Summer Visitor #1: Surveyor

8 November 2012 | No Comments

Starting with the promo cards on the previous post, we’re going to reveal all 40 of the visitor cards in Viticulture. In the game, you can use one of your workers to host a visitor in the summer or the winter (two different sets of visitors), and in exchange, the visitors offer you their unique skill sets for a one-time bonus that season.

Today’s visitor card is the Surveyor. The Surveyor gives you 1 victory point for each field on which you have planted a vine. Each player has three fields on which they can plant vines, so like most visitor cards that give you points, the most VPs you can earn from this card is 3.

If you draw this card early in the game, you have a decision to make: Do you employ a strategy that involves planting on each of your fields (which will require more workers to harvest all of your fields), do you use it for an easy VP early on, or do you discard it in the hopes of getting other cards and hope to pick it up later in the game? You can only have 7 cards (vines, wine orders, and visitors all count as cards) in hand at the end of each year, so you have to decide if your precious hand space is worth this card.

Art by Jacqui Davis.

If you would like a greater understanding of the Viticulture rules for this series, you can watch this short video or download the full rules PDF.

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