The 12 Tenets of Board Games

23 September 2012 | 1 Comment

UPDATE: The most recent version of this list is updated on an ongoing basis here.

Over time, I’ve accumulated a list of mechanics that reflects the 12 Tenets of Board Games that I believe in (you can read about how these specifically apply to my game, Viticulture, in the FAQ section of my Kickstarter page):

  1. Quick setup/easy to learn.
  2. Balances, not checks for close games.
  3. Conflict, not hostility.
  4. Choices, not luck.
  5. Scaleability.
  6. Unique production/creation.
  7. Variable turn order.
  8. Fast pace/smooth flow.
  9. Multiple paths to victory.
  10. Point-based end-game trigger.
  11. Reasonable duration.
  12. Replayability.

These are different for everyone. What are your tenets of great board games?

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