Develop Board Game Projects

Creating Prototypes for Reviewers

Overall Considerations for Retail Sales

Crowdfunding Considerations


Manufacturing Considerations


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2 Comments on “Develop Board Game Projects

  1. My question is about a way to connect with board game design and development professionals — creatives, graphic designers, component manufacturers, translators, playtsters, etc. Individually, I’m sure one could spend a lot of time finding folks who have each of these skills, but is there one marketplace where i could go to find professionals who have specific experience with board games? Something like Upwork ( but for the cardboard community? If not, given the changes in the industry (consolidation with big companies, lots of mediocre games, growth in overall segment) do you think there is a market for one?

    1. Matt: Thanks for your question. There are a few good resources to check out. is a catch-all for everything related to board games. The Board Game Design Forum ( is another great resource. And James Mathe’s blog (listed on the above page) is a fantastic resource as well.

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