combination for Scyth to get the good and Star? Or can you get the good and later get the Star?
    3: For Viticulture does the grape and the dice need to add to the wine glass? If so the only way to get 6 stars means you has to have had the 4,5,6 and later roll 3 more 6s.

    1. Yes, it’s possible! Just difficult. :) I’m open to changing the shapes (only 1 per number, though).

      You can get the resource now in Scythe and later get the star.

      Yes, it’s *at least* 1 grape plus 1 die.

      1. I’m still a little confused on Scythe. Do you need both numbers in a column to gain the star? Meaning….if I roll a 4, could I put it in the bottom of the first column and take the coin, and then later if I roll a one, I place it above the 4 to take the star? I guess I’m a little confused on the use of “bonus” in the explanation.

        Thanks for putting this together Jamey–my wife and I had a great time with our first play through tonight :)

  68. Wow! Miles did phenomenal on that box art! And Jamey, well done creating a game like this for times like this and making it available for free. I hope you continue to do the playthroughs for a while. Thank you for what you do for us.

  69. Quick question on v6 : scythe, the +1 and +3, do we add that value to the dice or it means the next dice must be +1 or +3 than the previous one?

  70. The new V7 Viticulture looks great. Seems like it will be a lot fun.

    If you are doing a new Scythe it would be awesome if you can come up with a nice way to include a mech. I just had them at the end of the hex path at which time you had to compare power (dice values and bottom power bonuses if chosen) to gain stars.

    +1 vote for a mech :)

  71. Jamey had an idea
    Have you thought of having the 9 realms as standard size cards you could sleeve and shuffle
    Then draw at random and have 3 slots on a scoresheet you place them on. Which also has all the rules and extras on.

    You could then have the variants of each realm or add new games as and when you think them up


      1. For what it’s worth…I’m a big fan of roll-and-write games as well as Stonemaier Games, and I would totally purchase a printed version of this game! :-)

      1. I have. It’s key to save up resources when playing it so you have to make the decision to use them for scythe or as other bonuses elsewhere. It’s also nice that the produce action effectively gives you pumpkin bonuses within scythe.


    Adding the bonuses in little squares was a great idea but it made the board look a bit cluttered.

    How about putting the bonus symbols in the place of the dots? Bonus symbols would be in little squares which count as filled squares.

    When you fill up a big square, you get the bonus based on the symbol within that square.


    How about a totally different approach that links more closely to Wingspan the game:

    Two rows with five squares each:

    Fill squares from left to right. Numbers in a row must all be the same. Eg. if you start a row with a 5, all numbers in that row must be five.

    Each square has one symbol: hearts, pumpkins, coins and stars.

    The big idea is that when you gain a bonus, you also gain all bonuses left to it – just like in Wingspan the game! :)

    Example: One row has symbols in this order:
    Pumpkin – coin – heart – star – star

    First you mark a 3, gain a pumpkin. Then you mark another 3, gain a coin and a pumpkin, etc.

    If you fill the whole row, you gain 5 pumpkins, 4 coins, 3 hearts and 3 stars in total for that row.

    Example 2: Second row has symbols in this order:
    Heart – pumpkin – star – coin – pumpkin

    By filling the whole row, you’ll gain 5 hearts, 5 pumpkins, 3 stars and 2 coins in total.

    This gives you a lot of bonuses but is difficult to fill because of the same-number-in-one-row requirement.


    Before you made the castles smaller, I was thinking something like this:

    Instead of gaining stars for completed rows, you could gain a star for each filled square in the castle that has less.

    This would fit nicely in the theme on Between Two Castled the game (you must make both castles good). This requires that both castles have at least six squares.


    Instead of earned-but-unused resources being 0.1 points, why not make stars worth of 10 points and unused resources worth of 1 point.

    If you gain 9 stars and have 11 unused resources, your score is simply 90 + 11 = 101.

  73. Hi !
    Question about Viticulture V7 :
    “use the sum of 1 die and at least 1 grape”. 1 allready circled grape, right ?
    Thank you !

  74. @Jamey – The new rule for Euphoria (if doubles, mark both)… it’s not clear in the text, does that count as using both dice for the turn? I suspect you don’t mean it to (i.e. if you roll double 4’s, you could use one “4” die to mark both 4’s in Euphoria, and use the other “4” die in another realm). Is that correct?

    Also, a quick question about the new Viticulture (apologies, you probably explained this in the video, but I haven’t had a chance to watch that yet):
    Is each gray box an action? So you can use a “3” die to EITHER:
    (a) mark off 3 grapes OR
    (b) Cross out 5, 6, or 7 grapes to fill a cup (only 1 per action) OR
    (c) Cross off a wine cup to gain a coin and 2 stars

    Then, if my other die is a “6,” I can use it as well to repeat that same action (a, b, or c), right?

    If I repeat (a), I guess I get 6 grapes?
    If I only have 1 wine glass, and I choose to sell it with my “3” die, then I guess I just don’t bother repeating an action with my “6” die (I can use it in a different realm)?

    So to max out Viticulture’s Stars, you need at least 9 actions (3 or more to get 18 grapes, 3 to fill wine, and 3 to sell wine), and this should be doable since you get 9+ actions (9 turns, plus sometimes you can use both dice in one turn)… I’ll note that if you don’t roll at least one 6, then you cannot max it out, and if you roll exactly 1 six and it’s early (you don’t have enough grapes yet), you maybe still can’t.

    1. Seth: In Euphoria, you’re only using 1 die, but you can potentially cross of 2 numbers with it if the rolled dice show doubles.

      Each of the 3 gray boxes in Viticulture is an action in v6. Let’s revisit it in v7, though, as I think the current version is a bit confusing (it was a fan-created realm…not that many of my realms haven’t been confusing too!)

      1. Good idea. I like the idea of it (grapes->make wine->sell wine), but it didn’t sound quite as elegant as some of the other ones to me

      2. Does the note at the bottom mean you can’t use pumpkins to make a 5-6 into a 5-5 to mark off two 5’s in Euphoria? if not, why the extra restriction?

        1. That’s right, you can’t do that. You just look at the rolled dice. My thinking is that you only actually need 6 dice to get all 6 stars in Euphoria–anything else is a bonus, so I don’t want to make it too easy.

          1. Hmm… interesting.

            It’s true, only 6 dice are needed, though they are pretty specific (need 1-2-4, 1-2-5 or 1-3-5 on each side)

            Irrespective of that, I might suggest that the rules might be cleaner or easier to grok if pumpkins actually change the die face altogether, but that might just be me :)

          2. You said before : “If, say, a 1 and 5 are rolled, you could spend a pumpkin to write down a 6 instead of a 5. However, doing so would not create a sum of 7 that you could use coins for.”
            So, I was thinking : you can use pumpkin to make a pair or a sum = 7, but can’t use the bonus that need that condition.
            Am I wrong ?

  75. I really like the feel of the new sections, especially Viticulture as it feels like the game. I also like the changes to Tapestry with the alternate bonuses for the different squares.

    One suggestion would be to maybe have an order to fill in the bottom instead of just any die. You could have it be a 2, 3, and 4 order so using a 2, 3 or 4 die would allow you to cross off one of the filled glasses (or it could be any combination of 3 dice, I just thought using 3 that weren’t used for the wine glass fill up. Maybe change the glasses to be 4, 5, and 6 and the orders could be 1, 2 and 3.

    For Scythe I like change as you have to work for the stars a little more. What if you have the top row be lower numbers for the total and the bottom row be higher numbers? Have the top be 14+ for 1 star, 10+ for 2 stars and 6+ for 3 stars. You’d have to complete all 4 boxes still but the goal would be different for each row kind of showing you have to be more efficient to get the stars on the bottom. Just a thought.

    Thanks again, this game is very fun!

  76. Just for sure, if i use both dice in Between two castles(left+right), and then i pay 3 pumpkins, i can mark # in any of these castles again, right? So analogically, if i use 1 die in the left castle, second die in another realm, i can spend 3 pumpkins and mark # in the left castle again. Playing well? TY

  77. Can you fill more than one wine glass per roll
    For example I have 4 grapes crossed out. Then roll a 5 + 6., so put the 5 in grapes twice meaning I have 14 so enough to cross out 2 glasses

    1. I tried printing the v6 Rolling Realms in black and white just now and I don’t see any “ghosting.” Sorry I can’t be of much help.

      1. No problem, Thank you. It’s weird. The the icons have a weird ghosting – like the images were cut out and pasted on but the whites around the images are not an exact match for the background so you can see it. Another example is, in Viticulture, I can see the instructions for Between Two Castles behind it. It’s like there’s a layer behind it that’s not properly hidden or something. ¯\(ツ)/¯

  78. Hi Jamey,
    Thanks for giving this to us.
    A small question, not sure if you can help.
    I’m planning to play this with a few friends on Zoom or Skype. Sadly they do not have printers. I do have a printer, but the coloured ink ran out and I can’t get a new cartridge for it at the moment. So I was thinking about either building up a google sheet or bash up a quick website that can function as a sheet. Would you have any objection if I were to share this?

    1. Robbert: You could do that, though please know that it will continue to evolve. I think an easier way is to just have people use Adobe Acrobat to play along–you can write on top of a PDF in Acrobat.

  79. Hi !
    Thank you again for this awesome game :)
    4 questions on viticulture 6.1 :
    1) can a die gained with X coins can be use to mark a Grape for each die pipe ?
    2) can I adjust a die with 2 pumpkins and then mark a Grape with this adjusted die ?
    3) the second die must be a 6 to repeat an action. Can I adjust a 5 to a 6 to repeat an action ?
    4) “repeat an action this round” means that if I get a 6, I can perform 2 different actions ? 2 identical actions ? or 1 action and an other one that I made earlyer this round ?
    A big thank you !

  80. I noticed some bad grammar on my part last time! I’ll repost your answer to my questions here. Thanks for the answer!!!

    1) can i pay to adjust a die more than just 1 if i have enough pumpkins to do so (pay 6 to +/- 3).


    2) If i create a die to place in charterstone can i choose either rolled die to place in the crate?

    You may! :)

  81. Euforia, pair rolled. If i choose to use a die in one area, do i have to or can mark identical # in second area? Text indicate that i should, but in video you say you can. How is it? Thank you.

  82. If i understand well, i can for example cheaply buy 1# for 1 coin, then spend 3 pumpkins to elevate to 2# and then use this gained and adjusted die in a realm where another die was used, e.g. in Tapestry. Am i well?

  83. Thanks for this game. I will definitely try it soon :). Could you publish here or on BCG a change log to track what changes from one version to another?

  84. Hey Jamey, Thanks for making this fun game to play during this time! It’s fun and an easy game to play with friends over video chat. I have a couple questions for you though after playing (forgive me if you’ve already answered them)

    1) Do I have to play both dice or can I choose to not play one

    2) Related to that, can I place the dice and use resources in any order? For example, say I roll a 3 and 5 and by placing the 3 in a realm I unlock a coin that will let me get a 1 in Euphoria, which would give me a star, but the only realm I can legally put the 5 is Euphoria. Can I choose to make a 1 to get a star and not place the 5 at all?

    3) Can I use a die I created in a realm that allows multiple dice per round? If I place 1 die in between 2 castles and 1 in Wingspan can I create a third die and place it in the other castle? Or in Euphoria create a die that matches 1 of the 2 I rolled and place 2 of the 3 dice there?

    4) Can I pay 3 pumpkin to adjust a die 0 and place it in the same realm I already have this turn or do I have to adjust it +/- 1 in be eligible to be placed?

    5) The last one is a suggestion and not a question, but I saw a user state they think the Between Two Cities realm should only be eligible for stars equal to or less than the amount of numbers placed in that round. I really like that suggestion because without it that realm tends to get ignored even though the bonuses are there. At least those at our house tend to ignore it. We only place there if the die has no where else to go.

    Thanks again for creating this fun roll and write! We really like it here.

    1. Thanks Rob!

      1. If you’re able, you must play both dice.
      2. Yes, in any order.
      3. Mostly yes, but Euphoria looks specifically at the rolled dice, so no on that part.
      4. There is no 0 face on a d6, so you can’t adjust a die to a 0. :)
      5. Thanks!

      1. 3: In version 5 you declare that reused or gained die cannot be used in the same realm as rolled dice. So this answer should be NO in my opinion

        1. Jorge: The answer is yes, as some realms allow you to combine dice or use more than 1 die in that realm. But if a realm only allows 1 die, you can’t use another die there in the same turn.

          1. Thanks for the response Jamey. I have a couple more for you:

            1) Can i pay pumpkin to adjust the number that is being place in the crate below my chosen die in the Charterstone realm. Ex. Say i roll a 1 and 5 and place 5 there, but need the number below to be a 2 can i pay to do that?

            2) If i pay 3 pumpkin to place a die in the same realm i did before could i place it on the same side in Between Two Castles or Euphoria as the first die?

            Thanks again!

          2. Rob: (1) No, you’re just looking at the other die and noting it–it can’t be adjusted; (2) yes, it’s placed as if you haven’t already done something in that realm.

          3. If i pay 3 hearts to reuse a dice, can i then pay 3 pumpkins to +-1 and then play it in a realm in witch i already played ?

          4. Sorry 2 more for you:
            1) can i pay to adjust a die more than just 1 if i have enough pumpkins to do so (pay 6 to +/- 3).
            2) If i create a die to and place it in charterstone can i choose either die to place in the crate?

          5. No worries! Comments don’t nest well this deep, though, so can you post the new comment at the top instead of in this thread? :)

            1) can i pay to adjust a die more than just 1 if i have enough pumpkins to do so (pay 6 to +/- 3).


            2) If i create a die to and place it in charterstone can i choose either die to place in the crate?

            You may! :)

  85. Can I reuse dice multiple times in a turn when i have hearts for that? If yes, can it be applied on the same die, or i can reuse each die only once? Thank you.

      1. Does that count even if a realm allows multiple dice? Like Between Two Castles, can I use one of my reused dice or coin #s in the second castle in that realm if I’ve already played in the first one? It used to say that in the rules, but now it doesn’t and I wasn’t sure if that was because it was implied and you were saving space or what?

  86. Second game, v5. Everything fine now, rules are clear.

    Just one thing – I am wonder if anyone else have it: We experiences sore eyes in the end and we think it is because of graphics in scoring area. To be clear, it is something with dots around pumpkins. They are unpleasant for our eyes.
    Just 5 cents. :) We will play it anyway

    1. Thanks! The reason for that is that it’s a guide for you to circle the pumpkins you earn (then cross them out when you spend them).

      That said, I’m not a graphic designer–I did my best to make this in a way that functions, but I know it doesn’t look good. :)

  87. For Between Two Castles, “those below” means in the same column directly below or all columns in the levels below?

  88. I made lengthy post on Youtube and I don’t want to overwhelm this page. I would suggest checking it out. I hope my thoughts may help improve the game. Even if I appear harsh, it’s all because I wanna help make the best game possible. Good luck!

  89. You said you wanted to add pumpkins into tapestry somehow. How about for completing the big diagonals. Or 1 for each of the big corner squares 🤔

  90. Add pumpkin bonus to Tapestry by gaining hearts for filled BIG squares with dots and pumpkins for those without. Could be represented graphically by placing the icon in the center of each square.

      1. Text could resemble that of BTC “Gain bonus for completing each BIG square” and then just rely on the icon in the center of the square to dictate the type of bonus gained.

  91. I introduced this game to my roommates and at first they were intimidated, they said the sheet felt cluttered. After walking through with them the first game, they felt better with it. Overall, it’s a extremely fun game, great for our stay-at-home order. I guess the feedback would be to move the rules, instructions for each world, and pay bonuses to a different sheet, leaving just the play area, resources, and scoring on the second page. It does make it two-sheets, but if rules are revised, they only need to print off the rules sheet.

  92. If this is a repeat question I apologise, can gained resources be used throughout the game or only in the round in which they were gained?

  93. Hi Jamey, are those two dots in last column of Tapestry by design? There is none in penultimate column, so it looks like a little bug to me :)
    I play it that every dot is a star if it is covered by full row or column. I hope that’s right.

    1. There are 2 dots in each of the 3 big columns of Tapestry, which is correct. I’m not sure how you’re playing, but the correct way is to fill in all of the non-dot spaces in a big row or column to score a star. If you watch my playthrough on YouTube, I explain it there.

      1. A-ha! I didn’t get that I should not draw over the dots! It is much clearer now, thank you!
        I think it is the same for Between two castles – one should not draw number over gates, I hope :)

        Anyway, really nice game!

      1. Hmm, is it good for player’s freedom to choose own strategy? Because if all players have the same three realms, and use the same dice result in each turn, maybe then they haven’t enough flexibility in game. My opinion. All players then can play exactly the same decision and put die result on exactly same realms. Or I misunderstand something??

        1. It’s like any other infinitely scaling roll-and-write game: Yes, all players *could* do the exact same thing. But that’s not what happens, as there are so many choices regarding how you use the dice and the bonuses you earned. The balance of the game hinges on all players using the same 3 realms at the same time.

          1. OK, so the game works just like That’s Pretty Clever. I’ve just translate it in Croatian for our quarantined people. Stay good and make many good games. :)

  94. On your YouTube feed you seem to be using 2 earned pumpkin for a Star. Is this correct as cannot see that ruling on the printed version(4)?

      1. Quick question, in charterstone, can you mark a bonus with a dice, and pay 1 coin to use a 1 value die on the crate ? Or can you just write “real” die on the crates ?

  95. In the Charterstone square, can I score multiple stars on one die if the number matches multiple crates that have the number on the die but have not yet been scored?

  96. Hi, many thanks for this game. Could you send me an editable format (I prefer the PDF) to translate it into Italian? Thanks, I’m waiting for feedback.

    1. Because it’s a living game, I’m just providing the same English PDF for everyone. But I think there might be an Italian translation already available on the Stonemaier Games Facebook page (look in the comments).

    2. Hi! Thank you for a new game to play with my game group via video chat this weekend! Have one rules questions. As of now, and I understand this could change, am I allowed to adjust a die into a sum 7 or double as long as I don’t spend coins or pumpkins to take advantage of them being a sum 7 or a double? Or can I never under any circumstance adjust the dice into a sum 7 or a double? Thank you again, looking forward to playing with you today on Facebook.

      1. Thanks Perry! If, say, a 1 and 5 are rolled, you could spend a pumpkin to write down a 6 instead of a 5. However, doing so would not create a sum of 7 that you could use coins for.

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