Miner Meeple Poll and Backer Location Poll

31 May 2013 | 17 Comments

The $165,000 stretch goal for Euphoria is for a set of three custom miner meeples to track progress on the board as players dig tunnels to infiltrate other factions. We would like your help in choosing the miner meeples.

The first two meeples were designed by Christine Bielke, our graphic designer (I’ve posted the 2D versions for clarity). The second two actually come from a game called The Lost Dutchman from our friends at Crash Games. We wouldn’t use these exact meeples, but a close variation if one of them wins the vote.

We’ll close the poll on Saturday afternoon.

I’ve also posted a poll about where Euphoria backers are located. I’m just curious where we’ll be sending all these games. The data won’t be all that accurate since there are bulk buys in Asia and Australia (individuals within those bulk buys may each indicate their location on the poll). Thanks!

Pick Ax Meeple
Pick Ax Meeple
Shovel Meeple
Shovel Meeple
Curved Pick Ax Meeple
Curved Pick Ax Meeple
Shovel and Ax
Shovel and Ax

Based on the results of the poll, we’ve decided to make the curved pick-ax meeple in a dystopian theme (he won’t be a cowboy). Thank you all for your votes! The location poll at the bottom of the page is still open.


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17 Comments on “Miner Meeple Poll and Backer Location Poll

  1. The “western” theme of the curved pick axe meeple just doesn’t say “dystopia” (or “euphoria”) to me. Although the round heads of the pick axe and shovel meeples is a little cartoonish, It’s less out of place than the cowboy hat.
    I agree with the other comments that a pick axe meeple with the curved pick axe would be the best of each.

  2. I went for shovel/axe. It occurred to me that if the workers are represented by faceless dice adding too much personality to the miners didn’t fit that aesthetic. :)

  3. I thought the “shovel” meeple was a detonator for dynomite…. as you mentioned possibly doing three different ones a fireman meeple would work as well. I thought dynomite meeple would be cooler then a shovel meeple… I don’t know how to vote, but I like people rather then the objects

  4. Curved pickaxe and hardhat would be my choice as well… glad I read the comments before voting

  5. @Jamey, as usual I’ll be the nit picker: In this post you state that the stretch goal is 160,000, but on the Kickstarter page it’s listed as 165,000. Not that it’s going yo matter since I can’t see this Kickstarter not reaching 165,000 :-)

  6. The shovel handle looks like it will snap easy. I prefer the curved pickaxe and the hard hat. The current pickaxe looks more like a carpenter’s square than a digging tool. And will any of these be able to stand up, or are they all so awkwardly weighted they’ll fall over?

  7. When I look at the results, if the two pick ax options combined win out over the others, I’ll go with the more popular pick ax.

  8. I think having two pickaxe meeps in the poll skews towards the shovel & axe token. They should be just a single choice, with an either/or poll afterwards should they win.

  9. I like the person part of Christine’s meeples, with the hard hats, but I like the curved pick axe that the Lost Dutchman dude has.

    1. Guess I agree. Voted for the person in the hat anyway. Looks like a miner and not like a meeple.

  10. I think the shovel and pick-ax is *nice*, but it’s not a true meeple to me. I’d much prefer a wooden PERSON to represent someone toiling away in the underground… but that’s just my 2 cents.

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