Progress Report for Stonemaier Games BIPOC Support

16 July 2020 | 7 Comments

A little over a month ago, I shared the Stonemaier Games Statement and Declaration of Action in support of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Now that I’ve had some time to act on that statement, I wanted to share a progress update, as goal #7 in the statement is public accountability.

I’ve updated the statement at the end of this article with a progress update column so you can see the quantifiable progress, and I’ll first highlight some details about the process itself:

  • You may have noticed the diversity among the content creators who received advance copies of our new game, Pendulum. While we sent review copies of our games on an ongoing basis to a wide variety of content creators, advance copy content generates by far the most attention. There are already Pendulum videos from Dice & Dragons, Before You Play, and The Dice Odyssey, and you’ll see reviews from those creators as well as Our Family Plays Games and 90 Second Nerd starting on July 29 (among other great content creators too).
  • The form I posted–which is still active–has been very helpful, particularly for some of the categories for which it’s a bit more difficult for me to actively seek out BIPOC creators (e.g., Kickstarter creators who haven’t started talking about their project). Resources like this growing post from Two Board Meeples have been very helpful, and I still have a number of people on that list to contact. Most of the people I contact respond within a few days.
  • While some of the support we’ve provided is quantifiable (people contacted, games sent, money spent, etc), I’ve found that many of the people with whom I communicate really just want advice and guidance. My time, basically. That’s the resource I value most, which is why (historically) if someone asks me for advice, I steer them to ask the question publicly so the answer can benefit more than one person (also, the answer is usually written in detail in one of my existing articles). However, I’ve tried not to do that with this particular initiative. Thus, many of times I’ve “contacted” people as noted in the chart below have turned into full-fledged conversations. I have tried to pace myself, though, as this initiative is just one of my many responsibilities at Stonemaier Games.

Overall, while this isn’t about me, I will say that it’s been really gratifying to connect with people in this way. I have a lot to learn about how I can be a better ally to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, and it feels right to spend time, energy, and resources trying to uplift people (BIPOC in this moment and moving forward, and ultimately anyone who has been marginalized). It fits perfectly with Stonemaier Games’ mission of bringing joy and inclusivity to tabletops worldwide and my personal mission to love people better.

Some related content from other creators you might find interesting are this article by Todd Sattersten and this podcast featuring Lydia (a friend and one of the people whose organizations we’ll be supporting with game donations).

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7 Comments on “Progress Report for Stonemaier Games BIPOC Support

  1. Jamey,
    Thank you for your inspiration. Public accountability can be challenging, but I respect what you’re doing.

  2. Jamey,

    Great to see the follow-through. As with so many things in our lives, we need to hold people accountable and it’s wonderful to see that you’ve translated your process and fiscal transparency to another aspect of your business.

  3. This was a fantastic read! Thanks a lot for stating this! I agree wholeheartedly with you. My personal goal in life is to be a better person every single day, and hoping that I will be a great inspiration for others. That someone in a position such as yourself states this, so incredibly well put forth, literally brought tears to my eyes. I’ll gladly take up your initiative:


    Sadly, I don’t know you personally, Jamey, but you seem like such a wonderful person! I’m a privileged, white male living in one of the richest countries in the world (Norway). I won’t pretend that I can fully feel the pain of people being judged, day in and day out, by who they are, not by what actions they take. All I know, is that it upsets me mightily!

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