Top 10 Other Websites that Teach You How to Be a Successful Crowdfunder

10 February 2015 | 7 Comments

The goal of my crowdfunding blog is to help other creators be successful on Kickstarter and other platforms by building community, establishing trust, and being empathetic.

But this website isn’t the only resource where you can learn to be a better crowdfunder. Today I wanted to feature some other places that you might want to check out. These are in no particular order.

  1. Funding the Dream Podcast (Richard Bliss): This is a fantastic 20-minute podcast with over 240 episodes, most of them interviews with creators about specific aspects of crowdfunding. Disclaimer: Sometimes I appear on this podcast as a cohost, but it’s pretty rare.
  2. (James Mathe): James is a successful creator who shares his insights in long, list-based entries that are chock full of information.
  3. Kicktraq (Adam Clark): Kicktraq is known for its hotlist and projection algorithms, but it also features a wealth of must-read crowdfunding articles.
  4. Genius Games (John Coveyou): If you love statistics, you’ll love this website. John takes a data-driven approach to evaluating what works and doesn’t work on crowdfunding. Disclaimer: John is a friend in St. Louis.
  5. Kickstarter Best Practices Facebook Group: This is one of the best resources for project creators. The group features a ton of members who want to make crowdfunding better. If you ask for advice here, make sure you truly are open to it.
  6. Comixtribe (Tyler James): Tyler and his cohorts write about a lot of topics, but every now and then they publish some of the best articles on crowdfunding.
  7. SunTzuGames (Emil Larsen): Emil offers one of the few YouTube channels specifically geared towards helping project creators. Disclaimer: Emil is on our advisory board.
  8. CrowdCrux (Salvador Briggman): CrowdCrux is a fantastic resource for learning about how to be a more effective creator. I appreciate that Salvador shares my philosophies on how crowdfunding is about building community (not raising money).
  9. Crowdfunding Dojo: I like sites that use specific projects to teach other creators, and Crowdfunding Dojo does a great job of that.
  10. This site is a little different than the others–it’s like the Financial Times for crowdfunding. If you dig that approach, you’ll enjoy this site.

UPDATE: I forgot to add a great resource from John Wrot at Gate Keeper Games. This series is definitely worth checking out.

Do you know of another resource that focuses on teaching other crowdfunders how to be more effective? If so, please let me know in the comments.

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7 Comments on “Top 10 Other Websites that Teach You How to Be a Successful Crowdfunder

  1. From two Johns, thanks for the mention. And the effort to do it in an “Update”. I’m familiar with most of these, but there are a few new ones that I can check out as well. More goodies to know and share!

  2. Great resource Jamey and thanks for the mention. I will have to check out all these other resource and now you have put a fire under my rear to continue pumping out some stats blogs. Adam, I’d love any feedback you have if you think of any!

  3. D’aww… thanks! Lots of great information all around in those links. I’ll be eyeballing all the deets from Mr. Coveyou!

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