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The first poll is the one that applies to the achievements and stretch goals.

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  1. Camels are old school Euro – I think every other game back around… 2000? A couple of years prior to Cleopatra’s Caboose, at any rate – had camels as currency.

  2. Have you considered doing camel resources? I can think of a number of games that use them as resources. Voyages of Marco Polo, Yspahan, Catan: Traders and Barbarians, Rattus.

  3. You missed a question on the last poll – I have signed up for newsletters/bought products since backing this project. That’s me – since backing this I’ve bought the original chest and I love it.

  4. I am looking for a chest with Cauliflower (green/white), pumpkin (orage), grapes (red), sugarcane (green), wheat bundle (yellow). That were very nice for “Madeira” or for many Games for exampla from “Lookout Games” like At the Gates of Loyang.

    And i am looking for an animal chest, with animals like Camels, dogs, rats, fishs, which are often in new Eurogames like The Voyages of Marco Polo.
    The wooden Camels in TVoMP are not lloking like Camels. And the dogs in Caverna dont look like dogs. I think, we dont need sheeps, cows, horse and so on, there are enough in Games like Agricola and Caverna and so on, and they are good enough. But i think, we need good looking stuff like Camels (brown),Dogs (brown),fishes (blue/grey), rats (black) maybe for Notre Dame ;-)

    Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand me.

  5. Good stuff.
    Always happy to take part in your polls.

    Connecting to the victory points you mentioned (in your latest Kickstarter update) using a star or a flag would fit quite well. Though I certainly agree that a victory point is not a resource as such yet in board games it is used as such far too often.
    I kinda get the feeling, whenever I play a game with victory points, that a designer didn’t go an extra mile to call the ‘winning resource’ something more thematically fit, e.g. wealth, fame or anything else that goes well along side the game theme & design. At least for me it takes away a bit of fun from the game.

    Looking forward to new chests and for the day I will get to ‘field’ them in my designs. They make every game so much better experience :)

    All the Best.

    1. To an extent, some of us wind up referring to a resource who’s primary purpose is ‘winning the game’ as Victory Points whatever the in game name is – I think Evo, strictly speaking, has no VP in it, but instead terms them Evolution Points which you use to bid on genes throughout the game and the winner is the person with the most of them at the end of the game.

      I don’t think I’ve ever called them anything but Victory Points, however, in part because no matter how much the apparent redundancy of ‘victory points’ in a game where the only points in the game are what counts towards victory annoys me no matter the origins of the term (I /think/ that’s ‘wargames, where there was potential ambiguity due to having a smaugusboard of other sorts of points available’ but I haven’t researched that)… The term evolution points is so bloody stupid.

      And I use ‘population’ and ‘victory points’ independently when talking about Suburbia, where the winner is the player with the most population at the end of the game, tracked on a central track.

      More generally, though – I don’t mind them (redundancy of the name in games with only one sort of points notwithstanding), thematically, especially in games that are tracking multiple metrics of success in a single quantity comparable to the success of the other players – Not necessarially in the form of Point Salad, but when there are two sorts of things you can do in a game, and both want to be viable broad approaches in their own right rather than one feeding into the other, there isn’t always a natural way of comparing success in one to the other aside this abstract commodity we call victory points.

      1. Thanks Stephen for sharing your point of view with me.
        Some of the points that you are saying are showing the inverse of my perspective on the victory points, i.e. you use the victory points as a reference to things which already have thematic name. I must admit this is a quite interesting view, I trust it happens when someone plays ‘too many’ of the ‘victory points games’ :)

        With regards to the last point where you have many metrics I can see that sometimes it might feel as the best way to just have a general victory points concept though I have not came across a situation where it would not be possible to name them with a well fitting word.
        For example, in ‘Chaos in the Old World’, where each character plays differently and you have few winning conditions, there are victory points, though as well they could be called ‘influence’ as in effect you are spreading your minions and taking over lands.

        The reason why I do not enjoy the ‘victory points games’, I believe, to their full potential is that I love games with a strong theme and VPs kill it a bit for me. On the other hand it might depend on the game as I enjoyed the ‘Chaos in the Old World’ immensely. Yea also another great game ‘Trains’ the same word would do.

        I wonder is that the designers of games prefer to use the VPs as it is more attractive for the hardcore gamers?

        All the Best :)

  6. FYI, these polls are not loading in Chrome for me, but I can access them through Internet Explorer. Maybe whatever is embedding them doesn’t play nice with chrome? Or maybe there’s just a setting particular to my machine?

  7. I’d note that if you made science/technology lightbulb, it would also work for electricity.

    …And if you made Tool a hammer it would work as a 1:1 replacement for Stone Age’s tools, assuming you made them so that they were able to stack so as to be able to represent 1 through 4 tools.

  8. I am new to kick starter, but enjoyed Euphoria. I’m also going over the Kick starter blogs, as I have a handful of proto type games and am looking to kick start, but not til I have a firm grasp of what else is needed to be done beforehand. Thanks for the input.

  9. I just love my first 2 Treasure chests. Playing stone age with them. I just might up my pledge a bit to add an extra food chest as you need more of them in games then the standaard 20-25 items.

  10. I backed the Resource Vault because I can also use those items in games like Mordheim, D&D, etc., to flesh out &/or decorate terrain for immersion purposes. I wish I could swap the wool for the crates or the bags of grain though.

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