Let the Tournament of the Apocalypse Begin!

16 May 2013 | 18 Comments

Okay, let me explain what’s happening here:

There is a fully-fleshed out world in the game of Euphoria. It is a world that has emerged from some huge, tragic event.

The thing is, the event hasn’t happened yet in our time (2013). That’s where you come in. You get to decide the apocalypse that causes the world of Euphoria to exist.

16 somewhat outlandish apocalyptic scenarios rise. All but 1 will fall. That final scenario will inspire the creation of several new recruit cards that will go in every copy of the game. They themselves won’t be outlandish–they will fit the tone of the game.

So let’s begin with today’s matchups. These will remain live until the end of the first round (about 4 days)–you can see the full bracket here.

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18 Comments on “Let the Tournament of the Apocalypse Begin!

  1. No donnie, the clever bit about the name Space Marine Mammal is that it means a marine mammal, from space.

  2. When I think of robot takeover, I’m more reminded of the old “Paranoia” RPG. “The computer is your friend.”

  3. Man, I wanted to say “Space Marine Mammal” for Apocalypse World (!), See the Sea Dracula Kickstarter recently. And it fits so well! And now it’s The Simpsons?! (Shakes fist in outrage)

  4. @SuperG ack! you can not so openly discuss “The Biggest Secret” and Anunnaki unless you wish to call down the wrath of the Reptoid upon you! (or perhaps call up since they are underground dwellers). And they told me a Masters in Comparative Religion with a focus on Millennial cults would never pay off…

  5. I will take a wild stab that it is NOT the Fish People from the old Dr Who episode “The Underwater Menace.”

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