Jamey Stegmaier | Art & worldbuilding by Jakub Rozalski

Scythe is an engine-building, asymmetric, competitive board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor.

1-5 Players

115 minutes | $90 MSRP

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Created by lead designer Jamey Stegmaier with the assistance of Morten Monrad Pedersen (solo variant) in the stark but beautiful world of artist Jakub Rozalski, Scythe successfully funded by Stonemaier Games via Kickstarter from October 13-November 5 and was released in August 2016. You can follow the progress of the game on BGG.

Card sizes (for sleeves; this includes all cards in the Kickstarter versions):

44x67mm: 42 cards
57x87mm: 58 cards
70x110mm: 64 cards


It is a time of unrest in 1920s Europa. The ashes from the first great war still darken the snow. The capitalistic city-state known simply as “The Factory,” which fueled the war with heavily armored mechs, has closed its doors, drawing the attention of several nearby countries.

Scythe (1-5 players, 115 minutes) is a board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor.

In Scythe, each player represents a fallen leader attempting to restore their honor and lead their faction to power in Eastern Europa. Players conquer territory, enlist new recruits, reap resources, gain villagers, build structures, and activate monstrous mechs.

Each player begins the game with different resources (strength, victory points, movement capabilities, and popularity), their choice of several faction-specific abilities, and a hidden goal. Starting positions are specially calibrated to contribute to each faction’s uniqueness and the asymmetrical nature of the game.

Scythe gives players almost complete control over their fate. Other than each player’s individual hidden objective cards, the only elements of luck are encounter cards that players will draw as they interact with the citizens of newly explored lands and combat cards that give you a temporary boost in combat. Combat is also driven by choices, not luck or randomness.

Scythe uses a streamlined action-selection mechanism (no rounds or phases) to keep gameplay moving at a brisk pace and reduce downtime between turns. While there is plenty of direct conflict, there is no player elimination, nor can units be killed or destroyed.

Every part of Scythe has an aspect of engine-building to it. Players can upgrade actions to become more efficient, build structures that improve their position on the map, enlist new recruits to enhance character abilities, deploy mechs to deter opponents from invading, and expand their borders to reap greater types and quantities of resources. These engine-building aspects create a sense of momentum and progress throughout the game. The order in which players improve their engine adds to the unique feel of each game, even when playing one faction multiple times.

Scythe Expansions

Invaders from Afar  The Wind Gambit  The Rise of Fenris

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739 Comments on “Scythe

  1. I’ve played the game on TTS and I just went all out! I bought the entire collection of Scythe and every accessory meeplesource had. I can’ wait to receive everything. Thank you Jamey for such a fantastic game.

  2. Hi, my son love to play with the mechs of Scythe but unfortunately broke one of Albion’s. I am very angry at him about that as it is my favorite game. Is it possible to get a single part like this to replace the broken mech? Or should I see with the French distributor?

  3. I recently got into Scythe and I absolutely love it, so much so that I bought all of the expansions and accessories. The metal coins and realistic resources are incredibly satisfying to play with. I noticed that the Invades from Afar expansion added the $50 coins.

    I was wondering if there were any plans on making a metal version of the $50 denomination?

  4. Just watched Legend of Korra for the first time and getting MAJOR Sycthe vibes. Any chance this was a source of inspiration? If not, you should definitely check it out, Jamey. The similarities are truly wild

  5. Hi Jamey, not sure if this is the right place to share this, but I finally finished the artwork and components for my Underdogs of Europa fan expansion for Scythe, which I’d been working on since last year (you might remember I queried you about obtaining wooden faction pieces for it). I’ve posted it here to share with the Scythe community: If you have a chance to take a look, I would be honoured!

  6. Hello,

    As an avid fan of Scythe, and someone who will buy any variation/expansion of it, I’d like to request that you look into possibly doing a different standalone game but with the same type of gameplay. Could it possibly be set somewhere else in the world and have different factions with new abilities? The possibilities with Scythe seem to be endless and the fan base hasn’t seemed to have died down either. 😋

    I totally understand why something like this wouldn’t end up being produced, but would be overjoyed if Scythe could get some type of revamp/expansion in the future…

    Thanks for taking the time to read!

      1. Jamey – am already setting aside the funds for that one! Scythe has been the cornerstone of my return to board gaming and I loved Rise of Fenris! Thanks for many years of fun with friends and family!

      2. Jamey,

        I love the Scythe mechanics, but the theme/art are distasteful to me, which is why I haven’t purchased it. When I buy games, I like theme to represent a world I’d like to jump into.

        My ideal world would be Scythe mechanics with the Tidal Blades setting/art. I would buy the base game and all expansions if that combo happened!

        Fortunately, you’ve already given us My Little Scythe, which has been one of my favorite games this year, and I keep wanting another play! Thank you!

      1. Grate! I both the expansion Rise of Fenris but there Im missing popularity token, power token, 4 structure tokens. Somehow i receive 2 action tokens 12 star tokens 7 recruit tokens.I can send you picture to show you that. If it possible to send me that spear parts i will pay for that no problem for that. And i wont to have one spear main board, but that I will little wait. And is it possible to send that spear parts? What I need to do? Thank you.

  7. Hello, I got the exapnsion “invaders from a far” as a christmasgift. When i open the box a couple of weeks ago some piezes were missing in the box. How do i get a full set?



  8. Hi, I tried to order the Scythe complete rulebook, but I see it has gone from “pre-order” to “unavailable”. Has it just been delayed, or is it sold out? Do you know when you’re expecting stock in of the spiralbound version please? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your question! You can sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock (on the store page), and I think we may have a small amount left after we finish this round of fulfillment. After that, we’ll likely print more. :)

      1. Hi Joe,

        I held off myself on preordering only because I saw indicated that there would be a hardcover version released later, but I should have asked, do you guys have an approximate date/quarter/ets your targeting for its release? As in, would I be better just ordering the spiral bound one now or waiting?

        – AJ

        1. The hardcover version will probably not be released until next year. I don’t have a hard date for it yet. So it’s up to you if you’d like to wait! Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter for more information about the hardcover version.

  9. Hi,

    Are there plans to make a new achievement sheet available with all (including all expansions) factions available?


  10. I asked for Scythe and ALL the add ons for my birthday (can you think of a better way to spend lock down?).

    My 9 year old (Joseph) was interested and watched me playing solo. He asked to play and so I let him take on Saxony Automata with the Rusviets. With a little help, he won. He then wanted to play me. The first game was a bit one sided but the second (him Rusviet and me Saxony was 83 / 73).

    At one stage he even attacked and only used a 2 power card forcing me to use 7 power and a 5 combat card!!!

    I am going to have to watch him closely.

    This is testimony, I think, to a game which is easy to pick up with layer after layer of complexity.

  11. I’m a huge fan of Scythe and have bought most of the upgrades for it, including every faction’s combat dial, but I lost the Polonia dial at some point. Is the replacement parts form only for when a game arrives with missing pieces? Alternatively, is there any way I can purchase the combat dial without re-purchasing the entire game?

  12. Had an amazing time playing today with my family for father’s day. There was an epic turn in which my brother held large swaths of land, including the factory and was poised to end the game any moment. I had to gamble, mobilizing troops to conquer more territory and score additional points before the game ended, or setup next turn to gain 8 additional coins while I made the move onto more territory. I played risky, setup for next turn, and was successful. My brother focused on moving into the next popularity bracket to increase his point multiplier instead of ending. On his next turn, he attacked, ending the game. Even with all his 6 stars, I was victorious, reaping 85 coins by the end between territory, building bonuses, and 4 stars. I highly recommend the game, there’s some balancing issues here and there, but by far, it’s one of the most unique, enjoyable games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing.

    1. Scythe does come with a small deck of 42 Combat Cards, in various numbers. These cards are smaller than all other cards in Scythe.

  13. Hello! First of all i would like to say that i love this game. Gameplay, artwork, balance, theme are all amazing!
    I sleeved my objective cards in 56mm x 87mm insted of 57mm x 87mm that is recommended.
    They just fit. Did anyone use the same size sleeves? Is there any chance that the tight fit can destroy the cards? Sorry about this stupid question but i dont want to destroy this piece of art!

    1. Hi Kostas! I see you asked on this Facebook as well. You’ll get a lot more people to see your post there. And neither Jamey nor I sleeve our cards, so we’re no help! :)

  14. Hi all,

    Just wanted to say that I love the game sooo much and that the service and dedication of Stonemaier Games is incredible.
    I also just received my replacement part, I was missing a single white Mine structure and asked if they could send me a replacement if it wasn’t too much of a hassle. And they did without hesitation!

    So thanks for making this amazing game and keep up the wonderfull service!!

    Greetings from Belgium :)

  15. Hi everyone!

    Scythe is by far the best game my girlfriend and I have played, and it inspired our love of the hobby too. This inspired us to create a board game review channel, and the first review is Scythe!

    We would love if you could check it out or share it with friends and family you might be trying to get to play/buy Scythe.

    While we are here we would also like to say thanks to everyone involved in making Scythe, and the countless hours of fun it has provided us and our friends!

  16. HI, I’ve got all expansions and basically everything Scythe has to offer including the metal mechs, great game I love it. My Invaders from afar box got destroyed accidentally and I would like to replace it. Is there a chance that I can purchase just the boxsomewhere?
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that the only Invaders boxes we have are in shrinkwrap with expansions inside of them–we don’t have spare boxes. The good news is that quite a few people consolidate Invaders and other Scythe materials into the Legendary Box. So you could either get the Legendary Box or post on Board Game Geek that you’re looking for a spare Invaders box, and I bet someone has one that they can send to you if you pay the shipping cost.

  17. I’ve bought SCYTHE and a clan’s Structures is missing, one of the Power Modules is damaged and the box is damaged from the inside. Having contacted you many times, as well as the retailer from whom i bought the game, one solution of yours was to return the game to the store and have it replaced with a new one. The retailer was not willing to replace it, so i contacted with you again, and the answer from Mr. Stone was the following:

    “Unfortunately, we are not willing to do that as we can make your game whole by shipping parts and a little glue will fix the box.”

    Having payed 85 euros for a damaged game, i got frustrated and answered this:

    Sorry Mr. Stone, but I did not pay 85€ for DIY constructions. The box is damaged, as well as some components and the least I can do is to request for a replacement of the game. I still have its receipt that I received when buying it on Monday.

    I never got a response again, for the past 5 days… Tell me guys what to do…

    1. Evangelos: It is very easy to replace the missing structures and the dented power dials, and we’re doing that for you (Alan would have replied sooner, but he was out of town this weekend). As for the small tear on the inner lining of your game box, we offered you a small refund, but ultimately that peeling corner of the inner lining does not impact the durability or longevity of the box (and definitely not the gameplay of Scythe). I hope you can find it in yourself to enjoy the game, as Scythe is so much more than a peeling corner in the cardboard of the inner lining.

      Here is a photo of the peeling paper on the inside of the box:

    2. Good morning Joe and Jamey!

      I and my friends have been playing a lot of the digital version of Scythe on Steam lately, especially during the ongoing health crisis. It seems we’re not alone either—the servers appear to have had a large uptick in people since about March as well. I was hoping to ask whether there are plans, either in the works or even just in discussion, to add the Wind Gambit or even the Rise of Fenris at sometime in the future to the digital version as well!

      Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe!

      – AJ

  18. Hello, my copy of Scythe did not come with an Automa rulebook. Is this something that was supposed to be in the box? Is it possible to get a replacement copy of these rules?

  19. Hello, I was wondering if I can still buy the invaders from afar expansion of scythe. It’s the only one that I don’t have and I can’t find anywhere to order it for sometime now.

  20. Hi,

    Does anyone know if the Broken Token trays can be used without the Legendary Box? I have every expansion but want to keep the original and Fenris boxes; will they fit in these?


  21. Player mats need to be fixed in future versions. “Trade” needs to be changed to “Gain”, I’ve been playing this wrong for so long! Wording is extremely crucial in boardgames, I’m surprised you guys didn’t catch this. Other than that this game is fantastic!

  22. Hi Jamey,
    Quick question. Can Rusviet use their relentless ability with a factory card? ie can they use the factory card, then immediately use it again the next turn?

    Thanks so much!

  23. Hello! I was wondering what the white box component type thing was on the side of the box bottom? I thought it was how it all fits inside, but it wasn’t exactly lining up. Thanks

      1. I meant the picture on the side that shows how it fits in the box, but it didnt seem right for the box… or is it how it fits in the box and im just losin my marbles?

          1. Consider my marbles lost! This is an amazing game you guys have here. Thanks for the help

  24. AJ – I appreciate the comments and thoughts. thanks for that. And i do appreciate that part of the game: i very much appreciate that the point is not simply to go over and destroy an opponent. Love the metaphor of the scythe, yes. I suppose i could state my question better as a concern: after a couple of games, i’d gotten the “is that it?” feeling, b/c it felt as if…. what?…. as if there is no strong objective in the game, maybe? A lot of engine building, and then that engine is ready to go, but then the game ends in adding up the “best engine”… Feels like there wants to be more of a goal ON THE BOARD…. something more to do with … hmm, with winning or restarting the Factory, for example, or in controlling a dominant empire of territory on the board, or….??? Thoughts? I am NOT trying to just beat up or denigrate the game; we’re planning a family game this weekend, in fact, and cant wait. One thing i noticed is that, with 4 players, you start out already pretty crowded on the playing board. I mean, it’s not so much a question of winning control of Europa, as in flat out bumping up against the factions on either side of you! In fact, after a couple of games i found myself wishing i could design a (bigger?) playing board that handled more ebb and flow across territories, gains and losses of land and village and resource, etc. I have looked at the expansion board and will probably buy it, but thought i should get some games under my belt with the original set, before moving on….

    1. Thanks for your in-depth thoughts, Samuel! While we here at Stonemaier try to answer every question posted on this page, you’re really asking for a value judgement and/or an opinion. And we’re not the most unbiased group of people to ask this question to.

      If you’d like to get more people to see your question, I’d suggest asking it in the Scythe Facebook Group:

      If you have any rules questions, that’s a great place to ask too!

    1. Scythe is unique in that it is an uneasy game of tension in which you have to stockpile armaments to fend off would-be attackers or opportunists but in which you also don’t usually go looking for battle yourself. I believe if memory serves correctly that this was a core and intentional design choice, marrying Euro-style engine building games with American-style war games (hence even, “Scythe”, a tool of farming and war). That uneasy feeling you feel, it’s good! It’s, I dare say even, the point :)

  25. hello, all. I have a general question about gameplay in Scythe… wonder what you all think. I bought Scythe a couple months for my son’s birthday; have played just 5-6 games with my kids and wife only. We love the game, but still fairly new to it. So, maybe there are nuances ive yet to discover (not to mention maybe some of the additional expansions) about the game? Anyway, here’s my question: after having played a few games, now, i am left with the feeling that i have DONE ANYTHING YET, when the game ends. In other words, its not REALLY about taking territory, or conquest of the board, or overcoming the other players, etc etc. I know that that is sort of NOT the point, which is cool (it’s not a “killing, fighting, winning” game, as my young daughter, who doesnt like combat and losing to her brother, etc) puts it. i get that that’s not the point. But, still, i feel like im missing something. I feel like ive built up my forces, and am ready to go…….. and then the game ends. Anyone else have that feeling? Am i missing some part of strategy or some actions that give more sense of the “attempting to restore … honor and lead … faction to power” that the description of the game (above) mentions? I notice that my family doesn’t fight many combats. Is that something that others have found to be more integral? Kicking other factions back to the home base and taking their resources? or…. something else, like that, that might make the game ‘play’ differently than how my family tends to play it? thanks in advance.

    1. The same here. I thought such happened because we are just 2 players. We love the game anyway for many reasons but we’d certainly like to find out a way to effectively twist the rules yo make it more challenging and make more things happen. Any ideas?

  26. Hello,

    I’ve purchased a copy which has just arrived. It all looks awesome. However, my copy only contains the parts to make the combat dials (both the cardboard pieces and plastic connectors) for the Polania and Nordic factions. Is it possible to arrange to get the other 3?


      1. Hi Mark,

        Not sure where you are based but you can order them. If you are in the UK, try Boardgamextras

  27. Hello Stonemaiergames!

    I have two questions about rules of the game:
    1)about produce in top-row actions:
    What is the maximum amount of resource tokens a player can produce in one turn if he has 8 workers and a mill on one territory? 9 or only 4?
    2)about move in top-row actions: Can a player move one unit twice in a turn? or need move two different units?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. I’ll be happy to answer your questions!
      1. If they’re all on the same hex and that hex produces, you would get 9 resources (one for each worker and one for the mill).
      2. They must be two different units.

  28. Dear Stonemaiergames

    I have collected Scythe and all expansion and extra boards together with the legandary box, insert from Broken Token, metal coins and kickstarter cards and items. However, one card is missing from one of the boxes. I am not sure who to contact?

    Best from Denmark

  29. Any change you guys could have more add-ons to “refresh” Scythe game… such as maybe more Factory cards? Only 18 to choose from kinda of starting to see same repeating cards. It’s starting to become boring. Unlike 74 Encounter cards — plenty of variants to use for each game. How about some “wild” combat cards? When draw one, roll those mech dices to get a number. How about a few treasure chest or something (with hundred different variants of content) to spread out on board by using randomizer cards to place them — whoever choose to uncovers it, gets either a reward, a surprise, gains/losses, etc. Something to make each games more variants, rather than the usual same thing over and over. Maybe 1-2 more factions that does not use mechs or airships, instead it has something else — more unique, more powerful. Like the Tesla, but with a character and workers, etc. Rather than all have same mechs, character and airships.

    1. Hi Steve! Thanks for your suggestions, but we don’t have any plans for more expansions, even small ones. I just don’t want to get your hopes up.

  30. I have a question regarding the Triumph Log in a campaign — the 2 combat columns. I assume if I won one combat in an episode, I mark the first column. If I won two combats, I mark both columns. Let’s say I completed the first column for one won combats (multiple episode). If I want to finish the 2nd column, I would have to win two combats in order to check a box in that column? Right?

    1. You can mark a combat star in either column, assuming you stick to the rule of only one mark per column per game.

      1. I see. Thanks, Joe. Perhaps I think you guys should add this to “Unofficial Variants” by doing the first column for 1st combat win and second column for 2nd combat win per episode (two combat wins per row per episode). In case only one combat was won in an episode, only the first column will be marked. In case the first column was all filled before the 2nd column — the remain 2nd column can only be marked if two combats was won per episode. Suppose one combat was won, then it won’t be counted toward the 2nd combat column. I think this makes it more challenge to earn $25 each columns at end of campiage. I hope this makes sense.

  31. Hi Jamey! I absolutely love Scythe—It’s become my favourite game of all time and many others by extension in our group. I know you’ve mentioned before more than a year back that you didn’t have plans to release metal characters and/or airships but I was hoping to see if this maybe has changed… or at least, if not, if I could re-put it out there for your considerations. I can see broadly in the community the love of Scythe is still very much alive and strong, that you’ve made something wonderful here, and I think it would be highly well received if you were to consider these… Food for thought anyway! :)

  32. hey stonemaier games i just recently got the invaders from afar expantion and i was wondering what you do if you are playing the purple faction and you are using the sutton ability which alows you to play +1 combat card on lakes what happens if there are no other factions that can go onto lakes? please let me know thanks!

    1. The Suiton ability also allows your character and mechs to move to and from lakes. So even if you can’t use the combat ability, it’s still pretty useful.

  33. Hello, love this game. Incredible. I saw somewhere that there’s another expansion coming out. Is that true? If so, is there any information about this?

      1. The best game in my collection presently – especially after the Rise of Fenris expansion – I know Jamie said no more expansions but I sincerely hope that there’s a future reconsider of this and another campaign in the vein of Fenris is launched.

  34. The game is cool. Only, teach your employees how to form sets correctly. Instead of blue chips, they put two sets of black ones.

  35. Hello, it’s me again. can someone explain how the retreat function in the Nordic Factions mech ability Sea Worthy works? We have it understood that if the Nordic faction looses a combat, they can either retreat to their home base or any open lake. If this is not how it is intended to run I would love to be enlightened.

    1. Hey Nic! Here’s how the rule book explains Seaworthy: “Your character and mechs can… retreat onto adjacent lakes.”

      So you can only retreat to adjacent lakes, but otherwise you’re correct.

  36. Hi I bough the basic game here in Chile, all the pieces of the game are incredible but there is and exception with the resources pieces, they are made paperboard with an impression and as well the quantity is low there is only few per kind I needed to usted the coins to remplace them. Incredible game and I really needed to say this.

  37. How come there is no PDF version of the Japanese rule book under “The Rule Book (Many Languages)” file? In addition, can I order a print copy of the rules and card references in Japanese?
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Edward & Kumi! The different translation rulebooks can be available from the publishers who handle that translation. You can ask Simon at Arclight about their Japanese translation of the rulebook at this address:

  38. So you’ve basically ruined my life; I am obsessed with this game! Fantastic concept and the solo play is HARD. Awesome game.

  39. I live in Canada I bought the game and I loved it. I travelled to Ecuador and brought the game with me to play with friends. They were amazed! It was something they never experienced before.

  40. I bought the invaders from afar expansion and never got workers for the Clan Albion workers. I did get an extra 4 enlist cylinders, power token, popularity token, and decision pawn. Is there a way I can prove that and get the workers?

  41. Ok, thanks a bunch for looking into it. We’ll just ha e to continue to play with the parameters. We’ll wait for the RoF rules to get posted. Thanks again for all your help!

  42. My apologies, meant Invaders from Afar. We haven’t been able to locate the Rise of the Fenris rule book on your site.

      1. Ok, got desperate and went to Office Depot to print. They ran into the same problems and said the file with each image is too long to print on a regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper. They tried to adjust the image for print and ran into the same issue as I did. When adjusting the image to attempt to fit the page, it either cuts part of the page off or distorts the image and writing to the point where it’s not really legible. Don’t really know where to go from here. I can email images of what we’ve tried to print out and what it comes out like. Thanks again for any help.

          1. LOL!!! Great Idea! Don’t know why we didn’t think about that from the start?!! Problem solved. You’re the best! Thanks so much for the help!!!

  43. Hey, I really enjoy the game and my playgroup does too. We tried to download all of the rules from your site so we can put them in a binder and won’t mess up the original rule books. The downloads for all the documents except the base rules are horrible. They all have these color bars and black and white bars at the top of the page and the Fenris rules are all too skinny and don’t fit the page in pdf. Why is that? Thanks for the help.

    1. The color bars are there because these files are the same as the ones we send our printer–you can just ignore them. You may need to reduce the printing size/zoom level of Fenris, as it’s not based on standard page size.

      1. Hello, thanks for the insight. We’ll ignore the color bars. As far as the adjustments. We’ve tried everything within PDF to adjust the size. Zooming, reducing, fill, expand, adjust to fit page. Nothing works. I think it’s something with the file itself. We’ll play with it some more but I doubt we’ll have different results. Thanks again for the insight and prompt reply.


  44. Encounter 44: “discard this card after you take a top-row” action to move your character to any Mine or tunnel.”

    Is it legal to take a “Move action” by displacing your character and combatting an opponent THEN after the combat, use the encounter card to move to the mine of the same opponent and combat him again? This trick happened in a real game to weaken the opponent for the second combat. A disagreement arose that all movements should have beeb made before both combats.

  45. Hi, could someone please confirm to me with regard to objective card 19 with respect to occupying 5 territories around a lake if these means ONE lake tile or an actual lake as you would see it from the board? Thank you.

  46. Good day. I’m glad that I knowing this awesome game from youtube.
    I had found out in this website, there is some multi language rules books for players like us from other region to download, but for Scythe Quick Reference Guide – Chinese many missing wording, will anyone plan to amend that??


  47. Hey Jamie, this game is a masterpiece!!
    I have almost completed all extensions and upgrades. I am introducing Scythe to all my friends.

  48. Hi, my name is David. I notice you have a form for missing or damaged parts in shipment. My original board has a lot of time on it. Its getting worn on the edges,w just how to get a replacement?

    1. David: Sure, if you’d like a replacement for your board, please fill out the replacement parts form. Optionally, if you’re so inclined, you can pay for postage (my helpers will tell you how), as the postage fee for shipping a board is quite expensive.

  49. Seems like four unpowered mechs would be defenseless. What good is a machine that is not being powered? A tank, plane or boat that is not powered would be just as useless.

    You can always house rules something you prefer and find more fun, but I think a lot of people would strongly disagree Scythe is completely broken because an unpowered mech can’t fight.

    1. I have found the game to be Balanced and Fun!! Still one of my favorites. I still am waiting patiently for my Metal Mechs.

  50. Jamey: I just wanted to praise something about the game that maybe gets less attention. The rules are just fantastically well written. I have been a board gamer for 50+ years and my pet peeve is badly written rules: incomplete, ambiguous, arcane. The Scythe rules are a model of all that rules should be: clear, comprehensive, and easy to follow. I know this is weird, but I can read them over again just for their ‘literary’ quality, not because, as with some games, you need a dozen reads to figure out what the rule is. Congratulations.

    1. Thank you so much, James! While our rulebooks haven’t always been perfect (we often make small tweaks over time), we put a lot of effort into designing them so you can (a) learn the game from them and (b) easily reference them for questions in the future.

      1. Jamey, I didn’t intend to respond, but I just read your blog on constructive criticism and not getting follow-up feedback, so I thought I’d do both. In that category, I’ll point out that the one place in all Scythe rules where I encountered a case of unresolved lack of clarity is in the Desolation module. Unlike the rules for Tesla, there’s no explanation of what happens when the Desolation array moves into a corner at the board edge. Is it intended that they just stall there unless a movement in a different direction comes up? That seems like a cheat. Since there’s no mention of it, I had to wing it. I encourage you to continue to put so much effort into perfecting the rules, if only to avoid such little disappointments in an otherwise excellent result.

        1. Thanks James! We encountered that in playtesting, so I thought I addressed it in the rules…let’s see. So, you’re right that the Movement section doesn’t cover this situation. But units can only move onto territories, and there aren’t territories off the side of the board. So if a Desolation movement wants to move up but there is no territory above it, it just wouldn’t move (potentially giving players a brief reprieve).

          1. Thanks for clarifying. That’s how I understood. It is a nice break, especially in the one player version!

  51. Hey Jamey.
    I imagine you think that neoprene mats are better than cardboard, since you have released one.
    Will the Modular Board be re-released in neoprene?

    I’m already a bit annoyed that I have a Scythe neoprene map, that probably won’t be used when I get the Modular Board 😒

    1. Rene: The modular board is a completely separate combination of a new board and new tiles, both designed for each other. We’re only making one version of it, but it doesn’t replace anything–you can still play with the neoprene board whenever you’d like. :)

  52. Where, oh where is my modular game board? Cannot wait for it!!!! I think it will be amazing!! Scythe is now definitely our favorite game ever!

  53. Will the digital edition ever get a 3DS release? according to my game design course its free unless you want physical cartridges made.

  54. Regarding the rules, if player A moves his mech along with his workers to attack player B, if player B successfully defends against player A and forces player A’s worker back to his home, does player B loses popularity for that?

  55. I’m interested in a full set of metal mechs if you make new ones. Just wanted that recorded somewhere! Love the game. Thanks!

  56. I purchased scythe today, went home and opened it, excited to play, but just realized my game is missing the white wooden heart?! Am I able to get one mailed to me??

  57. Hi Jamey,
    My wife and I are excited to buy and play the game. Should we wait for the modular board to come out or is it an add on?

    1. Please delete previous comment, didn’t see question load
      Thank you for your response! We ordered and are excited to play :)

  58. Hi Jamey,
    Will the Scythe modular board be an add on or will a revised edition come with it? My wife and I are really excited to buy the game and try it, but not sure if we should wait for the modular board.
    Thank you!

  59. Hi Jamey

    I have played my copy of Scythe probably less than twenty times and the printed part of the board is peeling off of the cardboard at the joints. I am in Canada and am looking for a replacement base game board or a neoprene playmat without having to replace the whole game. Do you know what my cheapest options are? Thank you in advance.


    1. Caitlin: Thanks for letting me know. Have you tried a touch of glue? That’s how the paper is originally applied to the board, so it might fix it quite well. The neoprene mat is available from Inked Gaming, and if the glue doesn’t work, you could fill out our replacement parts form to get another board from our helper in Canada.

  60. So I just bought this game about a month ago and new years eve some friends and I decided to get a game together. After getting everything set up re realized we were missing combat cards. Since I purchased it through amazon do I have to return it there or is there any way I can just get the cards?

  61. Just brought out my expansion for the first time and got two monuments for the Togawa faction (missing the armory). Love the game so far!

  62. The digital version looks awesome. Unfortunately only available on Steam…

    Are there any plans brining it on GOG as well? If not, please get in touch with them! :)

  63. good afternoon Jamey,

    Are the mini’s already primered and ready for painting? Just getting started and would like to paint the mini’s… they are so nice and would look incredible with a bit of paint.

    Thank you sir,


    1. Mike: I’m not a painter myself, so I’m not sure, but there are tons of people in the Scythe Facebook group who have painted the miniatures. I’m just not sure if they need to primer them or not.

  64. Thank you so much for this great game. Just wanted to ask if there is any plans for a miniature game set in the same world, something similar to Iron Harvest, but with miniatures. That could really be something I think.

    1. To my knowledge, Jakub doesn’t have any novels in the works, but he did coordinate the creation of an anthology of short stories set in his 1920s universe. I think it’s only available in Polish, though.

  65. Hi Jamey, this is my question:
    I started Rise of Phoenix with my friends; one of them in the 2b Episode (peace) used Rusviet with Industial palyer mat. It was a total win for him.
    Now should we play the episode 2b again, or continue with the episode 3?
    Thanks : )

      1. Thanks : )
        I was thinking about add some stars or gold to the other players (the Rusviet win with 6 stars a 75 gold, the others have only two stars or less and max 35-40 gold)
        What do you think?

  66. Jamey,
    I wanted to say thank you. I don’t think I’m alone in the hobby when I say that social interaction outside of gaming is difficult for me. I like my time at the game board so much because I feel that people can sometimes see the real me there, in a way they can’t in my day to day life. One of the hallmarks of your company, and of you personally, is your level of interaction with your public that makes people feel seen.
    A while back, I put in that I thought faction t-shirts for Scythe would be a cool thing to make. I just got an email from MeepleSource today touting their Scythe faction shirts, and they look awesome. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you thank you for doing that, and making me feel seen and heard.
    It’s very easy for people outside the hobby to dismiss all this as so much cardboard and nonsense. With your company, you’ve built worlds. I and others have come to live in those worlds. And together we’ve built a community. That’s not nothing.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks Clinton! I strive to do as you described, to let you know that I see you, and I appreciate you.

      I’m excited about the Meeplesource shirts too. I ordered 3 of them for myself. :)

      I look forward to building more worlds with you and others!

  67. First of all.
    Thank you for a wonderful and beautiful game.

    Scythe is by far one of the best games I played. ( Top 3 for sure. )

    There is a lot of variants to the game with all the expansions.
    But the core board is always the same.

    My question is, will there be a new different board in the future?

    ( Sorry if the question already been answered. )

  68. Are the encounter cards that are on pre-order from Stonemaier Games numbers 28-41 and are they the same as the promo encounter cards available at Meeple Source?

  69. Dear Mr Stegmaier

    On battle.
    I struggle to understand why there is no incentive to target stronger opponents on the board. We play mostly with 5+ . Here is why I think this part of game is broken, there are zero incentive to try to beat a stronger opponent, if one is weak, no power, no cards why would you not attack this fraction as it only a risk to fight someone stronger? I know that every day war, dont pick on opponent stronger than you as you might get hurt, but it is a game and it should be fun. And to put insult to injury, the attacker always win a tie so you know in advance how to win as you can see zero cards and zero power.
    I play Nordic in Fenris, but if I got left Rusviet come with a worker on mech, if I right Chimean come via field/empty base and steal my one card, if I got via tunnel then Saxony come and if I got water Polania/Togawa. I can hug my island and grow stronger but so will my opponents.
    I think battle is cool, but this broken for some fractions.
    Kind Regards

      1. I seen that reply a few times from you and I agree about the engine-building, if it was not for the fact that two stars are to be earned by any fraction who can pick upon one weaken fraction.
        I am must be a masochist as I chose Nordic to to prove it wrong, but time and time again it just come for Nordic as they are easy picking if you match unit for unit. From ROF mods does help this challange I must admit.

  70. In the Rise of Fenris expansion, during the point of the game where you can switch to the Fenris faction, do you have to keep your same base when there are other open bases if your original faction was the Norse? It seems unbalanced that the Norse base does not have the means to produce additional workers without the ability to swim across the river, yet every other base has a village nearby.

      1. Right, but for balance purposes, isn’t it a disadvantage to play as Fenris from the Nordic Kingdom base considering they do not have access to a village without being able to cross rivers, whereas all other faction bases have a village within “walking” distance?

        In order for Fenris starting from the Nordic base to access a village, the Fenris faction would need to build a mech, but doing so with only two villagers to produce resources.

  71. Hello Mr Stegmaier,

    Will we see Gambit and Fenris coming to Tabletop simulator? I can see Gambit for Tabeltopia but I dont have that version and there is an mod for Tabletop Simulator but it not official I think.

  72. Hi, I just bought scythe and upon starting my first match, I’ve realized I have 2 white Armories and no White Mines. Is there a support desk I can talk to or a place where i can buy just a white Mine? Or am I stuck and have to make my own.

  73. Hello Jamey: I did not find the comment section on the Rise of Fenris expansion, I want to ask if the semi-official rules that are at the end of the expansion rules book about playing with multiple automas co-op, apply to play the campaign .


  74. Also if an airship moves into a space where a mech exists, can they pick up a resource and then leave as part of their continued movement

  75. Hi! Just played the Automa for the first time last night, and I’m blown away by how clever it is! One question: I have the Invaders From Afar expansion, and the rules in the Automa section mention replacing certain Automa cards the first time you play with the expansion. Are these permanent changes going forward, regardless of whether or not you’re playing as or against one of the new factions, or are these substitutions only for when Togawa or Albion are in the game? And if permanent, where can I get more of these replacement cards for additional Automa decks? Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Clinton. It’s words like those that keep us going with our Automa work.

      Yes, the replacement is permanent, but the replacement cards only add a few icons specific to Togawa and Albion. They have no effect when used with just the base game.

      You need at most 2 decks with the replacement cards and that’s only if you play a game where both Togawa and Albion are controlled by Automas.

      Later printings of the base game and extra Automa decks have the replacement cards instead of the original ones, so your decks might already have the replacement. Let me know if you don’t have two decks with the replacement decks then we’ll try to figure something out, so that you don’t have to buy a full new Automa deck to get those two cards.

  76. Hi, I was wondering. Could we get some art or information as an update the the world map of the game? Even after all the expansions, the only map shows only the main 5 factions. I am especially curious now with all the action surrounding the Factory, and since it is located on the territory of what would be my country. It would be awsome to at least get some clarifications on the border changes after the Great War and how that affected the current unknown countries of Europa.

    1. Vlad: I’m a little confused by your question. The map shows all 7 factions (5 from the core game, 2 from Invaders from Afar). The map is static, but if you’d like to know how the story of this area changes over time, I’d recommend reading the backstory in the rulebook for The Rise of Fenris.

  77. hey all, just curious how come its so hard to get the invaders from afar expansion for msrp? amazon has a few sellers offering it for 50-60 dollars.

  78. Will the last expansion (RoF) fit inside the box with the core game and the 2 additional expansions? Because, the insterts inside the Legendary Box are the same size as the first two expansions, but I think the Fenrir box will be bigger

    1. Here’s my answer to the same question you posted on the Legendary Box page (which is the right place for it): “Absolutely, all components inside all 3 expansions will fit inside the Legendary Box. You may need to try some different configurations (which may or may not include the filler tuckboxes), but it’ll fit.”

  79. Hi,
    daughter received Scythe & Invaders from Afar for her birthday yesterday. She’s very happy now. Looking forward to start playing this game. :)

  80. I bought a copy a month ago, and so far, it is great! I mostly play solo, and I beat the Automa 86-63!

  81. Hello Jamey,
    Could you give me an estimate on the physical weight of The Rise of Fenris. I’m unable to find this.
    Kind Regards,

  82. I don’t know if someone asked this but dont you think it’s a great material for a book ? I woud read the hell out of it :D

  83. Hi Jamey.
    I recently bought a pack of Mayday sleeves for the large cards. They seem to be a bit snug around the cards and cause a tiny bit of bend. Are there any other solutions for sleeving the large cards? I saw a survey you put up a while ago about custom sleeves. Did this ever happen?

    1. Clint: Thanks for your question. I’ve heard that some printings of Mayday sleeves fit better than others–if you contact them, they may send you replacements. We don’t have any custom sleeves.

  84. Jamey, thanks for the work you put into this game! My wife and I bought it since most games of this nature give you a handicap to play with only two people, but this is one, we can enjoy all the aspects of the game with just the two of us (or with a party). We really enjoy the constant threat of battle without the game being dominated by playing on the offensive. Finally, we enjoy that every game is so different, with many ways to win that give less experienced players a chance to still defeat the more experienced if they capitalize on things that others aren’t thinking of. To my shame, I still haven’t purchased the expansions since I feel like I haven’t exhausted the base game, a wonderful dilemma to have, but excited for when I do! Looking forward to many more evenings playing this game! Just wanted to let you know my appreciation and the fun my wife and I have with it.

  85. Hello
    a point of rule when a Mech of the Polish faction with the ability Camaraderie arrives on a territory where it only has workers, it provokes the flight but does the player lose points of popularity?
    The digital version of the game does not apply this effect.
    Thank you for your reply

  86. Hi Jaime. Any recommended brand of card sleeves for Scythe? I know FFG sleeves are a bit long for the 70x110mm cards.

  87. I love the game. My friends were a bit sceptical at first but turned around and share my enthousiasm. Now I have started to upgrade my scythe. I just bought the wind gambit and the 6 and 7 player upgrades.

    Is there a way I can get my hands on the colors of the artwork? I want to start painting my mechs and faction hero’s. There is so much paint out there that I have no idea what to get. Thanks in advance.

    Jeroen van Opdorp
    The Netherlands

    1. Thanks Jeroen! While I don’t know the colors of the artwork, the colors for the plastic we use for the miniatures is as follows:

      • Bear: White
      • Wolf: 426C
      • Monkey: 2612C
      • Tiger: 711C
      • Boar: 575C
      • Eagle: 7409C
      • Ox: 307C

      1. Thank you for the quick repley. The color of the base is not what I’m looking for because that would be the part that stays the same. (To identify the different factions) But I looked at bit deeper on this site. And I found some great artwork which I can use for painting.

  88. Hey Jamey and crew, you have smashed it out of the park with this game. Great work. Been playing for a while with the family. Keen to hear how people have powering down Rusviet? Even with Industry care removed they very powerful. Keen to hear what team recommends both how the game is setup and game play strategies. Can’t wait for 3rd expansion.

  89. Brilliant game. I’m terrible at playing it but the artwork, rules and strategies involved in the game are amazing.

  90. Hey Jamey, I am waiting for my local game store (“Your friendly neighborhood game store” (yes, that’s the name)) to get a copy. Can you tell us when the second printing is coming out? Are there any differences between the first and second printings? Also, any chance of rethinking the legacy add on?

    1. William: The second printing of Scythe shipped in September 2016. :) We’re now on the 9th printing, and it should be back with distributors in a few weeks. There are some minor typos fixed in the rulebook, but no mechanical changes. We’re not making a legacy version of Scythe, but the third expansion–The Rise of Fenris–is a campaign expansion with unlocks.

  91. Absolutely fantastic service! I sent a request for a blue star x1 and a blue meeple x1 as they were damaged in the box I bought. Without any need of me sending photos, paying for shipping or providing anymore info than what the issue was – I’ve been sent both pieces very quickly. The perfect example of great customer service, Thank you so much for making the process so easy! 10/10!

  92. Hi Jamey, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your incredible customer service. I had a problem with a couple of pieces, and you sorted out replacements at no cost immediately. I wish more businesses had your attitude, which I expect and hope will pay dividends in taking the Stonemaier brand from strength to strength. Scythe is a work of art that stands tall amongst its peers. Thank you for making board game night so much fun!

  93. Hello Jamey, I want to send you all my thanks and admiration for such excellent games, I am from Costa Rica, I bought Scythe from one of your re-sellers in Spanish, I am impressed!!! Mechanics, theme, strategies and tactics are perfect!! My favorite game so far with friends and family, we’ve got blown away 10/10!!! I am glad to realize that there is still people like you taking care of what a board game should be, I am waiting for Fenris to complete my collection.

    One question: Do you play chess? because in my opinion Scythe has a lot of it. For example if you compare then based on the strategies (looking into future moves = consequences) and tactics ( the best move = knowing what to do in the present) they are very similar on that and not all games provide such combination.

    1. Thanks David! I’m glad you’ve had so much fun with Scythe. :)

      I did play chess quite a bit when I was younger, so it’s possible that experience had a subconscious impact on the design of Scythe.

  94. I really wish I had found Scythe much sooner than I did, picked it up yesterday at a local game store and it has blown me away. Our first game lasted almost 4 hours because we were rereading the rules and catching mistakes as they happened but every second of it was a blast. I’m an adult and I can’t ever remember having this much fun playing a board game ever in my life and it was an experience I won’t soon forget, can’t wait to play more Scythe and get the expansion packs! Thank you Jamey Stegmaier for an amazing game.

    1. Steven: Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m really happy you had so much fun with your first play (especially given the playing time–I promise that time will decrease now that you all know the rules and can use the overlapping turn mechanism). Feel free to join the Scythe Facebook group if you’d like–it’s a great community.

  95. Just dropping a positive comment here, Scythe is hands down my favorite board game and I seriously doubt it will be dethroned anytime soon. I’m looking into buying all of your games over the next several months. Based on my experience and so many review videos out there it is so obvious how much thought and care you put into your games from both a mechanical and aesthetic point of view. Good luck with everything Jamey! You have lots of supporters! :D

  96. Dear Mr. Stegmaier,
    i really enjoy playing scythe, and i´m a huge Fan of the artwork, which for me is a key element for the “game feeling”. Sadly, the buildings in the game do not line up with the attention to detail that went into all the other game parts. Will there be something like realistic buildings available in the future?
    I´m also very excited about the next expansion!

  97. Do you have to take the entire bottom row action? Example: You pay whatever price is listed, however I do not want to take the enlist action at that time but I do want to take the 3 coins that come along with paying the bottom action price? ( The enlisting action would end the game)

  98. I just recently purchased my game through amazon as new and when I opened it and started to inspect all my pieces I noticed that one of my White Mechs is missing an arm. Is there a way to have this one piece replaced? I am in the Army and currently stationed in a remote location in Sinai, Egypt. Amazon arrives the quickest, but mail can take as long as 3 months to arrive or ship out.

    1. Travis: We can certainly send you a replacement part if you fill out the replacement parts form on our website. We ship via USPS. I’m not sure how reliable the Army’s forwarding system is (we would want to ship this to a US address and have them forward it to you), so it might be better for you to just play with the mech as is for now–it has character!–and send us an address in the US where you can pick it up the next time you’re here. Thank you for your service!

      1. Jamey: Thank you for the guidance to resolve this issue. I have completed the form and the game will go on. I have to say I read quite a few comments here and on the replacement parts page and I can say that I truly appreciate your customer service as much as I appreciate your game. Your success is admirable. Thank you!

  99. Bought Scythe here in UK. Do you know who may be selling the board game extension so can have a large game board? Art work looks lovely!

  100. Hello, As I’m considering to buy Scythe, I’m wondering if a Dutch version will be launched in the near future, as a few of our players don’t understand English that well. I’m going for the collector’s edition, but it seems not possible to get them in Belgian stores :-(

  101. Hi, my local mode shop recommended Charterstone, which we absolutely loved, and on the back of that we took the plunge and bought Scythe this week. I would just like to say that we’re blown away by the theme, build quality and game mechanics. This has rapidly become our favourite game (though we still love Charterstone), and we can’t wait to share it with the family/gaming group! Great game and thanks.

  102. I also received Scythe for my birthday :) and had the same problem as Joe: two male rivet pieces instead of a male + female piece. I submitted a request via the replacement parts form. My wife and I just watched a video on how to play and are super excited for our first game.

  103. Hello, I just received scythe for my birthday and am super pumped to play it. While I was opening all the components up I realized that one of the sets of retainers for one of the two dials came with two male sides and not one male one female. Can I get a single female side please, I am willing to pay for it and shipping. Thanks for your time, joe

  104. On the airship tile #14 “Reap” the last phrase says “produce +1 resource of that type here. My question is where is “here”? Is it on the ship or on the territory?

  105. This world is large and very captivating to think about. I love to imagine myself in this alternative world, with all of its unique details. I really wish there were more alternative eastern factions in it like Austro-Hungary; Romania; Finland, maybe even Turkey or balkan nations.
    I even have ideas for the names: Habsburgyar Empire (or Habsburgo-Magyar Empire); Rumanian Principality; Finnobaltic Commonwealth; Balkanic Federation and Turk Sultanate.
    I really hope to see the incredible alternative univers expand this way or at least to know more about the lore of it.
    If not with game expansions and material, then at least with some sort of story to show the lore, and more art about this, (maybe about common equipment and characteristics in those countries, and a more detaile map with those included). Please make it true. Greetings from Romania.

  106. I just picked up the Invaders expansion and the board extension. What a beautiful game! The flexibility of the Automa make this a real treat to play solo. Thank you for such a great game. I’m looking forward to the new expansion.

  107. Sorry if I’m being stupid, but I know that you can place flags on the factory, but because the factory counts as 3 tiles and the flag counts as 2, does that mean the factory is now 5 tiles if you place a flag on it, or 2?

    1. Khalil: The flag increases the value of a territory by +1 for end-game scoring (if you control the territory), so the factory with a flag under control of the Albion player counts as 4 territories for end-game scoring.

  108. Great work on this game Jamey! Scythe and Viticuture are quickly becoming two of my favourite games. My wife and I have played Scythe competitively, but we are spending more time now playing co-operatively against two automa opponents. It’s brilliant that it can be played in a variety of ways and I love the way that you put so much work into the solo mode and continue to support it in the expansions. Are there going to be any more reprints of the board extension and the metal coins? Thanks again for making these great games.

    1. David: I’m glad you and your wife have had fun playing against Automa opponents! Yep, we’re constantly reprinting everything Scythe related. :) More board extensions and metal coins should arrive in retailers in early November.

  109. Got the base game last week and played it with my gaming group a couple of times. Everyone loved it and is looking forward to playing more. I will be picking up the expansions for sure! Unfortunately, my current table is a little too small for the game, but I have been looking into purchasing a gaming table. Do you have an estimate of the recommended play area?(both with and without with the board expansion). Thanks!

  110. Fantastic game. I’m the type of gamer who likes to play many different games in a sitting. Scythe however has changes that. I have no problem playing it three times, one right after the other. My wife was skeptical when I showed her the review videos. Since our purchase in May, we have played it over 30 times. She loves it as much as I do. Now I’ve been slowly getting all the goodies to bling it out. We are in anticipation for the Wind Gambit expansion, and of course seeing what’s to come. Thanks for the great game’

  111. Ooooh Jamey I see a new scythe expansion is growing (5%)… you big board game brain, please let us insights into your new ideas! I’m so excited.

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm! It won’t be until after The Wind Gambit releases that we talk about the final expansion–there’s lots of work to be done on it in the meantime. :)

      1. I was very happy to get a German copy of Scythe (currently there is no more on the market).
        Then I got directly the “Invaders from Afar Expansion” and I am incredibly looking forward to “The Wind Gambit Expansion”.
        Now I see that there one more idea grows, that makes me very happy. Thanks for your courage to turn your ideas into reality.
        Through your games (Viticulture and Scythe) I meet again after 18 years with my school friends to play.

  112. will the extra automata decks sold on meeplemarket or other retailers will include the Invaders from Afar cards ? thank

    1. If you don’t have Invaders from Afar, you don’t need the Invaders from Afar Automa cards. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the question? When did you get your copy of Scythe?

      1. got it last week.

        suppose I buy the Invaders from afar, and then multiple copies of the automa deck to play against many opponents, will the extra automa decks will have the automa cards from the invaders from afar ?


        1. The current version of the Automa deck incorporates all of the changes that the 4 replacement cards in the ‘expansion set’ add to the original version of the Automa deck. No one needs the ‘expansion set’ for the recently produced Automa decks.

          The current version of the deck will work with any faction (original or expansion). The original deck wouldn’t work with the two new factions. The 4 replacement cards (the expansion set) are identical to the cards they replace in the original deck, with the following exception: These 4 new cards have faction specific actions for the two new factions. Therefore, you ONLY need to have these cards in your deck, if that deck was published before the expansion and if you are having the Automa play one of the two new factions (the new cards still work fine if you are not playing one of the two new factions).

          If you are updating original Automa decks, you need a maximum of two expansion sets and this is only if you are having the Automa play as BOTH of the new factions at the same time. As an example, you could play as Albion against the Automa who is playing, Togawa, Rusviet, and Polonia, with three Automa decks, but only one needs to have been updated with the expansion set (for Togawa).

  113. Hi,
    A year ago this game came to my attention, and I was utterly enchanted by the beautiful art. Friends of mine hemmed and hawed for a long time, saying, “sure it’s pretty, but…” I would read one review and be sold…and hear another review and swear it off. “It’s too expensive, it’s not a good fit for my game group, it plays too long, I can’t afford it, it’s not really that good…” And on and on and on.

    Well, here we are a year later, and I wanted to congratulate you. Origins and Dice Tower Awards, so many accolades, and after all the hype, the emergent voice I hear these days with regard to Scythe is “it lives up to all of it.”

    My wife and I were browsing through Amazon this last Tuesday, looking for Prime Day deals, and out of the blue, before I could protest, she had added it to her cart and sent it hurtling toward our house. It came in the mail yesterday. After a year of waiting, I now have a copy.

    I’ve read a lot about your KS thoughts and suggestions. I know that at times the process of bringing this creation to life was trying. I know you’ve probably had your share of trolls and nay-sayers, and there were probably days when you thought “why bother?” I’d like to thank you for bothering. Because now, I have a beautiful world to get lost in. I have a continent to explore with my wife and kids. I have amazing quests to go on and incredible encounters to navigate. I only wish I had found out about it in time to be one of the lucky folks to help bring it to life.

    We’ve already preordered Charterstone. Jamey, have a great day, and thank you for all you do. I apologize if this rambled a bit…I guess when something really means a lot to you, it’s hard to express that in a coherent way.

    1. Clint: Wow, thank you! I put a lot of heart (and time) into Scythe, so it means a ton to me that you would take the time to write this. I hope you have fun getting lost in Scythe. :)

  114. Hello Jamey, any plans to release an Essential or maybe Definitive Edition, so people who wants to have everything, especially in EU, don’t have to go crazy because of the insane fragmentation for finding all the extras, or spend a fortune because retailers take advantage of the situation selling overpriced extras?

    I was also wondering how come my recent comment about price and your reply with price breakdown and the useful link of international retailers were deleted, it was actually very useful.

    1. Marcello: Thanks for your question. It sounds like you found the prices. I agree that the extras are quite fragmented, though the idea is it lets people pick exactly what they want (and not what they don’t want). There won’t be any different editions of Scythe in the future.

  115. Hey Jamey,

    congrats to this beautiful game and I hope you are very well. :) I have a question about the yellow nation and sorry for my english, it isn’t very well^^ When I use the skill of steeling a fighting card from my oppenent, can I use it on my own in the same battle so that I have two cards instead of one? We think this is a little bit overpowered, when it’s right. Thanks so much and keep on your games, they are magical.

    Best Regards

    1. Oh I forgot one thing. I want to order one additional pack of the ressources (not real ressources). Is it possible to get another pack of them? Thanks :)

    2. Markus: Thanks for your question about the Crimean ability. You can only use combat cards equal to the number of combat units you have in that combat. So if you start combat with 1 combat card in hand and 2 mechs in the combat, you first steal the card, and then you could use it in that same combat (1 card per mech).

      We do sell resources ala carte on our website. Shipping is a little expensive, but after you pay it, if I can find a helper with those resources in your area, I’ll send you a partial shipping refund. Otherwise they’ll ship from the US.

    1. Christian: I’m the publisher, so I’m a bit biased when I say yes. :) Maybe ask this question in the Scythe Facebook group or on BoardGameGeek to see what people say? Thanks!

  116. Hello! Meeple Source just ran out of the metal coins, but I notice that the Viticulture metal coins and Scythe realistic resources are on pre-order for June. Does this also mean that the Scythe metal coins were also reproduced and will be available soon? I am trying to setup a group order for my gaming community. Thank you!

      1. Im from the Philippines and will be visiting the US in early July, would I make it in time for when the restocks happen? Thank you for the great game! It is a big boon for people like me who mainly play solo

  117. Congratulations on this fabulous game … it is by far my favorite game.
    But I have some problems in understanding Automa’s rules in English.
    Would it be possible to share these rules in Portuguese (my native language) on the Scythe website as you did with the general rules?
    Even because they already exist in the edited version for Brazil.
    I await your attention.
    And a great continuation in the creation of new games.
    Thank you
    Paulo Mendes

  118. curious if the new resolution module will be available a la carte as i’m interested in those but not in the airship module (mostly due to not being able to store those in the core box). thanks!

    1. Thanks for asking, but no, we don’t sell that type of thing ala carte. It’s only $25. If you’re concerned about storage, the expansion will come in a beautiful, concise box, or you could invest in the big empty Scythe box we’re making–it’ll fit all things related to Scythe.

  119. Hey again, Jamey. I have just read your article, one box to rule them all and I have also seen a mention about more expansions beyond Wind Gambit. About those exåansions please either make just a small box of cards like the Moors expansion for Viticulture or combine them with a Big Box insert option if there are more miniatures.

  120. I’m having trouble figuring out what the combat multiplier us by the combat card pile on the game board… Anyone help me out?

  121. hey Jamey. I see that you have just announced the new expansion, the Wind Gambit and I have read some more about on Boargamegeek and I would like to echo a suggestion for the design of the ship miniatures. Please make the stand easily removable and make sure that there is some flat, level space on the bottom of the ship minis so that they can be placed on the board without tilting. Essentially make the use of the stand an aestethic choice instead of a mechanical necessity.

    1. Joakim: Thanks! Yes, the stands will definitely be removable, and the ships are flat on the bottom. However, you’re not going to want to put them directly on the board–it’s a necessity for multiple reasons, namely space (they’re huge) and mechanics (airships do not control territories).

  122. Jamey, Scythe is awesome…we got a retail version but upgraded with coins, got our hands on the KS promo packs, added extra plastic containers, got the Invaders expansion (with the new for that coins on the way now), and just got the extension board. So we’re set!!

    EXCEPT…you mentioned in a video recently about another Scythe expansion. Is it too early to hint at any content of what that may entail? One basic thing I would predict might be more Objective cards and new ways to acquire more than the 2 each faction starts with, but that’s just a guess. (I’ll try not to drool too much while I wait for a response.)

    P.S. Just got Euphoria the other day and we’re really liking that. Such a great theme and clever stuff going on in that. Pre-ordered Charterstone…so we can officially count you among our favorite game designers now :)

    1. Thanks Rich! We’ll announce details of that expansion in our March 30 e-newsletter. :) I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying Euphoria, and thanks for your confidence with Charterstone!

  123. Hi…is/are there any add on packs of encounter cards coming…?..i.e. an entire pack as opposed to a couple of select extras….as they are great fun to read and admire as much as enhance the game….would love a few actually!!!! a massive pile! would happily have a pile of 150…haha . The game’s great!

    1. We’re slowly accumulating more encounter promo cards (see notes near the top of this page about them). They take quite a bit of time and effort for Jakub to illustrate, so I think it’s through promos like these that we’ll continue to release them, not in a big pack. Though that would be cool!

  124. Hi Jamey,
    Received my game a couple of weeks ago, and have been enjoying it immensely! Have played with 2, 3, 6, and 7 players – every game was remarkably enjoyable! I have a couple of questions I am hoping you can help me out with. First, my player mats (and to a lesser amount, my faction mats) are bowed quite a bit (they arch up in the middle). I have tried pressing them flat under weight, creating bridges with weight on the centers to bend them down, but haven’t been successful in getting them to lay flat. Have you heard of any others dealing successfully with this issue? Second, I am interested to know if you have explored any team-play rules with Scythe. It seems like we could just form “formal alliances” and count up our stars together at the end, but was curious to know if you had any suggestions for that type of experience. Anyhow, I’m loving this game, and it is probably number 1 on my Best of…. EVER list!!

  125. Hei Jamey. I just was wondering… what about a house rule in which the workers alone can move on spaces occupied by other workers alone without any fight occurring. Workers are no fighters. That means resources which stay on the board are available to several factions, which means whenever you produce or use resources there is a possible interaction with other players. The idea being of indeed interacting with other players regularly, without involving fighting. after all Scythe is not a fighting game. that might also influence the location of armies, since the popularity rule still applies if a mech comes or is built on the hex where several workers are. because of the limited amount of workers available, this would not either too much hamper the game of players with too many visitors. In fact visitors might also produce resources you might be able to use… anyways, Jamey, you obviously has spent much time organizing perfectly the game, so I was wondering that you might have thought about that, and I’m curious as to what was the result of your testing/ thinking… (I’ll put this question on BGG as well, to get the players opinion… I’m curious… It comes with the liking of the game!! :-)

  126. Finally was able to get a copy of the collectors edition. Such a beautiful game. I have only played through a few times solo and it is very enjoyable, plan to purchase more automa decks when available.

  127. We are confused. When/where can togawa paver trap. Encouter/ battle only or anywhere they choose that they landed on

  128. I was looking on the Scythe page and it says “Reprint schedule (estimated date of retailer availability in the US [other areas vary])” and then dates are listed below. Is that when the game will be reprinted, and then later shipped to retailers, or the actual estimated retail availability dates? Thanks.

  129. Do you know when the Automa decks will be available on Ala Carte? the website still shows the week of January 1st and Meeple Source is sold out of preorders.

    1. I’ll ask Meeplesource about that–we made so many for them that they shouldn’t be sold out.

      That said, I got an air mail shipment from Panda this morning, so they may have included some Automa decks in there. Check back on our website later this afternoon.

  130. This weekend: two games of Scythe played with 6 people and 5 people. Thus far, all of my friends loved the game for one or another aspect: duration (even with 6!), theme/art, strategy (passive vs aggressive), replayability.
    After the first game, there was a discussion on a passive strategy being too rewarding considering the Albion player (me) turtled the crap out of the game and won. But when in the second game, the aggressive player (Crimea) won the game that argument was countered. That’s what I love about this game – not one game is the same and truly everyone’s contribution matters. Combined with the fast pace per turn and the connection between players because of the conscripts and the sometimes enormous gap closing it keeps all players focused. The only thing that I was unable to counter was the comment on the starting player, people said it should not matter which board you pick and that after the 7 players expansion it’s strange that a player with the ‘3’ board can be last, while if there would be no ‘2’ or ‘2a’ board in game he would be first…I was unable to explain.
    Nonetheless, awesome.


    1. Thanks Jan! I’m glad your group has a good time with Scythe. :)

      I address that question in the FAQ (, but I’ll also post the answer here:

      “Since the first player is the player with person with the lowest-numbered player mat, it’s possible for the next player (clockwise) to have a much higher-numbered player mat with more starting components than the next player. How is that fair?

      The starting resources on the player mats are staggered based on two factors (both of which have a very minor impact on the game): One, player order. Two, the playtest data for each individual mat (which shifted around in terms of numerical order during playtesting). So even if the #5 mat is in the second position in clockwise order, part of the balance of that mat’s starting resources is that the #5 player mat appeared to be ever so slightly weaker than the others during the blind playtest process.

      Overall, though, the impact on the game is very, very small. If you find it’s more fun for you to deal out the mats clockwise by number, it will not break the game.”

  131. Hi Jamey, my group and I have been playing Scythe for a while now, and we have noticed an aspect that in our opinion is not really well balanced. We are talking about the order of play.

    As explained in the Rulebook (page 8), “the player with the lowest number in the label on their Player Mat will go first. Play proceeds clockwise from there.” This does not really seem to make sense in terms of balance: the play should proceed according to the increasing number of the label on the Player Mat.
    Indeed, the designer’s note acknowledges that higher-numbered Mats are increasingly more lucrative (to take into account the fact that those players are more likely to have one fewer turn), so we do not understand why the game simply proceeds clockwise from the lowest numbered Mat.

    We mostly play with 5 players, so the starting Mat is always #1. When the 2nd player gets Mat #5 he has an unfair advantage in terms of resources. Similarly, when the 5th player gets Mat #2, he is significantly hindered. We had a few games in which the two cases happened simultaneously and the differential imbalance was quite serious: the end result was always a win by the 2nd player and a frustrated 5th player who never had a chance. We believe this detracts from the fun of the game.

    We currently house-rule the game so that the order of play follows the label on the Mat, and that looks like an easy fix.
    However, we are curious why this was not made the standard rule in an otherwise carefully balanced game.

    Thank you,

    1. Matt: Sure, this is addressed in the FAQ:

      “The starting resources on the player mats are staggered based on two factors (both of which have a very minor impact on the game): One, player order. Two, the playtest data for each individual mat (which shifted around in terms of numerical order during playtesting). So even if the #5 mat is in the second position in clockwise order, part of the balance of that mat’s starting resources is that the #5 player mat appeared to be ever so slightly weaker than the others during the blind playtest process.

      Overall, though, the impact on the game is very, very small. If you find it’s more fun for you to deal out the mats clockwise by number, it will not break the game.”

  132. I understand that this might have been asked before but the KS mentioned that the Collector’s ed will be available in retail, when will this be available?

  133. Just played my first game of Scythe last night. Perfect for a few players. Loved the everything about it. One thing that came up, when a player enlists: the specified slot (e.g. mech deployment or building) is taken into consideration only when an opponent uses the ability or is it also applicable for event cards & factory upgrades? Example: I have paid enlist for buildings and a) an opponent has an event where he chooses to pay 2 popularity to get a building, b) an opponent has a factory upgrade that can produce building. Do I get the enlist benefit in any of the situations?

    1. AxYiannis: Thanks for your question. The ongoing recruit bonus only triggers when you or an adjacent player uses the bottom row action on their player mat (not an encounter or Factory card).

      1. Thanks for the reply. On another note, I have detected a small inconvenience as regards the battle-dial. Firstly, you cannot bluff if you are going to use a card or more or not (hiding it behind the wheel only works in part). Secondly, please check the dials used in “x-wing” & maybe try to incorporate something that can represent the cards (e.g: a twin dial that hides each part- one showing the power used & the other the cards used). Maybe it would also help if, each faction has a 0 power-battle card (to help bluffing)

        1. AxYiannis: You can do what you’re describing in Scythe, as you can take all of your combat cards into your hand and pretend to put one behind your power dial. The power dials are designed so that they completely conceal whether or not a combat card is there.

  134. Hey jamey .. I’m just wondering when scythe will back in stock in stonemaier games I hope you give me a specific time I’m so exited to buy this game

    thank you .. Looking forward

  135. I asked once before, but dont see my comment here.

    Is there replacement pieces for sale.. such a structures, faction stars, upgrade blocks? I hop it never happens, but i feel that at some point I may loose a piece or two?

  136. is there a Missprint on the German Version of the Mechanical Playmat?
    there is a Worker Printet over a Worker in the Trade/Upgrade section. So it could be sayin; Trade with 2 Worker (instead of one like every other playmat says)

  137. Hi Jamey, I just read about possible metal mechs for Scythe…I think any additions to this brilliant game would be a hit. I’ll be first in line to buy them…can’t get enough of this game…I’m playing online for now til I can get a copy…more additiona to Scythe? YES PLEASE!

  138. Hello. I was told about your game today by a friend who recommended it. I’m excited to try it out but am wondering are you only selling through Amazon, or through other sites as well? Also I see the price at $80 but Amazon has it at $110 to be released 1/23/17. Is that a different edition?


    1. Desiree: Thanks for your question. I actually don’t sell Scythe through Amazon (or directly to customers)–I just sell it to distributors, and they sell it to retailers, and they sell it to you (or through sites like Amazon). I think the price might be a little high right now because the latest printing is largely sold out, but we have a new printing arriving in 2 weeks, so the price should go back down. Here’s our retail locators so you can check out some of the stores that may already have it:

  139. This may have already been asked/answered but I just came across Scythe and love the game. Is there any plans to offer the realistic resource tokens again? I found the Game Trayz website suggested by others but it lacks a wood resource token. Wish I could have been a part of the kick-starter, but i did pick-up the metal coins, and promo packs separately. Would love to fins the realistic resource tokens as well. THANKS!

      1. Wow, fast response! Great, I signed up for every news letter associated with Scythe including the digital version. Scythe is the best board game I have played in years. Look forward to adding the promo stuff to my collection! Thanks for the list you linked above, got to get it all, haha!

        Congrats and great job on Scythe, really amazing. Do larger scale zinc mechs in 2017 is my suggestion.


  140. Hi Jamey and team,
    We just received Scythe in this latest printing here in Canada, and enjoyed our first night of playing it; all the high praise is accurate!
    One of the faction mats is physically separating quite a bit (it was obviously 2 layers glued together); what should I do about this?
    Thanks for making a really fun game that should stay at the table for a long time.

    1. Ryan: That’s correct, the assembly process for the player mats involves gluing together two separate pieces of cardboard (and each of those layers has a piece of printed paper glued to it). If you apply a touch of glue to it and leave it under a heavy book overnight, it’ll be good as new.

  141. Hi Jamey, really loving Scythe a lot and it’s become my personal favorite board game. In addition to physical I’ve been playing it in TableTop Simulator with far-away friends (Berserk Games did a wonderful job on it) and enjoying that greatly. One neat thing I like in it are those unique mats that have designated spots for all the player items; faction mat, player mat, secret objectives, factory card spot, etc, and the corners have artwork of the faction leader. Would these mats ever be something that might become actual official add-ons for the real life version? I get the feeling their size might not actually be feasible for the average house table since the Scythe board is pretty big as it is, but they just look so nice I have that burning desire to have physical versions! (also apologies if this type of question has been asked already elsewhere)

    1. Joey: I’m honored that Scythe currently holds your top spot for favorite board game! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the TTS version.

      Several people have said they liked those mats, which were designed by TTS. As you said, because of their size, I don’t think they work in real life unless you have a giant table. However, TTS was generous to make them available as a download, so your local copier could print them out for you. The link is here:

      1. Much appreciated! P.S. Got to play with the expansion for the first time this weekend and it felt like the new factions fit in very naturally, which was excellent. Albion is a very dangerous foe once they get Sword & Shield active!

  142. My son and I played our first 2 games of Scythe this weekend and LOVED it we had a blast. However I have one question that we can’t seem to find an answer for. On one of the factory cards there is a symbol at the top that is an = sign with / through it. I think we interpreted what it meant correctly but am still not 100% sure and can not find an explanation in the rule book. Please help.
    Again this game is awesome!

  143. Hello Jamey!
    I was wondering, you put lots of efforts to make really great game components.
    So i decided to make a really elegant wooden box organizer which would show the beauty of the game and help the setting up (I put the picts on bgg scythe->forum->general->fanmade box organizer, please go have a look :-).
    While building it it came to mind that it would be great to have miniatures made out of lead or tin… you know the feel of something heavy and cold like mechanical mechs… tell me Jamey, could there be someday a special deluxe edition with lead miniatures?

    1. Philippe: The metal we use for metal components is zinc (lead is dangerous). But I like the idea of someday making zinc versions of the mechs–that would be really cool.

      I’ve seen the beautiful wooden organizer you made–it looks great!

      1. Wow you are fast! I was just adding the new picts with mahogany color and the gold decorations… hope you saw those too at the bottom.
        Zinc sounds good, i’d definitely want one of those!
        Ps: You are a social wonder, on bgg, facebook, here…

  144. Hi. Will you do a reprint of Invaders of Afar ? I looked for in many stores (in France and Switzerland) but it is sold out everywhere. Thank you for the great games, Viticultur is my favourite but Scythe is closed to take the first place. Greeting

    1. Michael: Invaders from Afar hasn’t fully arrived in stores yet–that’s why you’re not seeing it yet. :) It’s possible some pre-orders are sold out, but we made a LOT of copies of it (enough for everyone who has a copy of Scythe). In Europe you should start to see it in stores the week of December 12.

  145. Im wondering if there is an action strategy to decrease ennemy popularities. :-) I thought about using my workers during fight and loose the combat. Unfortunately i noticed that only attackers loose popularity if he wins.

    1. There isn’t a direct mechanism to make opponents lose popularity, but you can indirectly impact that by getting your workers out in the open so aggressive opponents lose popularity if they move into those worker territories (whether or not there’s combat).

  146. Hey Jamey,

    When (if it’s still being sold) will a collector’s edition of the game next be printed and distributed? I’d love to give it as a gift for my brother for the holidays!

    1. Thanks for your question, Lenny. There’s a detailed answer to this question on this page, and I’d recommend reading it (the core content at the top), but I’ll answer in brief: We’re not making more boxes that say “Collector’s Edition,” but you can buy all of the content in the Collector’s Edition from various retailers. Alternatively, we will soon launch our charity auction for the final 10 copies of the Art Connoisseur Collector’s Edition–stay tuned to our e-newsletter for an announcement for that.

      1. Thanks for your reply, Jamey! I would be fine with buying the contents separately but I haven’t even been able to find a copy of the base version of the game anywhere. Do you happen to know when they will next become available? Thanks again!

  147. Hey Jamey. What a wonderful game and player xperience! I do love it!!!Can’t wait Invaders from Afar! One question, Have you already planned others extensions. Is there a chance or it would be too difficult… Thx for your reply :-)

  148. Got the German Version of the Game today.
    There is a misprint in the German Rules:
    The Monument gives you a Bonus for the Bolster-Action, not as stated for the Upgrade-Action.

  149. Jamey, I think this is the best board game I have ever played. I am lucky enough to have a friend who has the collector’s edition with all the add-ons and bells and whistles. My only complaint is that I can’t play it whenever I want! Even without those extra features, this game is absolutely superb. The art is amazing. The gameplay is spectacular. It has just enough to be enthralling without being too much. I love the tracks and the 4x format, and I don’t know of any game that does it this well. That said, I am dying to get my hands on a copy for retail rather than trying to get into the price-inflated secondary market. I had been anxiously anticipating the October 21 release date of the second printing in the U.S. Unfortunately, it seems I am not the only person to come late to the party and this is perhaps the most popular board game right now. Are you surprised by the outpouring of support? What recommendation would you have for a guy like me to find a retail copy? Should I simply be patient with my local board game shop, or do you foresee a supply shortage to be an ongoing issue? I’m not opposed to grabbing a copy for myself on the secondary market as a Christmas present to myself, but I’m a little new to the idea of having this much love for a board game to spend $130.00 for the base game. I grabbed a copy of Euphoria at my local game shop to tide me over BTW, and I’m really digging that game as well. I managed to get in a game of Euphoria with the owner of the Scythe copy I’m so fond of playing.

    1. Jeremy: I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying Scythe! Over the last few months we actually initiated 3 reprints to keep up with demand, the first of which is arriving in stores this week (then the next two in November and early December). Indeed, the demand caught me off guard–we’ve never had a game sell out to distributors before the printing was done! :)

      I’d recommend contacting your preferred retailer and telling them to reserve a copy for you. Retailers seem to be buying as many copies as they can, and even though they may not be able to get a copy from the first reprint,odds are very good that they’ll get copies from the second or third reprints, all of which should arrive no later than a few weeks before Christmas. You won’t need to spend more than the $80 MSRP (and hopefully even a little less). Good luck!

  150. Hi there,

    bought this game in Essen and i dont know what the right words are but:


    Question: Is there a difference with the boardgame extension. i saw it german and english?? thx for info

    When is the release planned for the german expansion

    best regards


    1. Thanks Roman! The game board and the board extension are language-neutral, so they’re all the same.

      The German version of the expansion (which isn’t confirmed, but we have an interested partner) would be released in August 2017 at the earliest.

  151. This makes me think of Settlers of Catan. But it appears to add an aspect that I have always wanted in Catan and that is warfare. I love the idea of battle mechs. $80 price tag though i’m not happy with.

    1. Based on common publishing prices, it should be a $100 game. But we decided we’d rather get it in the hands of more people than charge that much, so we undercut ourselves and set the price at $80. It’s up to you to decide if you’d like to reward that choice or not.

        1. Everything from the box, rule book, player mats, map, miniatures, wooden components, cards
          All these are custom made and fit for this game like any other professionally made game out there
          The amount of components is quite massive and if you’ve been in the hobby long enough you can guage how much a game costs (msrp) by just looking at it
          And yes this game easily sits in the 90-100 dollar price tag category on physical components alone
          So yes at 80 dollars it’s already a deal
          Sorry if you can’t “justify” a purchase at a certain price for yourself/your group
          That doesn’t mean that it should be cheaper, it costs what it costs cuz that’s what it costs
          The price doesn’t take into account the time and designing it took to actually come up with make and play test the game to make sure it works and is fun… Just the price of the pieces you get
          And you sure as hell get alot of toys for your purchase

  152. Hey Jamey,
    Just got an email from Massdrop

    “Drop status update. I wanted to update you all on what we have heard from our distributor. Jamey from Stonemeier Games is refusing to fulfill the groups order for this drop. Our distributor has let us know that they only received a small percentage of the total order. We’ve attempted to source this elsewhere, but unfortunately it’s pretty clear we will not be able to fill the orders for this drop.”

    What is this bullshit all about?

    1. It’s unfortunate that Massdrop wrote the post the way they did. Here’s what really happened:

      A few months ago, I learned that Massdrop was running a “drop” on Scythe for $49 per game. At the time, Scythe’s first print run was sold out and we were finishing up production on the reprint.

      Stonemaier’s relationship with retailers and distributors is really important, so to see a company like Massdrop offering an $80 high-in-demand, temporarily out-of-print game like Scythe at such a steep discount was pretty alarming to me.

      We sell games to a lot of retailers (and all major distributors), and if those retailers/distributors saw the Massdrop sale and thought I was endorsing it, it could seriously damage our relationship.

      At the time, I shared my thoughts on the Massdrop page (you can still see those comments and how people responded to them). Certainly not my finest moment. And I have nothing against anyone trying to get a good deal on Massdrop–I may have done the same in your situation. Who doesn’t like a good deal?

      But here’s why Massdrop’s current status update is unfortunate: They’re making it sound like at some point either Massdrop or a distributor had an agreement with Stonemaier to sell them Scythe, which is patently false.

      They’re also making it sound like I limited the number of games their distributor ordered to unfairly hurt Massdrop. The demand for Scythe’s current print run far exceeds the quantity we made. There isn’t a single distributor who is receiving as many copies as they’d like to have.

      Now, this is true: A major distributor (whom I won’t name, because I highly doubt their other retailers would be happy to hear that they sell to Massdrop) did approach me after the “drop” to say that they sometimes sell stuff to Massdrop. They asked if I was okay with that. I said I wasn’t. That was that.

      Massdrop basically accepted orders from customers with complete uncertainty as to whether or not they could actually fulfill those orders in a timely manner. They could buy those copies from retailers if they wanted, but apparently they’ve chosen not to.

      I want to maintain a healthy relationship with retailers, distributors, and customers. I’m sorry to the people who bought into the Massdrop deal and won’t get a copy of Scythe that way, and I completely understand if my behavior makes you not want to buy Scythe elsewhere.

      1. Jamey, I think your behaviour here is totally justified, and you shouldn’t have to apologize for it.

        I was more than happy to pay the retail price for my pre-order of Scythe and its expansion. I really enjoy your games (I’m also waiting on my copy of Tuscany Essential to arrive), and I want you to stay in business. You and Stonemaier Games really set a high standard for how a board game publishing company should be run. You really are an example to follow.

      2. Okay no totally on your side
        It felt kind of sketchy the way Massdrop somehow magically could get these deals on sold out products
        Looks like just a company that forces deals by way of bad PR… like this scenario
        A respectable company wouldn’t have blamed you the way they did
        I’m not an avid customer of theirs but definitely won’t ever be now
        Keep on trucking Stonemaier… I’ll get your game eventually :)

      1. $40 shipping for Dials and Realistic Resources.
        $25 shipping for Realistic Resources

        Ordered Dials from MeepleSource to save me shipping costs of Resources.
        They must be HEAVY lol.

  153. What does the Oct. 20th date actually represent? Date of shipping to pre-orders, to retailers for them to ship to pre-orders? Can you please clarify?

      1. Hi, Jamey. Thanks again for the speedy replies and for being so responsive. I was looking on here for a similar question I asked a week or two ago when the retail availability date was changed from the 20th to the 27th. I saw in the newsletter that availability will be the 1st of November, since games shipped last Thursday. Is this an estimate or a best case depending on location? I’m in Chicago, so very close to St. Louis. I don’t want to be bothersome, but my flgs seems rather clueless about when they’ll get the game in. If I’m in Chicago, does the Nov. 1st date apply to me or the Oct. 27th or possibly later? Thanks again for being so awesome. Sorry again to bother you, I’m just very excited about this game.

        1. Daniel: Yeah, sorry about the confusion. November 1 is a best-case scenario, though Chicago is pretty close to St. Louis, so I think it’s possible. It just depends on how quickly distributors get their games and how quickly they ship them to retailers.

          1. Holy cow! Your dedication to communication with the fans continues to astound me. Thanks again for replying so quickly. Looking forward to a quiet game of Scythe after the intense weekend of Halloween antics. Thanks, Jamey!

          2. Just wanted to add that I watched your How to Teach Scythe video. Excellent stuff. I struggle with teaching games since my group gets very antsy. Thanks for the great peripheral content!

  154. Greetings! I see that most (of not all) of your products state that they are shipped out from St. Louis and take roughly 2 weeks for delivery.

    If I happen to live or be in close proximity to St. Louis, is it possible to skip that delivery time frame and pick them up locally?

    Thanks again, loving Scythe!

  155. I dont know how but i will buy this game and bring it to guatamala. I have read a lot and sounds great, its really dificult to find this type of games here in my country

    1. Juan: I think there are some online retailers in the US who will ship to Guatamala (though it’s expensive). We’re also partnering with a company in Brazil to make a Portuguese version.

  156. Any chance of this world becoming a book or anything further. We love Scythe and want to see this world more! Also any chance of more realistic resources being reprinted? I came to Scythe totally too late to back it, but want to support it any way.

  157. Hello! Scythe is definitely one of the most beautiful game on the market, and one of the most addictive. Great mechanics too. There is however a big problem in this game:
    The facts first:
    – there is no space for luck
    – there is little or no interactions between the players for the first 10 to 15 rounds
    – there is (in the original game) only five different factions, associated with only five different action boards.
    The problem is such: there is only 25 different starting combinations, and because there will be no interactions for the first 15 rounds, it is possible to plan in advance the best course of action for thes 15 first rounds. However, in the first 15 rounds it is possible to get already 2 or 3 stars. Of course playing that way kills the pleasure…
    Here is an example: say you have the blue team, and the action board is the one which gives 5 gold at the beginning of the game. Here is a course of action to follow:

    1: trade = 2 oil
    2: produce = 1 oil + 1 wood, upgrade n:1 = build from bolster
    3: trade = 2 oil
    4: produce = 1 oil + 1 wood, upgrade n:2 = build
    5: bolster, build n:1 = mill where there is oil
    6: move 1 worker from wood to oil
    7: produce = 3 oil, upgrade n:3 = upgrade
    8: move 1 worker from oil to wood
    9: produce = 2 oil + 1 wood, upgrade n:4
    10: bolster, build n:2 = monument
    11: produce = 2 oil + 1 wood, upgrade n:5
    12: bolster, build n:3
    13: produce = 2 oil + 1 wood, upgrade n:6 : STAR
    14: bolster, build n:4 : STAR

    In 14 turns you have already 2 stars, you are two steps away from a third one (with bolster), you have plenty of money, and made a few important popularity steps thanks to your monument. You have moved your hero twice as well, so you had also one encounter. It is quite likely that no other player would have bothered you yet, first because it’s quite early in the game, and second because you have bolstered so much that you are no easy prey either.

    Anyways, this is my general point, you only have 25 different courses of action to plan, and you can secure some advance just by planning in advance. It’s nice, but it does take the sweetness of the game away…

    Well, knowing that, i still bought myself the game, and will play without preplanned strategy. I hope nonetheless that some house rules or expansions will change that a bit. A simple house rule might be to start the game at a randomly choosen geographical location, but it might mess up a bit the balance of the game…


    1. You can’t start in a random location–the starting positions are very carefully based on each player’s Riverwalk ability (as well as their neighbors).

      It is true that Scythe is largely an engine-building game with the order of operations selected by each player, not the influence of other players. Neither I or our playtesters perceived that as a problem; rather, it was perceived as an asset.

      In addition to the 25 different combinations of faction mats and player mats, there is also the variable factors of the encounters and objectives.

      Have fun!

      1. Thanks Jamey for paying so much attention to our comments! And for your fast reply! The human factor behind the product is very important indeed!
        indeed the objectives are adding some variable. I would love to see those develop further in the extension which will come ;-)
        One wonderful thing about scythe, is that fighting is a way to get stars, but you can make a wonderful game without fighting. In that sense it is a true strategy game, and not a fighting game ( unless you play the saxons…)
        Therfore, if i may, i would wish for more objective cards, some would give stars, but some could give bonuses similar to encounters?
        Also i would wish for a development of diplomatic relations. So far the fights work wonderfully, the cards and bolster also offer an interesting degree of power of dissuasion. However would it be possible to encourage player interactions on a commercial level? Say with making workers meet without the presence of armies?
        Just a couple of ideas…
        Anyways i wish to buy the extension board, do you know where i could get that one and have it posted in… Finland?
        Thanks anyways for the great game, your heavy work and intensive thinking on this project brings us all lots of happy long winter evenings!


  158. I haven’t follow the kickstarter campaign.

    I didn’t know much about that game apart some (stuning) artwork here and there.

    I have watched Rodney SMITH’s rule explanation video and i stopped to watch it after the setup, telling myself that it wasn’t a game for me.

    Then, i friend of mine propose me to play it instead of our usual games and i said now because of what i wrote above + because of the hype (with time and experience, i am very cautious). However, i was interested by the theme/universe of the game.

    He insisted and convinced me at the end.

    After only on turn, i was hooked.

    I enjoy the package : it is a resource management/developement/race game with the perfect (for me) amount of interaction. Depending of your group, i can see how it could be violent right from the begining of the game.

    I love the race aspect everywhere : for expansion, for developement, for efficiency, for laying star and end the game.

    I love the fact that nobody is eliminated but only slowed down.

    I love the cold war aspect of the game and the combat system (above all, its quick resolution and outcome).

    I love the gameplay and how the game unfold, fade from itself to let players make the game what they want the game to be.

    Brillant and amazing game. Congratulations.

    Now, i have preordered my french (retail) copy. I hope that i will manage to get the SG (above all, the king size board).

    And i hope that the expansion will be translated in french. Don’t let us down !

    Keep up the good work and top notch communication.

    Greetings from Paris

    1. Thanks Fabrice! I’m glad you had a good time with Scythe. While the board extension wasn’t a stretch goal, it is one of several accessories you can buy separately. All of the non-promo stretch goals are included in every copy of Scythe, and you’ll be able to buy the promos by themselves.

  159. Hi, Jamey.

    Looking forward about the Invaders From Afar Expansion. Very excited.

    Maybe an “Ottoman like” faction in the future?

    The more I play it, more becomes it marvelous.

    My wife has became tremendously addicted to Scythe, both multiplayer and automa game modes. I blame you, of course XD.

    Greetings from Brazil.

  160. Will the metal coins be sell separately for people who buys the retail edition? Will they be shipped to South America? They are just stunningly beautiful!

    1. Daniela: Yes, the coins will be available separately from retailers. If there are online retailers in the US, they’ll may ship to you. Also, we’re making some coins to be sent to our production partner in Brazil, so they’ll sell them in South America in February.

  161. Loved the Stunning artwork. Great mechanics, you can go deep in the theme. Is there any plans to add exclusive special abilities to the faction leaders in future expansions? The game is awesome, congratulations.

    1. Claudio: Thanks for your question! We actually tried to do that in playtesting–at one point, mech abilities were separate from character abilities. But we found that players were constantly mixing the abilities together. So we followed their lead and just created one group of mech abilities that applies to all of your mechs and your character.

  162. Finally got to play my first game last night. Fantastic game, the quality of the components is top notch, and the game play is smooth and very fast once everyone has a handle on their options. I especially love that there isn’t a hard turn limit, so I never felt rushed into taking a move that wasn’t what I wanted to do. The star mechanic for end game timing is great.

  163. Hi Jamey!

    AFAIK, you won’t be attending Essen this year. :( However, will there be any copies available for purchase? And if so, which?

    1. Anthony: That’s correct, I won’t be at Essen. Morning Players will be selling the French, English, and German versions of Scythe there (retail versions). They may have some of the promo cards there too.

  164. Hi Jamey,

    I feel that congratulations are at place. I received my copy of the KS collector’s edition of Scythe and it is as expected. Which on itself is already a big thing, but I’ve played it twice now and it is indeed as expected: very streamlined, entertaining, fast paced, not eternally lasting, beautiful and fun game.

    We’ve been speaking during the campaign about the fight system and how I disliked its similarities with Rex. However, with Rex the problem was that once you played your ‘highest card’ or read: ‘officer’, you know the retaliation would come some tme. In Scythe, that’s not the case – the yellow cards are almost fulfill the role of ‘diplomatic threat’ which works…!

    So all in all I really liked it and lost terribly with the Saxony because I thought that just attacking everyone would be the way to go, only to lose to my sister who focused on trade and popularity whilst having enough yellow card to force me to attack others (who terrible lost :))

    I look forward to buying the expansion!

  165. Hi, I sadly missed the Kickstarter campaign but heard a lot of good stuff about Scythe! Was wondering if it will be possible to order the game soon via a shop/website (as it seems to be sold out) ? Cheers

  166. Just curious: has anyone who ordered from Funagain (the US retailer) on August 1st received a shipping notice yet? I’m anxious to get my hands on it but no word yet.

  167. I received my copy of scythe in germany last week and i have to say that scythe is the best board game i have played until now! Every round plays differently and as far as i can tell, there isn’t one strategy that is superior to other strategies.
    Very balanced, very well crafted and a really brilliant game concept! I’m a huge fan!
    Thank you for this game!

  168. Scythe arrived just one day ahead of my birthday, and we’ve now played it four times.
    Very streamlined, easy to learn and loads of fun, it’s a brilliant game. Looking forward for the expansion.

  169. I just got the email offering leftover KS editions and funagain shows them as backordered. Are they sold out already?

  170. thanks again, could you let me know when they finish? i’ll do the same on my end.
    cheers to the game!

  171. hi jamey,
    i played your game and really enjoyed it. if there isn’t already a digital version of this game, i’d like to do the coding for it. thanks in advance for your consideration.

      1. just out of curiosity, how many people are working on it? i’m interested because as an exercise i’d like to see if i can do it faster (taking into account the human-power behind it)
        thanks again

  172. Jamey:

    How will the August 1 newsletter handle the extra Scythe KS stock? Will it be on a first come basis? I am asking because I am extremely interested in trying to acquire a Collectors Edition, if available.

    1. Trevor: For the US, where the bulk of the excess items are located, it’ll be a first-come basis. As for other regions, I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to do it yet, as it requires a different system with less control.

      1. Hi Jamey,

        Im from STL and missed the kickstarter but saw this being played at Geekway as my introduction to it and would love to get a collectors edition. Would pickup in STL be an option if Im lucky enough to get an order for one in before they sell out?

  173. Ji Jamey- I’m interested in how you got Scythe into Tabletop Simulator and the skills involved to do so. I’ve been using TTS for several weeks now and have used it to upload some simple custom components, like a board, cards, etc for a design I’m working on myself. Since you are a proponent of questions being asked publicly, I wasn’t quite sure the best place to ask this. Any details would be great as I’d like to eventually think about offering to help get games onto digital software like TTS or Tabletopia. Thanks!

    1. varagon: Thanks for your question. I must admit that TS was kind enough to make Scythe for me–they made it as a product to sell (same with Tabletopia). So I don’t know much about the process of creating a game manually on those platforms.

  174. Hi Jamey,

    Will you eventually be offering the realistic resources together for Scythe, like you offered as an add-on in the kickstarter? I was a bonehead and should have just gotten the collector’s edition :P

    1. Preston: We expect to have a little bit of excess inventory after fulfillment is complete, and we’ll announce what we have for purchase on our August 1 e-newsletter. That will include some realistic resource tokens. There are also some sites that offer them, like Top Shelf Gamer and Game Trayz.

  175. Have played it and it is an awesome game. One of my favourites. The pairs mechanism works really well. So much fun. The combat mechanism is a bit simple but everything else about it is brilliant.

  176. Love the collectors edition – the components actually surpass Viticulture which is tough to do! And the player mats are sheer genius. Only complaint: sleeves! They were tough to find for the various sizes. But I suppose it would be tough to include the right amount of each type. Even without sleeves this is still an incredible game. Viticulture/Tuscany… Between Two Cities… Euphoria… Now Scythe…can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  177. Hi Jamey,

    is it possible to get a german edition (if i sign up for a ks-edition) of this game or is there a release date? My friends are not pretty good in english so i dont know if i should wait.

    THX Roman

      1. Hi Jamey,

        first thx for your fast reply, 2nd sry for this stupid question but is it hard to read and heavy on text. will it lose on atmosphere if our english is not really well?


        Ps.: All your games are just awesome. Are you in Essen maybe @ Spiel?

  178. Hello I am sorry i am not sure how else to contact you but i ran into an issue with the Scythe game that was shipped to me. I wasn’t able to be home for the delivery so i requested the package be left at my door, left the signature and everything. Unfortunately UPS was also delivering some wine to me during that time, the result is because the wine requires an adult 21 or over to be present for signature they did not leave the Scythe package. So it is not being sent back, i am not quite sure what to do.

    Thank you.

  179. This is an absolutely fantastic game, and I enjoy every aspect of it. I can’t wait for the offical release as well as the expansion.
    I only wish your animal companion had a bigger affect. Like their own card or ability or something in the game. These animals are supposedly highly trained and their closest companions, yet they don’t seem to serve any purpose in the game beyond being cool.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts! For a while I experimented with what the animals could do, but they either required the miniature to split apart and let the animal wander off (which was too complicated and didn’t look good) or it was confusing. So I what I ended up doing is letting the animals impact some of the mech and faction powers, as well as incorporating them thematically into the encounter cards.

  180. Mine just arrived yesterday! It’s beautiful! I’m still plowing through it, trying to figure out the rules and such. What are the four empty square plastic cups for?

  181. this is great, steam bipedal war machines in between wars time. remaind me “steamboy movie” , and i already imagine a studio ghibli movie scenario. Please keep doing the good things that you are doing now

  182. We played this last night for the first time. Had a great time, some classic game mechanics, some new and innovative ones. Will definitely play again.

  183. Hi Jamey, what’s the best way to get the extended board at this point? I wasn’t able to back the Kickstarter but would like to pick up the game, coins, and extended board. I see the game and coins available for sale a few places, but can’t find the board. Thanks!

  184. Hi Jamey,
    I noticed Amazing had a version of scythe availible with KS exclusives and that the estimated delivery date was July. I missed the kickstarter and was thinking about purchasing the KS version on amazon. Is that a legit version?


  185. Scythe just shipped and it will be here just in time for Dice a Tower Con next week ! Thanks Jamey, can’t wait to learn/share it with everyone.

  186. Hello Jamey

    Do you think add a weather system to affect the combat and movement for the game will be a good idea?

    1. Thanks for your question, Rufeng. It’s pretty rare in a game that weather makes the game more fun, and it’s also pretty rare that making combat more complicated makes combat more fun. If you come up with a way to make those elements fun, feel free to post your ideas on BGG. :)

  187. Hello Jamey,
    Do you plan a french localization ? I’ve that it could be possible with Morning Players ??!

      1. Will it be possible to buy a French version of Scythe with the Collector’s goodies? Where & when do you plan to sell the international version?


        1. All international versions of Scythe (and all English versions we make from now on) are retail versions. While supplies last, we will sell the various KS extras starting on August 1 (announced via our e-newsletter). We’re actually not the company that will be selling the international version–that’s a company called Morning Players, and they will be releasing the game in mid-October.

  188. Hey, I missed the Kickstart for this and just found a story about it. I was wondering if you would be offering the art connoisseur edition in the future. I would love to get on a list if you have one or better yet just buy one now! The game looks great and I hope produc to on is going well.

    1. Peter: Thanks for your question. We stopped accepting pre-orders for the KS editions of the game the minute the Kickstarter ended, but if we have leftover copies after reward fulfillment is complete, we’ll announce them via our e-newsletter. You can subscribe to that to the right below this comment.