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  1. Just a quick note for the horror chest. I know it isn’t *specifically* for Arkham/Eldritch Horror, but it is geared that way. To that end, a clue token (normally represented by a magnify glass) would be great, as that is another token that is in all* Lovecraft-themed games.

    (* that I know of)

  2. For the meat poll…the t-bone shape is very recognizable, but the round steak has a better fat-to-meat distribution. (The ring of fat around the t-bone looks HUGE). If the t-bone wins, please consider adjusting that!

  3. First things first, I will definitely be backing the three new treasure chests. I have not yet used my treasure chest, but my fiancee (who is not an avid gamer by any means) was super excited when I showed her the treasures inside (pun unintended), which means they will definitely see the table.

    As I pondered the same question regarding a slipcase, my mind in the same path as yours. I thought, “It would be awesome to have a slipcase to put the treasure chests in”, and then I thought “But I won’t want to take all of them everywhere all the time.” I would much rather see easily differentiated treasure chest cases – different colors, or metals, or something to that effect – so that I can grab the right one for the right occasion. While they might look pretty sitting all together in a slipcase on a shelf, I don’t know if the value is there, at least for me personally.

  4. I’d love to see hearts as a token, because of the number of 2-player tactical card games I play that use permanent damage tokens on cards.

    Also, I’d dearly love to see denominations of 10 and 20 in the Tuscany-style metal coins that I received with my collector’s edition. Those coins don’t make it out as often as I’d like (for games like Sheriff of Nottingham, for which they’re otherwise utterly perfect) because I don’t have enough value in coins. I’d happily pay for this!!!

    1. …Realistic hearts sound kind of gross, though… (Says someone who suggested brains earlier…)

      Definitely agree with 10s especially; would just be convenient for games where money quantities above 10 aren’t uncommon (e.g. Suburbia) weather the game strictly needs them or not (Which two player Suburbia doesn’t often)

  5. Hey Jamey, if you do wind up doing cloth, a few games like Rococo and Pret-au-Porter have multiple colors for cloth which would be great although I suppose that might require it’s own set? Oh well, a guy can dream.

    1. Jeffrey: Thanks for the request. The answer is maybe. We’ll probably only have one cloth token, but there’s also the wool token. I’ve been told that the cloth token will match several games if we keep it the same color as it is now. Is there another color you would request for the wool/yarn if it were to be used as cloth?

  6. …Ooh, Corn. I think that’s all the original Treasure Chest is missing from being a complete upgrade kit for Tzolk’in. Well, and Fish, but that’s represented by Corn in the original game too. And meat on top of some sort of plant based food source works nicely for Dungeon Petz. We don’t want to be feeding the carnivores cubes and the herbivores actual plants, now, do we?

    As for the name of the Power Grid upgrade kit if you can’t use Power Grid in the name (which I’d expect, myself), how about something along the lines of Treasure Chest: Box Of Fuel? (I say.. As someone who’d likely be getting that because I’d like coal just in case I cave in and get the Ivor the Engine board game – sadly non-cube coal (Or ore, for the iron ore, or stone… Steel, on the other hand, isn’t drawn from the bag but instead manufactured, so could be upgraded without adding fiddliness) wouldn’t work mechanically with Snowdonia – And I speak as someone who would appreciate the Power Grid upgrade there, I just don’t play it often enough to get the product for that…)

    Quite surprised by Reed’s so far comparatively poor performance here. Sign of Caverna replacing Agricola in people’s collections and play sessions, even if it hasn’t managed to on the BGG rankings yet? Though having realistic stone, realistic wood and wooden disks for reed in All Creatures Big And Small is going to be odd… Having the disks alongside the animeeples is already pretty weird…

  7. Voted for Animals and Animal Byproducts, but it was very close for me between that and Earth Resources and Byproducts. I just haven’t been playing Power Grid that much lately, I guess, and as I mentioned when I said it, you can’t upgrade the resources in Snowdonia from being cubes because ‘pulling resources from the bag’ is how you refresh the market.

    So much good stuff in all of these, though, I actually had to go through each list and count what I currently have games that use, currently have games that use something along these lines… Very confident I’d wind up backing any of these (situation dependent), and intrigued at how you’re going to get ‘realistic tokens’ that ‘look and feel’ like a liquid, on account that the one with Water is currently winning.

  8. Just my opinion, but I’d steer clear of tokens widely available (such as from MeepleSource) to keep the Treasure Chests original. Unless you’re positive it’s a real step up.

    For example, we got brain tokens from MeepleSource’s last KS, and while I think 3D brains would be cool, I’m not positive how much they’d add to a Treasure Chest to me. Though they’d be one of the examples that could actually stand out!

    1. Guillaume: MeepleSource is great. The difference here is that our tokens look and feel like the real thing–these are sculpted metal and resin tokens that look and feel like the real thing, not just wooden representations of resources.

  9. If cloth or wool makes it into the next chest (which I’m hoping for), I would love to see them represented as a white thread or cloth wrapped around a wooden spindle. That way, the resource could easily be used for both cloth and wool, as well as linen and paper. In a pinch, it could probably even stand in for a scroll (even though it wouldn’t look exactly like a scroll). I think the more versatile the individual resources can be the better.

    Thank you for bringing the first chest to Kickstarter. I’m eagerly awaiting my copy. Also, I am very excited that more high quality resources might become available through a second chest. That would be awesome!

  10. I would love to see cattle, fish and fruit so I can complete a resource upgrade for Archipelago.

    Resources for Power Grid (coal, oil barrels, garbage cans, nuclear fuel) would sell really well. So many people already have PG, it would almost be a no brainer…! ^_^

    1. Doug: I just played Archipelago for the first time the other day. Really interesting game. It needs an exact number of resources, which works fine as long as the chest could cover all of them. There are other games that use cattle, fish, and fruit, so it would accent those games too (I’m looking for fairly universal resources).

      1. Fish, cattle and fruit might work well as part of a generic ‘farming’ / ‘food production’ treasure chest, alongside maybe, sheep, bread or wheat, chickens, etc…

      1. Some sort of credits for currency, activation tokens etc like Micro Art Studio etc, status tokens for some wargames, health grids could be cool for warmachine and hordes, think the grid could have pegs have pegs in them to represent the damage boxes or especially the damage spiral as mos ofmy gaming group redraw the spiral into a grid for easier use. Not sure how far down the wargaming route you want to go, but rulers, dice, accessory box etc, doingsome wargaming stuff would also open up a greater audience too, and reputation ksa great deal with wargamers and you have certainly got a good track record with quality and great service. :)

  11. Cool poll, and great idea about the Treasure Chest. This is the first Kickstarter project I have backed and I’m definitely pumped for the end of the year. I appreciate the updates and the interaction you have, Jamie!
    Just in terms of something that I don’t see mentioned yet… there are a few games out there which use bullets and arrows (I can only think of Bang! right now), but certainly it would be much cooler to have higher quality pieces than the cardboard cutouts provided. And in terms of mass production, a bullet is a pretty simple shape as can be an arrow. Idunno. I’m happy to back this and future projects!

      1. Bullets that are flat one one side? Does the BANG! card game use bullets for tokens? Doomtown Reloaded is a popular card game, although I’m not sure how bullet tokens would be used in the game. Major tokens are ghost rock (rock tokens), Influence (red poker chips) and Control Points (blue poker chips). So the first Treasure Chest’s ore would cover ghost rock.

  12. …A fur resource would be nice, which – while wool, cloth and leather are all on the poll, fur didn’t seem to be. That, two food resources (one of which to represent food that isn’t going to go off overnight), and something for health (e.g. blood), and that’s most of the cubes that aren’t simply there as ‘yup, you did that’ after you factor in the wood from the first treasure chest.

    Also something nicer than cardboard tokens to represent actions in games that use (and track) action points, maybe theming it around ‘stanima’ but that’s also a fuzzy non-physical concept, so how you’d do ‘realistic’ for that I’m not sure (Similarly with mana/magic points/etc, though I guess the gems from TC1 could be used for that).

    Since a surprising amount of games are starting to use multiple types (Rather than just quantities) of food – Robinson Crusoe’s permanent/temporary food, Dungeon Pets’ mechanical distinction between Meat and Vegitables, the meat and vegetable food in the upcoming Evolution with it’s carnivores and herbivores (Also ‘fat tissue,’ but I don’t think /anyone/ wants a realistic representation of that…) – it may be starting to be worth a picnic basket full of various types of food resources rather than putting one or two into a second treasure chest – plus with the amount of themes of games that use a food resource, having multiple available would be darn useful – we wouldn’t want our survivors in Dead of Winter eating freshly baked bread, or our dwarves in Caverna eating from tin cans, after all ;)

  13. I’d like to see iron-type (black) ore. What I have it in mind for is Keyflower. It uses both black and gray tokens for iron and stone, respectively. So it’d be nice to have black ore to contrast with the gray stone that’s currently in the treasure chest.

    1. Thanks for your input, Gary. We did some research on various types of ore, and I don’t recall seeing much black ore. Do a Google images search for “iron ore” to see what I mean.

      1. Ah, that makes sense. And now that I think about it, the black ore that I have in mind would essentially looks like coal. And since it’s doing so well in the polls, it seems like I’ll have a more that adequate substitute in the 2.0

      1. Coins that can be stacked like poker chips would be awesome, and with neutral theme so they can be used in most games.
        But i think you underestimate demand for poker chips that looks like coins. I was looking to buy some but the price is too high or you need to buy min 500 pieces.

      1. Frag comes to mind. Zombicide has debris tokens which could be replaced with barrels or garbage cans. Barrels and cans would be useful for urban miniature gaming terrain!

  14. Although this suggestion is not very general, all the commodities in Euphoria could be more realistic (good luck with the realistic clouds and lightning bolts, though :)).

    Also, why not have mini cow figurines (meeple-sized but with the shape and colouring of an actual cow) for Tuscany (and Agricola)? I don’t know if so small animal figures exist yet – so you could create a set. Besides cows, this set could include sheep (Agricola), pigs (Agricola), a dragon (for that Carcasonne expansion), … that’s all I think of off the top of my head but I’m sure there are plenty more games with animal meeples.

    I second Nathan’s suggestion of houses, though. The idea is to have something more realistic than wooden tokens. For example, I have an edition of Catan that has plastic roads and villages which are very nice and detailed (like so ). But they could be better – why stick to one colour? They could be realistically coloured as well. Now that would be awesome.

    1. Gerli: Those are some need ideas! In all of our games, we try to make the tokens representative in some way of the corresponding resource. You mentioned the bliss and energy tokens in Euphoria, as well as the cow tokens we have in Tuscany. Those tokens could be made in resin too, but I think some tokens actually work best as wood (while others, like gold, work best when they actually feel like gold). For buildings, I think clay buildings could work really well. I’m not sure of a way to mass produce anything using clay, though. I’ll look into it.

      1. Why not have animal figurines that are covered with some sort of (faux) fur? That would probably feel like an actual animal. I’m not entirely sure mass production would be possible, though.

    2. I also like the idea of an animal set. Sheep (Glen More, Catan, Agricola, etc..) and cows (Tuscany, Homesteaders, Glen More, Agricola, etc..) probably being the most useful.

      1. Speaking of Glen More, please tell me there are enough other games that use whisky to make ‘realistic whisky tokens’ (Be it casks or bottles, whatever looks best when rendered realistically) possible to include in future treasure chest…

  15. I would love for there to be a generic treasure chest which isn’t just limited to resources or a specific set of games, but one that expands on the various tokens/markers used across virtually any games. For example, here would be my suggestions for this set:

    1) Meeples (variety of colors, not just your basic primaries but variations thereof [for some reason my wife always chooses Pink…] and could even use these in LARP-type games to indicate players on map)
    2) Flags with wide base (used in many games to indicate claimed areas or armies [e.g. Civilization] or act as a VP tracker for a specific player, again in a variety of colors)
    3) Victory Points (can go beyond coins and can be of multiple denominations [i.e Ascension where 5 “little” crystals = 1 “larger” crystal])
    4) Houses (in multiple sizes [e.g. Catan], can also be used as home bases, Research Facilities [Pandemic], and could even cross genres [houses & hotels in Monopoly])
    5) Life Counters (some sort of sleek, generic design that can be prominently displayed in front of players and are easily noticeable)

    I can think of countless applications for these across a multitude of games and something like this would be amazing!

    1. Nathan,

      There are ways you can get a number of those tokens already if you’re interested. Print and Play games features many of them, as does MeepleSource. They don’t cover everything in that list, but in terms of wooden tokens, they come pretty close.


  16. Yes – Archipelago – Battlestar Galactica – Descent 2nd Edition – ARKHAM HORROR!!!! – Twilight Imperium 3 – Exodus – Madeira – Scalawag – Robinson Crusoe – Kickstarter (Xia!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Star Trek Fleet Captains + expansions

    1. +1 Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror, and Descent: Red blood tokens for health, Blue brain tokens for sanity, Yellow teardrop tokens for fatigue.

      Also, I’d like to see a “bits pack” for miniatures: skulls, weapons, rocks, etc. The tokens in this campaign can easily be used for miniatures.

    1. i would dream about choosing what there will be in the box instead of having same box for all pledgers. It would be my own box. For my gestion games i would like one or two kinds of food.

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