Video Announcement: This Is What Tuscany Is

16 December 2013 | 6 Comments

Tonight I had the opportunity to appear on a vlog (for some reason I really don’t like that word. Let’s call it a “video podcast” instead) called “Something From Nothing.” It’s a great video podcast (nah, let’s call it a “YouTube show”) about game design. It’s hosted by game designers TC Petty III, Jason Slingerland, and Chevee Dodd are the hosts of the YouTube show (never mind. Let’s call it a video blog, or “vlog”).

It was a particular honor to appear on the show because the other guest was none other than Rob Daviau, the designer of 60+ games…and Risk Legacy, a genre-bending, revolutionary, brilliant new take on not only Risk, but board games as a medium in general. Rob is a big deal. I am not. So it was awesome just to be a part of the conversation with him.

The entire video is worth watching, especially if you enjoy seeing my video feed go dead in the middle of sentences. Also, Rob took an offhand comment by TC and ran with it, thus his reason for appearing erudite in front of the fireplace.

But there’s one part you might be particularly interested in if you want to know what the Tuscany expansion pack for Viticulture will contain. This is the first that we’ve publicly announced what’s going into the box–and not just what’s in the box, but how it’s going into the box.

Of course, all of this is subject to change between now and when we put Tuscany on Kickstarter. By then it might be a tile-placement game about unicorns. But for now, here’s the scoop on Tuscany (if you watch the video on this post, skip to 45:47 when TC prompts me with a question about the game):

What do you think? Excited? Worried? Hungry?

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6 Comments on “Video Announcement: This Is What Tuscany Is

  1. i’m excited by this, hoping to get a lot of gaming in over the holidays. Tho not all my family enjoys learning a lot of new games, may need to stick to 3-4 new ones this holiday season, euphoria and viticulture may both be on that list. due to them scaling to high numbers.

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