Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: You Don’t Need to Launch Today

Chapter 2: The Crowd Is the New Gatekeeper

Chapter 3: Crowdfunding Is the Rock Concert for Entrepreneurs

Chapter 4: I Made These Mistakes So You Don’t Have To

Chapter 5: Make It About Them

Chapter 6: Backers Are Individuals, Not Numbers

Chapter 7: How to Make Friends and Lose Money

Chapter 8: Go Small to Win Big

Chapter 9: Build a Better Community

Chapter 10: Don’t Quit Your Day Job…Until You Quit Your Day Job

Chapter 11: You Are Your Own Gatekeeper


Appendix A: 125 Kickstarter Lessons in 125 Sentences

Appendix B: The One-Week Checklist

Appendix C: Recommended Reading


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