Summer Visitor #7: Blacksmith

13 November 2012 | No Comments

This might be my favorite piece of art out of all the cards.

The coolest thing is that Beth didn’t have to reposition the man on the card like the artists had to do for many of the cards. The backer sent me a photo of his father in this exact pose. His father doesn’t know he’s going to be immortalized on the card, so hopefully he enjoys the surprise.

When I sent it to Victor for approval, his e-mail contained a single sentence that made my day: “That is literally the best of all things.”

Strategy wise, the blacksmith is good at all points of the game (unless you somehow manage to build all structures, which is tough). He can help you purchase one of the bigger structures early on, or he can provide you a “free” trellis or yoke. While there are cards that will give more money, the ability to get the money and use it to build a structure in a single card is quite powerful.

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