New Treasure Chests

21 January 2015 | 20 Comments

We’re preparing for a Kickstarter campaign in late spring 2015 that would include 3 new Treasure Chests: A Resource Vault, a Food Crate, and an Energy Box. Photos of early sculpts with temporary paint jobs are below.

An ongoing list of games that use the resources in these new Treasure Chests are on this geeklist.

Resource Vault: steel, wool, barrel, bag, cloth, water
Resource Vault: water, wool, barrel, bag, cloth, steel
Food Crate: coffee, meat, bread, corn, grain/wheat, crate
Food Crate: meat, coffee, crate, bread, grain/sand, corn/vegetable
energy box 1
Energy Box: fire, gas, oil, uranium, coal, trash


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20 Comments on “New Treasure Chests

  1. isnt there a possibility of a reprint of all those chests[even a new kickstarter?] ? i believe that many requests would appear…

  2. The tin trash can is preferred to the plastic bin because it’s also a universal icon for “trash”. Though silver/gray would be a preferred color scheme.

    Wool should be white for the subliminal value of sheep skin.

    Cloth = pink/red because I’ve played way too much world of Warcraft.

    Fish seems to be the most commonly used meat icon in games (board or video), also can color fish any color you want.

    Uranium is more associated with white or yellow.

    Everything looks awesome though! These are only my 2 cents opinion

  3. Oops, almost forgot, freeing up the red from the uranium means it could be used for the banding on the gas cannister or the gas cannister as a whole. This would make it look a little more dangerous (propane gas bottles are red).

  4. The sculpts look great, but I’m not entirely convinced about some of the colour choices.

    The trash sculpt is nice, but its a little outdated. It also looks like it has a lid which could possibly be a two piece mold. Nowadays most trash cans have been replaced by the ecological, recycling wheelie bins (although the choice of abs plastic for an ecological saviour always baffles me a bit).

    The wheelie bin design might make for an easier one piece mold and they could be green. This would allow yellow to be used for the uranium cannister. I always associated uranium with yellow because of the coloring of the universal hazzard signs. Making the trashcan/wheelie bin green would also allow the wool to be painted a different color possibly pink or purple.

    Thinking towards the future their aren’t many general items that are pink or purple and it might be difficult to incorporate them into future chests. Wool is a valuable sculpt (in terms of colour) because it can be anything without looking odd – so it might make sense to use it as a vehicle for a “hard to incorporate color”.

  5. Stonemaier Games are pushing the standards of game components to another level :)

    I understand those are pro-painted ones?
    I must say that those have much more detail than the components of the 1st chest by the look of it. I hope that unnecessarily though I am worried that manufactures might have a trouble to up to the standard. Anyway I am stunned and amazed as this looks very ambitious :)

    I will treat it as a great prequel of the Scythe models’ quality, that is if the game will use models :)

    I wonder in what form you are planning to ‘kickstart’ the chests. Will it be a single Kickstarter or one per each?

    Listening & waiting for the campaign to start :)

    All the Best.

    1. Konrad: Indeed, these sculpts were hand-made and hand-painted by Scott Wadyko. We don’t yet know what the molded versions will look like, but we’re hoping they’ll be quite similar!

      We’re going to do a Kickstarter for all three chests so we can offer the best price per chest as a bundled option (and backers only need to pay for shipping once instead of three times) Backers can pick and choose the chests they want at the bundled level.

      1. Yea. I am certain you Jamey will make sure it is as perfect as possible.
        I am very excited for the campaign to start.
        Looking forward to see Scythe models painted :)

        All the Best.

  6. First let me say I LOVE the distribution and approach for upcoming kickstarter. I will definitely be getting 2 of 3. My only complaints/desired changes would be:

    *Paint the wool a white or off-white color
    *Definitely prefer the ‘steak’ sculpt for meat (Although thinner would be better) vs the ‘drumstick’ sculpt shown in recent KS update
    *Would REALLY like to see a fish token and would definitely prefer over coffee or even meat or grain in that set
    *Fur/Hide would be a great addition and would prefer over Water or Steel
    *Prefer the bread sculpt in recent KS update vs one shown here

    Looking forward to the campaign!!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Chris! One of the reasons we went for green wool was that we don’t have any other green tokens–I like a variety of colors. :)

      As for fish, some people have requested that. In fact, animals seemed like a pretty popular desire. I have to admit that I was just less excited about animals than the other tokens. It’s possible we’ll do them someday, but I wouldn’t want to make something I’m not passionate about.

  7. You are truly becoming the ambassador for quality componnents :) these remind me of the bits in Sons of Anarchy which are fantastic as well. Absolutely amazing game pieces.

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