Summer Visitor #4: Buyer

10 November 2012 | No Comments

Today’s summer visitor card is the Buyer, which allows you to sell grapes for twice their price and gain a victory point. Originally the victory point wasn’t included on this card, because it’s already quite good if you need to ramp up on money. But the problem was that the middle action space bonus for selling grapes on the board–a victory point–made selling grapes at their normal price more lucrative than playing the Buyer card. Thus we incorporated it into the card as well.

I’ve noticed that people overlook the “sell grapes” option the first few times they play, but after you play a few times you’ll realize the value of selling grapes at key times, especially if you’re getting that extra victory point. I’m curious to see how  and when people use that action and this card when the game is released.

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