Top 10 Most Innovative Kickstarter Strategies of 2016

2 January 2017 | 11 Comments

My fellow creators inspire me every day to be a better entrepreneur. I’m inspired not just by the innovations I see on Kickstarter, but also the way I see my fellow creators treat people with kindness, respect, and personality on social media and in person.

Below is a compilation of the top 10 most innovative Kickstarter strategies of 2016. This is not an exclusive list; I’m sure there are many brilliant strategies that I’m not aware of. These concepts are derived from my Kickstarter retrospective series.

  1. Fidget Cube posted a one-click press material button at the top of their project page, making it easier for the media to write about their project. Details here.
  2. Saloon Tycoon used an optional hub system to reduce backer shipping fees. Details here.
  3. TerraTiles implemented a really clever notation system for those who print labels and fulfill by hand. Details here.
  4. Nuheara IQbuds created a brilliant infographic explaining key features in words and images. Details here.
  5. The Red Dragon Inn 6 offered box-free expansion content to reduce backer prices and environmental waste. Details here.
  6. Tau Ceti: Planetary Crisis set up a forum to facilitate group purchases for backers. Details here.
  7. Biohazard used Facebook’s new engagement buttons to poll fans and spread the word about their game in the process. Details here.
  8. Coldwater Crown committed to writing weekly updates until rewards are fulfilled, communicating this promise through a nice graphic. Details here.
  9. Chimera Station not only offered first-run copies of the game in other languages, but they also used reward levels in each language to convey the details of those rewards. Details here.
  10. Vengeance has such an amazing project video that I have to mention, as it truly innovative. Details here.

What’s an innovative crowdfunding strategy you noticed in 2016?

See last year’s post here.

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11 Comments on “Top 10 Most Innovative Kickstarter Strategies of 2016

  1. Hi! I loved how Anachrony asked backers to choose one faction out of the four factions in the game. The same pledge level had 4 versions for the same price, the only difference being faction specific box sleeves, and throughout the campaign there were faction specific stretch goals which monitored these numbers. It created a championship-like feeling which made me visit the project almost on a daily basis during the campaign, to see how “my” faction fares.

  2. I like Biohazard idea about creating polling using like/love/wow to vote. The best out of it is that it wont tell immediately who votes what and therefore votes will not be influenced by the polling outlook

  3. I liked the press materials button idea a lot – I came across it in a different project and resolved to do it for the Scandinavia and the World game – I didn’t realise fidget cube was the first to do it, but I can believe it, that team had a lot of good ideas.

  4. The “Kickstarter Live” feature might be a game changer for some projects regarding their communication. The “Mythic Battles: Pantheon” project has adopted it as soon as it was introduced during their campaign with great outcomes: questions quickly answered, interactive demos, friendly discussions with the community which really created a nice emulation, etc.

    1. I’m glad you mentioned the “Live” feature. Kickstarter rolled out a lot of cool features this year, and it’s neat to see creators using them in ways to better communicate with backers.

  5. I really liked the Terra Tiles one, but after a few hours of research last time you mentioned it, I have yet to figure out how they did it, However I don’t have a label printer service for shipping where I am guessing its a custom field somewhere.

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