Art compilation, music composed by Michał Woźniak:

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  1. Looks absolutely amazing! If you were able, I’d have you put me down for one now! I’m looking forward to the kickstarter.

    1. Andrew: It’s a fair question, but here’s what I can say for now: All copies of the game include all 25 miniatures, 200+ custom wood pieces, tons of cards, etc. The full game–as you requested–is $59, and it includes a $15 shipping subsidy within that amount. As a UK backer, your additional shipping fee will be $8.

        1. Shipping to Brazil is quite expensive, unfortunately. The shipping fee is $35. However, on the project page you’ll see that we do have a partner in Brazil that you can learn more about–it should help save you some money.

          1. Thanks for the quick reply! This game is probably going to be my first kstarter, despite the dollar/real exchange rate!

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