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  1. How about a spin on your suggestion of “fantasy deckbuilding with a map/tech tree (Dominion meets Terra Mystica)”? Add in full co-op (all vs the game) with individualized character/tribe/nation themed decks. Characters would start the game with a few of their theme deck’s cards, and only they could buy cards from their theme deck. There would also be a common pool of cards that any could buy from, though some of those cards might be few in number or even unique. Some characters might have discounts for buying certain types of cards, characters could have bonuses (or penalties if going out of alignment) for playing certain types of cards, etc. [Hopefully this post is not a duplicate. It failed on my previous two attempts.]

  2. The ‘next game’ poll is a great idea. But, no Detective/Crime-solving game? My wife is obsessed with 221B Baker st (public domain BTW).

    1. John: Currently I can’t say that’s a theme I’m passionate about. However, I do know of a few designers who have a very creative detective game going up on Kickstarter sometime this spring–I’ll share it when it launches.

  3. Though I had heard of kickstarter, I never visited KS until I learned of Tuscany. I’m very happy to have contributed to the campaign and since then have backed a few more. It’s amazing seeing what folks are coming up with and being able to provide input along the way!

  4. @Jamey, Oh, I’ll have a place for the upright box, I just might have to rearrange things. I had a particular place in mind for it, is all.

    I really ought to get another cabinet, really. Honestly, I just liked the ‘lined-up bottle’ wine-crate aesthetic more than anything. One must bow to convenience, however. ^-^

  5. I personally lean more towards the original design, mostly because:
    -The upright box doesn’t look much like a wine crate
    -It would be easier to store in my massive collection

    However I will concede that the upright box would be easier to use and display. I just hope it doesn’t end up being too tall for my shelving.

  6. I love these polls! It shows you really care and that’s pretty important to me :)

    You’re a Kickstarter beast Jamey! I wish we could get to know Alan as well as you

  7. Huge fan of Euphoria and. Viticulture, own KS version already know that what ever Jamey kicks out is going to total quality! Again another Exceptional program you have run!

  8. Personally prefer the side-by-side and while I wouldn’t go so far as to cancel my pledge if the upright box wins, if the upright box does wins I would probably discard the outer box and just keep the games in their individual boxes separately

  9. I think the upright box is a fantastic idea personally. Still looks great, and can ‘slide’ the games out easier, plus space saving. Yeah, if the games are snug and sitting side by side in original box, it may be a little hard to get them out freely. That new box may actually cause me to upgrade my current pledge to go for that, as that’s just pretty cool.

  10. Hey Jamey, must admit it appears I’m in the minority in that I prefer the original concept. This has more to do (I think) with how most people store their games. Me I’m in the minority on the front too. Most people as I understand prefer to store their games upright – like a book. I agree this makes some sense. But then there are drawbacks as well. For me my game storage space doesn’t lend itself to this method I also tend to split my games with components into a plastic storage container and the flat stuff in the box. That said I’m not sure how people stop the components going all over the place with upright storage – baggies is my guess and getting a storage box into the original box.

    My guess is here that the change will happen – the vote is looking that way at any rate. If it does I will store it side by side but laid down not upright. It’s just how my shelves work. So ultimately it doesn’t really matter to me. But I fully understand that you will make more gamers happy with an upright configuration. Maybe I’ve given some insights as to why. Happy to be corrected. :)

  11. Jamey, thank you for letting us have some say in this decision. I appreciate the way you do business! You’ve definitely earned your continually growing fan base!

  12. with the upright box (which I personally prefer) you may want to add either a fingerhole for each game on the back side (to push the game out of the box far enough to grab) or cut ins for fingers to grab onto the boxes.

  13. I chose: “I backed or currently own Euphoria.” However, I want you to know that I did not back Euphoria, because I never bothered with Kickstarter before January. It is your fault that I am now on Kickstarter.

    I read through the Euphoria Kickstarter before I went to the store to compulsively buy it (acquisition disorder paired with a love of dystopian worlds). I found the page well organized and informative and feel the same way about the Tuscany campaign. Euphoria (and realizing I missed out on the wooden stars by not looking into things on Kickstarter) is solely responsible for me signing up for Kickstarter and beginning to back projects (starting with David Chott’s Lagoon: Land of Druids – another well-run campaign).

    I appreciate the care and thoughtfulness you put into your campaigns, Jamey. I also appreciate that you make a point of sharing what you’ve learned through the process with other designers and curious hobbyists. Thank you for responding to so many of the comments we, your fan-persons, leave for you to read. You seem to be a considerate man and I wish you well as you continue to design and produce games.

    1. Joel: I’m glad you’ve started to bother with Kickstarter. :) That’s such a cool original story, that you bought Euphoria in a store and then were compelled to go to Kickstarter. I’m a backer of Lagoon too and look forward to getting it.

      Thanks for your kind words. I think myself and many, many other publishers realize that you all are the reason we’re able to do this and the reason that our games continue to hit the table and reach more people..

      1. And you’re prompt too ;). Thanks for responding so quickly (and for the gentle jest at my word choice; I like a good jest).

  14. Euphoria is an excellent game – and I like to support companies that produce quality games like that.
    So – even though I am not sure I’ll like Viticulture, I want you to enjoy making many, many more games, and by supporting Tuscany, and Viticulture via this Kickstarter, I feel like I am giving a little boost to you and your company! :) Pay it Sideways? LOL

    Thanks Jamey – Love Euphoria, and am really looking forward to seeing how much I like viticulture.

  15. Jamey, I would say from the comments on reddit that you are a torch bearer for how things should be done. You should be pleased they are a hard crowd to please :) the fact that you have responded here quickly and personally is a credit. Thank you. A quick question as well if I could indulge your time a little more: given the speed at which this campaign has reach it’s funding and stretch goals, are there any plans to add additional ones? Personally I think the ones you have accomplished already are great and don’t need adding to. I was just more curious as to how you might manage the popularity and “over-funding” – if that is such a thing. I’ve only backed one other game on kickstarter before so I’m a bit new to how these “problems” are handled. Thanks.

    1. Dave: That is a nice way of describing Reddit. :)

      Sure, we have plenty of unrevealed stretch goals! Although I will say that the campaign has moved much quicker than I anticipated. :) Generally what I do is create a few budgets based on reaching or not reaching certain stretch goals, and they’re tied to the economies of scale of the number of games we’re able to produce. The more games we can make, the more stuff we can include in the games.

  16. I sort of fit into one category above but apwanted to flesh it out. I heard about Viticulture a while ago. I also heard it was a great game and it’s been on my list but I had yet to get it. Then on the day you launched the kickstarter for the expansion it was posted on reddit r/boardgames. I read through the comments and the anecdotes people had written not only about the game but previous experience with your campaigns on kickstarter. Needless to say that the praise was very high. So I headed over to the kickstarter page and noticed also that you included very reasonable shipping rates for us Aussies. This and the fact I could pick up the base game at a really good price – it was a no brainer. I backed it. I also really wanted those swanky metal coins!! I’m excited because I’m am a part of what looks like being a great campaign for an excellent game at a really great price. Awesome.

    I wish you the very best for the development and publishing of the new expansion and I am looking forward to receiving it and playing it.

    1. Dave: Thanks for your in-depth comment. It’s interesting to hear how people find our games. I was very flattered by that Reddit post–it’s very important to me that my backers (and retail buyers) are happy with their Stonemaier experience, so it’s something I’m continually striving to improve. I’m glad you joined us for this campaign!

  17. I must admit, I sadly missed Euphoria on Kickstarter else, I would have backed it. I just ordered it through Amazon (finding it in Australia was difficult to say the least), but I wish I had gotten the Kickstarter exclusives. Specifically the extra resource markers and the nice star tokens.

    So I wasn’t going to let the Tuscany/Viticulture KS slip through my fingers!

  18. While Tuscany and it’s popularity on KS introduced me, I got Euphoria in the mail yesterday and can’t wait to try it out! Also hoping the Euphoria backers allow you to sell some of the upgraded components…

  19. My friend had viticulture, and I played it at his house and fell in love. I wanted more, so when I found the opportunity to both get my own copy AND get all of the Tuscany expansions for under $100, I jumped on it!

  20. I was one of the lucky backers of Euphoria to receive a KS edition of Viticulture. Stonemaier Games is steadily becoming the face of how to do Kickstarter right and for good reason. Jamey’s enthusiasm and professionalism are something to behold. Keep up the good work.

  21. No spot for “Only backed Euphoria via Kickstarter, but own both Euphoria and Viticulture because I didn’t learn about Kickstarter until after its campaign was over, but I like support Stonemaier Games anyway I can due to Jamey being a great guy and his ongoing support of the gaming hobby.”

    What? Too long for an option? ;)

    Keep up the good work!

  22. I read the blog as well. I have a great idea for a game, trying to get it on paper, then I will try to contact Stonemaier games for help or a possible collaboration.

    Here’s hoping anyhow.

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