Tuscany Essential is in stock with retailers. You need Viticulture to play Tuscany.

coin pile primaryThe special metal lira coins (not included in Tuscany) are available from retailers.

Property Misprint Stickers: The stickers to fix the property tiles in Tuscany can be found here on the BGG store or here on our website (we’ve sent the stickers to retailers who bought the retail version of Tuscany).

Tuscany Prima (Tuscany with metal coins in the box) is available on Amazon or through our store until our supplies run out.

If you are a winery owner, wine merchant, game store owner, or distributor/importer in any of those categories, please contact Jamey directly at You can also see our retail policy here.

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  1. Hi! So I’m very interested in getting into the world of Viticulture. Would you recommend the 2nd edition or the essential edition? I was considering the 2nd edition because of the grande workers

      1. Got the essential edition and I am absolutely in love with it! I saw my country has pre-order for tuscany essential. Definitely getting that! Thanks for creating this pretty chill game :D

  2. I thought there would be no Tuscany reprint. In Germany at least one store sells Tuscany. Slightly annoying because I bought the Essential Upgrade pack expecting I would not get a chance to buy the Tuscany expansion for a moderate price.

    1. That’s correct–there is no Tuscany reprint. However, we are printing a new edition of Tuscany that contains only about 30% of the content of the original Tuscany expansion pack.

      1. It is my impression that the Tuscany expansion sold by spielgilde is the complete version. So apparently there are still some of those around. What would be excluded from the new Tuscany? And what would be included from the Essential Upgrade pack?


        1. Yes, Spielgilde has the complete retail version of Tuscany–they bought a few of the last copies we had (we are now sold out).

          Tuscany Essential Edition will only include the extended board (and stars), special worker meeples (and cards), and structure cards/mats. However, it will only include 14 special worker meeples instead of the full 66 meeples (the functionality is the same, but with far fewer bits). All other expansions inside the original Tuscany box will go out of print.

  3. Hi, I see various expansions, upgrades, essential packs. What do we need to buy to get a complete game? I have the original Viticulture from you folks from a pre-order. Thanks for your time.

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