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18 Comments on “Rules & Translations

  1. I miss a portuguese version of the rules. I thing we have a lot of people in Brazil and Portugal (and other countries who’s speaks portuguese) who will love to play your game in this language.

      1. I didn’t think of a German issue but only of a rule-translation on this page. It would be great-

  2. Is the Tuscany quick guide posted anywhere? I just like to print out another copy or two so other players can look while playing.


  3. I am reading thru the Tuscany rules (r14) again, and I came across a sentence that does not look right. On page 5 “Properties” rules, left side of page under “Gameplay” in the middle of the third paragraph. “You do not own flipped properties and thus cannot plant vines on them. Visitor cards that refer to properties you currently own.”
    Should the last sentence read, “Visitor cards only refer to properties you currently own”?

    1. Thanks Larry. It looks like that sentence was originally correct, but somehow it changed to that incorrect truncated version in the final rules. The original sentence was, “Visitor cards that refer to your fields only refer to the fields you currently own.”

    2. I hope this can be corrected and changed before the re-print is done. It seems that Tuscany will be finished soon and the 2nd edition rules for Viticulture is suppose to sent with Tuscany to us KS backers.

      1. That’s partially correct. The Viticulture quick-reference guide is included in all copies of Tuscany, and it includes notations for second-edition updates. As for the change you mentioned, it’s very minor, and there’s no way it can be changed in the current printing of Tuscany (I’m not sure what you mean by “re-print”; this is the first printing of Tuscany). I’ve noted the change to be made if Tuscany gets a second printing in the future.

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