Thank you for placing a pre-order with us! It takes a lot of trust to buy something before it exists, and we hope your expectations are exceeded when you receive the final product.

Your mailing address might change between now and when the product is ready, so we’ll send you an address update e-mail a few weeks before we ship. The e-mail will come from You can use that same e-mail address to contact Jamey at any time if you have concerns about your order.

In the meantime, feel free to poke around our website to see if any of the information here is useful to you. We’re not just here to create awesome tabletop experiences; we’re here to share our crowdfunding mistakes and insights with our fellow other creators and entrepreneurs.

Thanks for your support,

Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone

St. Louis, Missouri

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52 Comments on “Thanks!

  1. Pledged. Waited. Got it. I have shown the game around. The distinctive peaces and the overall quality gain high praise. Played it recently. The general mechanics are simple. The overall game play is engrossing. Even if you lose every bottle you make feels like victory. Winning is something that happens if you love your fields. Even though there are no guns or swords it’s a very nice game. Michael Selvaggio, Avocado Games.

  2. Hi – I just preordered. Am I charged immediately? Or later when the game ships? Just wondering, as the site wasn’t clear on this point. Thanks!

    1. Hi Clint: Yes, your credit card has been charged. Thanks for your pre-order! We’re pretty open about refunds in general given that the pre-orders are so far in advance (instead of waiting to charge).

  3. Hi, I wanted to support you on kickstarting scythe but was delayed and came too late. Now I had to pay double price for a pre-order with the Items I wanted to include. That was very sad as I was prepared to support some days ago, but was unfortunately delayed a bit. Is there anything we can do so that I shouldnt pay double price. Pre-ordered a year ahead.

    1. Hi Flemming – I am in a similar situation. I wanted to get the Art Connoisseur deluxe version of Scythe for $119, but waited too long on the Kickstarter. I did a preorder, and the same thing now costs $173. I did order it anyway because this game looks AWESOME :) But there’s a small part of me feeling a little annoyed with myself for waiting too long.

      Reading through Jamey’s blog posts, it seems that the game valuation is more expensive than the original Kickstarter price that was set. So it’s not that I’m getting a bad deal – it’s just that the Kickstarter backers are getting an even better deal. And besides, he can’t extend low prices forever – it wouldn’t be fair to the backers.

      I’m not an impulse buyer. It takes me a long time to decide whether or not to buy something, sometimes months. That’s one thing I don’t like about Kickstarter is that (in my opinion, anyway) it tends to reward impulse buyers and penalize those who need time to think about the purchase. I realize that’s how it works though. And even if it were a long campaign, it still probably wouldn’t be long enough for someone like me.

      Anyway, just my two cents. In any case, I’m really looking forward to getting Scythe! It’s going to be fantastic :)

  4. i purchased these beautiful item for my better game plan. thank you for your efforts. i am looking forward to receiving these items.

  5. My first purchase from you guys was Euphoria, which I’ve loved playing and sharing! I then bought the first treasure chest after loving the tokens that came with Euphoria. I’ve pledged for Between Two Cities, which looks amazing, and I’ve always wondered why I hadn’t purchased Viticulture. Now I know why – I was waiting for the Essential Edition! Thanks for your amazing games and customer/fan service! Looking forward to growing some grapes (maybe on the outskirts of the two cities I’ll be building)!

  6. Chalk this pre-order up as a Tabletopia-assisted sale. Great job getting in on the Kickstarter preview (and why wouldn’t you, as such a great proponent of using KS well), and I’m sure it will be paying off. And what timing… hadn’t heard about this Essential Edition (which is perfect for my wife and I, by the way) until I came across it on BGG as I went to log my online play. :o

  7. Thank you for the recent email / newsletter update on this pre-order! I’ve been waiting on Viticulture and this reminder gave me the reason to do so!

  8. Just picked up some Lira coins to add to my own copy of Viticulture/Tuscany and to give to a friend who has it also. I also purchased your new book in audio format! Can’t wait to start listening to it on my drives to and from work. Thanks Jamey!

  9. Pre-ordered the Essential edition and the metal coins. Heard a lot of good things about your game, Jamey. I’m looking forward to playing it with my friends! Cheers from Belgium.

  10. Jamey,
    At some point will the Essential Viticulture buyers be able to get more of the Tuscany expansions? Like the board with the four seasons or the Frankie Valli (New Jersey wines)?

    Hope you liked the joke.

    1. I like the term that Kiwi used above–we plan to release the “Essential Tuscany” sometime in 2016. It’ll just contain the big board, structure cards, and special workers. As for New Jersey wines…not so sure about that. :)

  11. Just ordered but really looking forward to a Tuscany essentials next year to build on the Viticulture essentials, and have the best of both with the bog board

  12. Dice Tower loves Viticulture so I have ordered the Essential Viticulture game. Looks like the best bang for your buck. Just in time for the holidays! I promise not to whine.

  13. Not sure how to edit an earlier post….Would it be possible to add tuscany to my current order or do i have to place a new order?
    it would be good to avoid the shipping charges again.

  14. Hi Jamey
    Does the essential edition come with the Tuscany expansion listed or would I need to get the Tuscany expansion as well?

    1. Vishallan: The Essential Edition of Viticulture does not come with Tuscany–they’re two separate things. However, a few of the expansions in Tuscany have been moved to the core game (not as expansions, but as permanent elements of the core game).

  15. Very excited to try this one out! I admittedly don’t know a ton about the game, but everyone seems to love it and what I have read sounds like a very solid strategic game. Combined with a theme that my chef/sommelier wife is bound to love, I think it will make a fantastic Christmas gift. Thanks!

  16. Wow, what a surprise. I tried to track down a copy of Viticulture for a while now, after missing out on the Kickstarter. Great, to get both Viticulture and Tuscany for a great bundle price. Thanks Jamey – you made my day.

  17. I just pre-ordered Viticulture. I’m very new to board gaming and have yet to play this title, but Agricola (solo) is easily my most played game. The endorsement from Uwe sealed the deal for me. I look forward to getting my hands on what appears to be a very well made and beautiful title!

  18. Really like VIticulture and can’t wait to get the upgrade pack as well as the special metal lira coins. I appreciate also the clear communication you’ve done in all your campaigns. Keep up the great work and looking forward to Scythe’s kickstarter campaign!

  19. Jamie… just pre-ordered (yee haw!). You had mentioned in the description something about coming out with a smaller Tuscany expansion. Any idea when we can expect this?

  20. Thanks, I just pre-ordered between two cities, but also mistakenly Reserved a special edition. Would you please remove me from that list? I look forward to playing it, and hope to enjoy it as much as Euphoria.
    Regards, Mike

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