Tournament of the Apocalypse: Semifinals

22 May 2013 | 5 Comments

The world of Euphoria is a version of our future–it’s grounded in reality but exaggerated in many regards. People run on human-sized hamster wheels to generate power in the city. Wastelanders collect artifacts from the past, rare treasures like paperback books and baseball bats. Some Subterrans go their entire lives without seeing sunlight.

What tragic event split the world into such dichotomous factions? That’s where you come in.

It’s your job to vote on the apocalyptic event that forever changes the world into that of Euphoria. We started with 16 slightly outlandish scenarios last week; thanks to your votes, we’re down to 4. When we’ve determined the winner, we will create the 4 apocalypse-themed recruits to go in every copy of Euphoria.

You have until Friday at noon (CST) to vote on the finalists. For reference, if you want to see what having the internet disconnected does to me (Jamey), read this tale of survival over on my personal blog. Not that this is a very odd first entry to read of my personal blog; you may need to look at some of the other survivor’s true tales of survival to get the context. Just be warned.

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5 Comments on “Tournament of the Apocalypse: Semifinals

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