Tournament of the Apocalypse Round 2: Day 2

21 May 2013 | 6 Comments

many-kittens-so-1360368318What tragic event split the world into the dichotomous factions of Euphoria? Was it the mind-controlling jellyfish, tapping into the brains of summer vacationers everywhere? Was it the millions of kittens who smothered their owners in their sleep and went on a catnip-driven rampage? Was it the malevolent time travelers who phase in and out of time at will? Or was it the result of the moon imploding upon itself?

This is where you come in.

It’s your job to vote on the apocalyptic event that forever changes the world into that of Euphoria. We started with 16 slightly outlandish scenarios last week; thanks to your votes, we’re down to 8. When we’ve determined the winner, we will create the 4 apocalypse-themed recruits to go in every copy of Euphoria.

Here are yesterday’s polls. You have until Wednesday evening to vote on either of the Round 2 poll posts before we move on to the semifinals.

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6 Comments on “Tournament of the Apocalypse Round 2: Day 2

  1. I’m intrigued by the malevolent time traveler scenario.
    But if time travelers were responsible, why do I need to run the place? Couldn’t they just use time travel to keep the dystopia going forever? Did their time machine break? Aren’t there BENEVOLENT time travelers where they’re from to come and fix things? Or am I (the player) one of those time travelers? And If there’s a perspective of the dystopia crumbling, that would be only possible if there’s a resistance with access to time travel, to fight time travel with time travel.

    Very interesting, but too many open questions. That’s why I voted “Kitten Revolution”.

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