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6 November 2012 | 8 Comments

I’m starting to receive the final full-art cards from my graphic designer, Christine, so I thought I would reveal them over the next week or so here on the blog. So if you want to open your box of Viticulture completely spoiler free, look no further. Otherwise, scroll down.

These promo cards deserve a short introduction. There are two summer visitor cards and two winter visitor cards among them, and I will admit that I had not designed these cards before the Kickstarter campaign. This was by design. I wanted to take into account backer feedback (without you all knowing it) and incorporate it into these cards. Many of the playtesters may notice nuggets of their input in these four cards.

During the campaign, I realized exactly what I wanted to do with these cards. I wanted to create a special type of visitor card that reflected the creator/backer relationship on Kickstarter. You understand that relationship: The creator offers something to the backers, and the creator gets something in return (money to fund a dream project). That relationship has become so important to me that I wanted to build it into the very essence of the game.

And thus we have the four promo cards. All of these reflect that creator/backer relationship. Read the cards carefully–there is a key difference between “all players” and “each other player.” There is a lot of strategy that goes into the timing of these visitor cards as well as the choices the other players get to make on a few of them. Oh, and yes, these cards have been tested. :)

Without further adieu, the four Viticulture promo cards. Let me know what you think!



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8 Comments on “Viticulture Promo Cards

  1. My only negative comment is in regards to the clothing style for the wedding party and guest speakers: it looks a bit too modern for the time period of the game and even seems to clash with the clothing styles in the other two promo cards which appear to be MUCH more in line with the “rustic Tuscany” theme and time frame of the rest of the game’s components. The art itself is GREAT! And I’m looking forward to seeing ALL the cards.

    1. I agree that the clothing style seems out-of-period but the cards are gorgeous. Also the box bottom looks clean, professional and well-organized. It’s colorful and attractive and will look great in a store window.

  2. I like the idea of the wedding card, and gypsy card.

    Not so sure about the other two, as the speaker doesn’t seem winery related, and I don’t understand how I would make money out of volunteers.

    Over all and in general I’m impressed with the work you are doing, and every update you send helps reinforce that opinion.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts! The idea behind the guest speakers is that they come to your vineyard to train new workers (they speak about wine, planting, harvesting, etc), and you, the kind vineyard owner, invite new workers from other wineries to attend. In doing so, you increase your reputation, which is represented by victory points.

      The volunteer crew is somewhat similar. You have this crew of friendly helpers show up at your vineyard. You can put one of them to work to plant a vine, but there are a few left over, so you suggest they drop by the other vineyards to help out. Through your generosity, the other vineyard owners thank the volunteers with food/housing/etc, saving you money that you can now spend elsewhere.

      1. Thanks Jamey. Sounds good.

        Also, thanks for taking the time to explain your reasoning behind the game mechanics. The interest you take in your supporters is both rare and appreciated.

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