Let’s Build a Better Dystopia Together

15 May 2013 | 22 Comments

Plaza of Immortalized HumilityThis may sound cheesy, but I believe that Kickstarter is about togetherness. Today is the launch day of our new Kickstarter project, Euphoria, so I thought this would be a good day to discuss my favorite element of crowdfunding.

The element of togetherness is built into the very code of Kickstarter. You create a project, ask for support, and succeed only if enough people join forces to fund your dream. Along the way, backers offer their feedback and advice to improve the final product.

But it goes well beyond that if you want it to. The beauty of Kickstarter is that you can put names (and sometimes faces) to every person who pledges to support your project. You can interact with them on a human level, engaging and connecting with them in big groups or in one-on-one chats. You can create relationships with create strangers who believe in what you’re doing.

You can take it even further by incorporating the names and faces of backers in the game by utilizing pledge levels at reasonable prices. We added that capability during the Viticulture Kickstarter campaign, and we’re doing the same with Euphoria.

Finally, we’re doing something with Euphoria that should take this element of togetherness to a new level: We’re letting you decide the events that created the world of Euphoria. Over the next two weeks we will hold a Tournament of the Apocalypse on this blog. Your votes will create the missing link in the book of Euphoria between the past and the future, and the final decision will inspire the creation of several new recruit cards that will go in every copy of the game.

We’d love for you to join us for this journey over the next 28 days. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and you’re going to end up with an amazing game that you can play with your families and friends over hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies this December.

The choice is yours: Will you help us build a better dystopia?


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22 Comments on “Let’s Build a Better Dystopia Together

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