New Crowdfunding Video Series

10 August 2017 | 7 Comments

A few months ago, I started filming short videos for The Dice Tower’s “Crowd Surfing” series. I talk for 2-3 minutes about a specific segment of crowdfunding with the intent of distilling several KS lesson articles into the most important information, usually with board game angle.

I wanted to make these videos more easily accessible for you, so I’m going to periodically add them to my YouTube channel and to this page of our website. I’ll also highlight them on occasion in blog posts like this one.

The series follows my Kickstarter Lessons in the order I recommend people read them; that is, in chronological order as they apply to creators. The first few videos follow specific KS lessons, but after that I try to summarize entire sections of content into a single 2-3 minute video, which is quite an interesting challenge.

I hope these are useful for you, and if there’s any way I can make them more useful, please let me know!

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7 Comments on “New Crowdfunding Video Series

  1. I like the detail of the written blogs too, but this is a fun and interesting way to compress lots of information into one short segment! Looking forward to seeing how the others turn out.

  2. Thanks Jamey – that ‘create your content early’ video made for The Dice Tower was 105% perfect for what I wanted to convey to my students in the coming weeks! Awesome work :)

  3. Thanks for the helpful videos! I like articles myself, but video reviews are great because the more different methods you use to learn something, the more the information sticks!


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