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IMG_4577Jamey Stegmaier is a writer/blogger, game designer, entrepreneur, publisher, and crowdfunding enthusiast.

Jamey has run 8 successful crowdfunding campaigns, raising over $3.2 million from over 36,000 backers. His 4 most successful campaigns are in the board game category:

  • Scythe (October 2015): 17,739 backers, $1,810,294 raised
  • Euphoria (May 2013): 4,765 backers, $309,495 raised
  • Tuscany (March 2014): 4,333 backers, $450,333 raised
  • Between Two Cities (February 2015): 5,287 backers, $221,265 raised

Jamey shares his insights and mistakes on his Kickstarter Lessons blog, which is read by thousands of crowdfunders from a wide variety of categories.  He is extremely passionate about making crowdfunding a better place for creators and backers.

Jamey has a BSBA from Washington University in St. Louis and continues to live in the area. He currently has two cats, Biddy and Walter.

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