Testing the Waters of Consultation

24 July 2013 | 11 Comments

JRS2I really enjoy helping out other project creators with their Kickstarter projects–that’s why I write this blog.

I’m also honored whenever someone reaches out to me to ask specific questions about their project. I  offer very detailed feedback that I believe translates into money saved on inefficiencies and money gained by an increase in backers. I like to think that applying my Kickstarter philosophies to other projects makes Kickstarter a better experience not just for creators, but for backers as well.

At this point I’ve helped over 50 project creators create and refine their campaigns. I’ve also personally raised over $375,000 on Kickstarter through my own projects. When I’m not running my Kickstarter campaigns, I treat Kickstarter as an ongoing research project so I can continue to learn from others and improve the quality of my advice.

The number people asking me for specific advice on their Kickstarter projects has significantly increased over the last few months. I’ve really enjoyed helping those project creators, and I’d like to continue to do so, but my time is a scarce resource. Keep in mind that I have two cats that demand constant attention.

Thus, as of today, I’m implementing a multi-tiered system so I can continue to help the increasing number of project creators who seek my input but also justify the time it takes me to properly research projects and offer feedback. The following guidelines apply to anyone who seeks my advice about their specific project (the blog will remain free–my hope is that 99% of your answers can be found in the Kickstarter Lessons), followed by a breakdown of the various tiers.

Overall Guidelines

  • Please first read my Kickstarter Lessons . They’re a free resource for anyone to use at any time.
  • Please write a testimonial after you’ve received your feedback. You can post it in the comments section of this page. The testimonial can be positive or negative or a mix of both. The point of it is to share the experience with others so they can decide if they should seek out my advice too.
  • I won’t run your project for you. Running a Kickstarter campaign is a full-time job…and I already have a full time job, plus Stonemaier Games on top of that. It’s very gratifying to run your own campaign for a dream project–you can do this!
  • I will not promote your project. I don’t do paid or requested promotions. It’s a personal decision for me to share projects I love, not a professional one. I also interview some project creators who do unique things with their projects that other creators can learn from, but I approach them, not the other way around.
  • Contact information: You can reach me at jamey.stegmaier@gmail.com

Consultation Tiers

  1. Basic (free): If you have one or two quick questions that aren’t answered in the Kickstarter Lessons, there is no fee. I’m happy to help. I reserve the right to use those questions and answers on this blog to help other project creators. They will be posted anonymously unless I have your permission to use your name and project.
  2. Advanced (full pledge and a free copy of your product): I expect you to back my next project or to have already backed one of my Kickstarter campaigns at a full pledge level (i.e., for a copy of the game) and for you to send me a copy of your product if your campaign is successful in return for ONE of the following: (a) an e-mail or phone conversation (1 hour) well in advance of your project to chart an effective strategy, (b) a full review of your project page preview, OR (c) an open invitation to bounce ideas off of me during your Kickstarter campaign.
  3. Expert ($100, full pledge, and a free copy of your product): If you would like more than one of the options listed in the Advanced tier,  the fee is the same as the Advanced tier plus $100.

I reserve the right to waive any of the above fees if you are a really active Stonemaier Games ambassador or if you’ve helped me on your influential platform in the past (blog, podcast, etc).

Other Consultants

Feel free to compare my rates to these Kickstarter experts whom I hold in high regard:

Thanks, and feel free to contact me or comment below if you have any questions or comments.

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11 Comments on “Testing the Waters of Consultation

  1. I think this is an amazing deal. For anyone who has been paying attention, you’ve proven that you have some brilliant insights to share, solid success with Kickstarter, and are great at building community. I think this is an awesome offer, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering running a Kickstarter game project. Based on our personal interactions during our respective campaigns and after, your great backlog of free resources here on this blog, and your willingness to be honest and open about the process in ways that many successful project creators are not, its very clear that you care about more than the bottom line :)

  2. Hey Jamey! Casey here! I hope all is well bud. We left some feedback for you the night after our call on the BGG forums, on our Facebook page, and on our website blog! What can I say..we are raving fans =) If you would like for me to leave the same feedback here or provide the links to where the feedback can be found just say er..type..the word and I will see it is done. Take care.

    1. Thanks Casey! I saw that you just posted it on the Advice and Consultation page. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to talk with you all, and I hope the project development is coming along well.

  3. Live out the dream :) Hopefully you’ll be able to make a living on Stonemaier Games in the future, being able to focus on Games and consultation..
    I’ll be cheering for you! :)

    1. We’ll see, Emil. That would be amazing, but I don’t know if I’d ever feel right charging the amount for consultation that it would take to get me to have that be a significant portion of my income.

  4. Wait? You have a full time job, and Stonemaier Games? And you blog constantly on two blogs? And you respond to email? I think you just need to bottle up what ever energy drink you’re mixing up and sell that.

  5. I’ve learned a huge amount from your Kickstarter lessons. Between you and Richard Bliss I have learned a TON about running a successful Kickstarter campaign – enough that I have been able to help several others with their campaigns without having any firsthand experience yet managing a campaign myself (though I hope that changes soon!). I really appreciate you taking the time to share your valuable expertise and experiences – and I can attest to anyone just stumbling upon this site that your time and experience will be well worth any consulting fee you might charge.

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