Summer Visitor #16 and #17: Novice Guide and Tour Guide

22 November 2012 | No Comments

In early versions of Viticulture, the only way to get money was to sell grapes and wine. At a certain point we realized that it was confusing that you could sell wine for money AND fill orders for victory points with wine, so we reduced limited a player’s ability for earning money to selling grapes. This is accurate in the wine world–many vineyards sell their grapes to wineries to be made into wine.

But with reduced potential for cash flow, we realized that we needed to add another way for players to earn money.What better a way to do that, we realized, than offer players the ability to give vineyard tours.

So there’s now a “give a vineyard tour” action in the summer that nets you 2 lira. But if you draw either of these cards, you can give a slightly more lucrative tour.


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