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11 October 2019 | 19 Comments

I’ve been a bit slower to post and comment this week because for the first time in 14 years, I moved! I still live and work in St. Louis, but my home office has now shifted from the second bedroom of my original condo to the second bedroom of another condo.

I still have a lot of tasks to take care of at the new place, so today I thought I’d just post some photos of what Stonemaier headquarters now looks like. Here’s a tour of the 4 walls:

This is the right wall as you enter the office. Random shirts and supplies, a few games, and the cat food section of the room.

The next wall is more cast stuff and a closet of secrets.

Beyond that are my printers and a whiteboard.

Finally we have the most used part of the office, which features a new sit-stand desk and chair from Uplift.

And that’s it! Thanks for joining me for today’s tour of my home office. The gift shop is here. :)

Do you work from home? What office essentials have you discovered?

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19 Comments on “My New Home Office

  1. Congratulations on your move! On a side note, I am intrigued by the litter boxes, I have never seen the “top entry” style before.

  2. Congrats on the move! As a military member, moving never got easier, but I have to tell you, as I now get closer to retirement, I’m happy to move for a final (hopefully) time.

  3. Firstly, I could NOT be happier for you! Secondly, I like seeing your buddies(cats) in the pictures. I have to be honest, I usually play ‘find the cat’ and then get a little scared as it seems they are staring into my soul! They seem preoccupied in these photos.

    I’ve noticed you have been less active on social media and I had hoped it was for a reason such as this!

    I’ve had my gameroom/office for years and can say that you really need 3 things beyond the tools of your trade. I call them the 3m’s. Munchies, Music and Mead(any drink you find keeps you focused). Lately, I’ve been stocking my mini fridge with veg and humus, Lime water seltzer and for music, its anything from Classical to Five Finger Death Punch. Each type seems to aid my mental processes depending on what task is at hand.

    What do you drink, eat and listen to for motivation, inspiration and productivity?

  4. My essential after many years is a window with a good view. For me, that’s a bird feeder – especially after Wingspan rekindled my interest in birds.

  5. When I worked from home, something I kept in my office was some dumbbell/free weights and a pull-up bar (that fits over a door frame). A couple things to get the blood pumping for a few minutes here an there.

  6. Did you move into your girlfriend’s place or is this a new to both of you place? If they’re not too personal, what were some reasons for choosing one place over another?

  7. There are several essentials I use in my home office. First, is my 40′ curved monitor. The extra screen space is a huge benefit. I have email open, a google doc, and an additional browser or MS Word. I’m able to see everything at the same time.

    Second, is my laptop stand. It has two legs that are multi-jointed that allow me to configure it about other things on my desk, like a riser. It holds the laptop at the same level as the monitor, giving me even more screen real estate.

    Third, an Alexa. I use my Alexa a hundred times a day, and having it right there makes a huge difference. I use it for the following:

    -Time of day around the world as I make international calls or schedule appointments
    – Weather for my travel schedules
    – Currency conversion for my billing internationally
    – Reference dates of events or schedules
    – Asking what is my next appointment (Alexa is tied to my Outlook)
    – Setting timers on tasks to make sure I don’t spend too much time on fun stuff
    – Setting reminders for upcoming meetings because I tend to get sucked into fun stuff
    – Calling through Skype
    – Podcasts
    – Music
    – Audiobooks
    – Reminder lists
    – Programmed reminders on a daily and weekly basis, i.e. When to water the house plants

    While all of these things can easily be done manually, in order to do so I have to disrupt my flow to go find the app and insert the request. But instead, as I’m working, I can just ask, without interrupting my flow, get my answer and keep going.

  8. I want to second the docking station comment. It’s nice not to have to worry about connecting and disconnecting all the various cords. Also a second to the wireless headset suggestion (although I also have a nice Polycom conference phone).

    I’ve worked from home since 2007 and actually have two desks. One is a typical desk (actually my old kitchen table when we got a newer, bigger one. Lots of space) with chair in my office. The other is my walking desk, set up on my treadmill. In both I have a docking station that I can plug my laptop into and it is immediately connected to keyboard, mouse, and 43″ 4K TV/monitor. On the treadmill I just set the speed to 2mph and walk along while reading e-mail & blogs, editing documents, and writing. When it’s time for art, programming, or other activities that require concentration and/or fine motor skill, I use the desk in my office.

  9. Man, every time I take one of these home office tours I get suckered into the gift shop. Also, so much space for activities!

  10. I’ve been working from home for many years now, but occasionally need to head into the office, so a nice docking station for my laptop is pretty handy – that means I only need to power it down, unplug one cord, and be on my merry way. On that same note, a sturdy backpack for that laptop is a must, for me at least.

    Other essentials: since I’m on lots of calls, a wireless headset is a must, so is a nice marker board. I have a 4×8 in my office which is filled all the time and helps me maintain visibility to all the pots I have on the stove at any given time.

    Finally, I have a sit down/stand-up desk, and it’s awfully nice. One last thing – I work with data a lot, and I take inspiration from really clever and useful displays of interesting information, so I like to have my office situated so at least one poster like that is always within my line of sight.

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